Summer Solstice Distro Update


The Chapess #9- The latest issue of The Chapess, the quarterly zine from UK zine press Synchronise Witches featuring women writers from around the world. ($5)

An Herbal Medicine-Making Primer- A well-written and accessible introduction to anarcho-herbalism, wildcrafting, and medicine-making. ($3)

Last Night at the Casino #12- A collection of casino chips and the stories that accompany them. Adventure and travel tales from around the country. ($2)

Minor Leagues #3- Through minimalist comics and sketches, this issue of Minor Leagues confronts loss while also managing to incorporate playful vignettes and letters from readers. A continually one-of-a-kind zine. ($4)

Radical Nuns: A Feminist Fanzine and Coloring Booklet- Portraits and short biographies of nuns who "altered history for the betterment of people." Visionaries, activists, political prisoners, education reformers, pop singers, computer scientists, DJs, pop artists, queer writers, and graffiti artists. ($4)

Radical Domesticity #2: The Sewing Issue- How to sew on a button, how to sew in a zipper, the differences between scissors, how to measure yourself correctly, and more. ($3)

Rock n' Roll Forever- A decade of punk photography from Nuts! fanzine editor Ben Trogdon. Hundreds of photos, full-color, countless bands and countless punk-life oddities. ($14)

Well Worn Very Used- A peek into the fetish sock trade. Kara Comegys chronicles being a new seller and the curiosities and uncertainties that come along with it. ($2)

Wildlifoodin #3- Living off the grid, foraging, cultivation, the future of soil, and a whole lot more. ($5)


Buffalo Voice- Pilgrim Takes His Spill- Led by songwriter and sound-experimenter Tucker Theodore, Buffalo Voice's Pilgrim Takes His Spill is a series of ten perfectly destroyed anthems. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)

Hoop- Super Genuine- The debut full-length from Seattle's Hoop. Arresting, emotionally complex dream-pop. Guest vocals from Briana Marela and Allyson Foster (Hunger Cloud Darkening) put this album over-the-top into the territory of an instant classic. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)

The Washboard Abs- Recurring Chasms- On Recurring Chasms, Olympia's The Washboard Abs take their intimate indie-pop to new heights. Incorporating angular rhythms and art rock sensibilities to these perfectly distilled songs, the album is a beautiful and complex journey through personal battles and trauma recovery. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)


Rad Families: A CelebrationRad Families: A Celebration honors the messy, the painful, the playful, the beautiful, the myriad ways we create families. ($19.95)

The Tramp Printers: Forgotten Trails of the Traveling Typographers- A gorgeously printed, in-depth history of "the tramp printer," a unionized wanderer who carried the skills and knowledge of the printing trade across the United States and beyond. ($15)


Find Your Way Postcard- It takes time. Advice from the one-and-only Artnoose. Printed by Hope Amico. ($3)

Hi Mom Postcard- Don't forget about your mom. ($3)

Let There Be More Light Postcard- In these dark times, let there be light. ($3)

Silent Allies are Not Allies Postcard- A letterpressed reminder ($3)

Sorry Mom Postcard- Sometimes an apology is in order. ($3)


Ancient Trees of the Northwest T-Shirt- Ancient trees of the Northwest, posing for their portrait. Respectively: Western Hemlock, Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, and Sitka Spruce. ($20)

Planetary T-Shirt- Getting spacey. Designed and printed by Kyle Rollins in Olympia, Washington. ($20)


Reading Cat Sticker- A cat, excitedly reading. ($1)

Shared Arrow Sticker- Sharing the arrow. A new sticker by Deth P. Sun. ($1)


*We'll be tabling at the Portland Zine Symposium on July 22nd and 23rd and then hopefully doing a few more West Coast tabling events before the summer is out.

*There's just a few days left of our distro-wide LP SALE! A few dozen LPs, from some of the best Northwest artists, all being sold at cost. We're just trying to clear a little space because there's so much stuff coming in.

*The ever-popular Field Guide to the Aliens of Star Trek TNG zine series is getting turned into a book this fall! The zines are going out of print and we have the last of them, so get those while you can.

*In July and August, The Washboard Abs will be taking their new album Recurring Chasms on the road. Tour dates are announced, with more info to come soon.

*The first album from Midwife (a collaboration between Sister Grotto’s Madeline Johnston and Tucker Theodore) just came out last week. This is probably my album of year so far–ethereal and shoegaze-ish, heartbreaking and gorgeous.

*The fourth volume of our Well, I Don’t See Why Not compilation series has sold out for good in the physical world, so is now FREE digitally!

*Poppet has a great new music video (be prepared to play this song on repeat!) and a new Etsy shop of fabulous clothes.

*In some hard news, Portland is still grieving from a recent hate crime. You can donate to the young women who survived the attack here and donate to the families of those who died in the attack (as well as other organizations) here.

*In more hard news: On Sunday, Seattle police murdered a pregnant Black woman named Charleena Lyles. This Friday, Seattle's having a Black Lives Matter March for Justice in response. For those outside of the area, you can donate to help her family.

*Given the state of the world, there's never been a better time to get together with your community (or expand your community). Zine Nation has posted a great Summer Zine Fest list that covers a wide array of zine events around the world.

*And if you want to watch the most feel-good things around: Mazzy Chiu, the two-year-old daughter of local zinesters A'misa Chiu and Alex Chiu, has a YouTube cooking show called The Mazzy Show. It's wonderful.

Until next time,

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