End of Summer Distro Update


AmiriteAmirite is a handsome, well-organized guide to life's humorous annoyances. Or it's an elaborate joke about jokes. Or maybe it's an epic poem where every line ends with "amirite." Commentary from a variety of Olympia luminaries builds this into whatever it is. ($4)

Clock Tower Nine #13- Using a variety-format approach reminiscent of classic '90s zines, Danny Noonan puts together a consistently interesting assortment. Letters, postcards, and the stories of others mix with personal narratives, odd facts, and ephemera. ($3)

Devil's Pie: Intimacy, Sex Positivity and Herbal Aphrodisiacs- Discussion questions to help you understand, embrace, and communicate your sexual needs. Both a workbook zine and how-to zine, Devil's Pie asks you to contemplate your desires and provides an introduction to herbal aphrodisiacs. ($8)

Listen Up!Listen Up! is a fantastic introduction to podcasts for the uninitiated, a guide for those looking to expand their horizons, and a personal story of interacting and connecting with the form over the course of many years. From Portland's own Katie Ash (Aubade zine). ($3)

The Motivation to Write- Simple and practical suggestions to help you get your words onto the page. Straightforward, laid out nicely, and accessible to everyone. Also included within: a fun abridged history of writing and communication tools. ($5)

Muchacha #5: Brown Queen, Latina Voices of the 21st Century- An interview with the great zinester and illustrator Cristy C. Road about her graphic novel Spit and Passion, a tribute to Borderlands/La Frontera author Gloria Anzaldua, a spotlight on Latinx musicians, and so much more. ($4)

Picking Stuff ApartPicking Stuff Apart (also known as Eaves of Ass #8 & Basic Paper Airplane #11) is a collection of reviews of life and art. An industrial music award ceremony, Meetup groups, books, films, and dated Christian television—all looked at deeply and discussed. ($3)

Second Set Out- Dug up from the out-of-print depths, this classic zine is a perfect gathering of Moe Bowstern's words in one place. Within: fishing boat adventures, hitchhiking tales, an abortion story, praises for long-distance bus travel, and so much more. There's also an introduction from the one-and-only Ursula K. LeGuin. ($6)

Somnambulist #29: It Happened at Fred Meyer- A fun issue of Somnambulist that looks at the Pacific Northwest regional chain grocery store, Fred Meyer. Bizarre tales and fun facts from the store that invented one-stop shopping. Pregnancy tests, Leonardo DiCaprio, and our love-hate relationships with the places where we shop. ($3)

Suggestions #3- Little suggestions, gleaned from songs. Artists from Bad Brains to Kimya Dawson have a say in this unique collection of life advice. Letterpressed covers, gorgeous sewn binding. ($3.50)

Unintended Bookmarks: A Collection of Lost Items (and Other Library Related Etceteras)- Both a brilliant assortment of found items and a peek into the weird, sometimes gross, and often life-affirming world of working in a library. It even comes with its own library checkout slip. ($6)

A Way to Survive: Herbal Allies, Practices, and Prompts for Difficult Times- Prompts to consider stress, vulnerability, and mental health in an unhealthy world and medicinal plants to support the nervous system along the way. ($8)

A Witch's Guide to Medicinal TeasA Witch's Guide to Medicinal Teas is a straightforward (and notably handsome) guide to preparing and drinking medicinal-strength herbal teas. ($8)

Women in Sound #3- In this fabulous issue, there's a deep dive into the genius and legacy of funk legend Betty Davis. Plus in-depth interviews with the one-and-only Osa Atoe (of Shotgun Seamstress/No More Fiction) Jade Payne (Aye Nako, The Silent Barn), and so much more. ($5)

Xtra Tuf #3: The Beach Seiner Issue- Another zine classic from Portland's own Moe Bowstern. The third issue of Xtra Tuf (the zine all about the world of commercial fishing in Alaska) is an entertaining peek into a world most people don't get to see. ($6)


D.A. Terence- Hanford Acid- Skewed historical dance music from Olympia live hardware wizard, D.A. Terence. The result of delving into the history of Washington State's Hanford nuclear waste site, Hanford Acid mixes otherworldly acid techno with vocal samples from the wake of Hanford being declared a superfund site. (Cassette) ($6)

Midwife- Like Author, Like Daughter- Midwife is the stunning collaborative project of Sister Grotto’s Madeline Johnston and Tucker Theodore. Both haunted and celebratory, Like Author, Like Daughter is an album beyond compare. A piece of shoegaze-inflected minimalism that confronts loss, wading deep into the void, and makes it to the other side transformed. (LP) ($15)

Tucker Theodore- Lady Hope- A psych-folk epic, Lady Hope is a wild hour-long ride through inner darkness and personal mythology. With appearances from Allen Karpinski (The Six Parts Seven) and Madeline Johnston (Sister Grotto, Midwife). (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)


Incandescent, Issue Twelve- This issue of the Incandescent photo zine considers what's lingering in the periphery. As Laura Zurowski says in the introduction, "If central vision is all about the facts and light of day, the periphery allows us access into the house of mysteries, shadows, and uncertainty." ($14)

Invoking Nonna- The revised and updated second edition of the first young adult novel in our catalog. When a free-spirited teenage girl in rural Georgia learns she's a witch, it leads her on a path to figuring out her family lineage, understanding her grandmother's mysterious death, and learning who her true friends are. ($12)


*This Saturday we'll be participating in the Day of Distros, a benefit for the Albuquerque Zine Fest. Organizer Marya Errin Jones is a tireless member of the zine community (not to mention a one of the best zine writers around) and this benefit is to make sure her fest can continue. All profits from our website's Saturday sales will go straight to the Zine Fest.

*The long-adored zine series Field Guide to the Aliens of Star Trek TNG is out in book form this week.

*L.A.'s Book Show (a big supporter of the zine community) is raising funds to stay in business through a pay-a-book-forward program where you can buy a book for someone who might not otherwise be able to afford it.

*Bijou Karman (author of the best-selling Where Have All the Flowers Gone: The Women of Folk Music zine) has an art show up at Nucleus Gallery here in Portland for a couple more days.

*Northwest zine fests in the not-too-distant future to look forward to: Olympia Zine Fest on October 14th, Seattle's Short Run Comix & Arts Festival on November 4th, and Eugene's Euzine Comics & Zine Fest on November 18th.

*And this '90s Zine Title Generator that Carrie Pack made was pretty fun.

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