Yoyo A Go Go 20th Anniversary!

This month marks the 20th anniversary of the first Yoyo a Go Go festival in Olympia, Washington. These fests helped inspire other festivals like Homo a Gogo and Ladyfest, and had amazing and diverse line-ups that extended from Sleater Kinney to Elliott Smith to Negativland to The Mountain Goats to Beck to Modest Mouse to The Gossip and beyond.

We're honored to be the sole distributor for the last remaining first printings of the Yoyo a Go Go compilations, and many of the Yoyo Recordings releases. To celebrate this anniversary, we're throwing in a Music Grab Bag with every Yoyo Recordings purchase for the rest of the summer! Happy 20th, Yoyo a Go Go!

This piece from the great 10 Things Jesus Wants You to Know zine gives some history of the fest. And these original album and poster designs were made by the one and only Tae Won Yu.

New for July

Two things before we begin:

1. Antiquated Future stickers are here and free with any order.


2. The festival we help plan all year long happens this week! The Portland Zine Symposium is just days away, and we couldn't be more excited. If you're able to help spread the word, we would be so very appreciative.

New Zines
A Handy Guide to Home Protection- If you're in the market to clear you home, this handy little guide is a great starting point. Featured in this issue are rosemary, roses, sage, cedar, lavender, and salt. ($1)
How to Talk to Your Cat About Evolution- After a successful campaign for cat gun safety, the American Association of Patriots are back; this time working to dispel the myth of evolution. ($2)
The Lowbrow Reader, Issue 9- In their first issue since their Drag City anthology, The Lowbrow Reader brings us new writing from Rick Moranis, cartoons by Gilbert Gottfried, an essay about filming Easy Money with Rodney Dangerfield, bizarre comic book history, and a career-spanning essay on the aforementioned cartoonist that goes to unexpected places. Also within: Partying with Harry Nilsson. ($4)
Sustainability Guide for Everyday People- A series of lists about ways to live a more healthy, sustainable life. ($2)
We'll Never Have Paris #11: Crime- Eight writers tell "crime" stories from their lives. An unexpected, and often weird and hilarious, variety of tales ensues. ($4)

Back in Stock: Dave Roche's Curse Journal, Judith Arcana's Keesha and Joanie and Jane, Catherine Marie Juenet's Reclaiming Our Ancient Wisdom, Sage Lisky's Mental Wellness for Everybody, and Jane: Documents from Chicago's Clandestine Abortion Service 1968-1973 (w/ a brand new cover!).

New Paper Goods
Big Ass Recycled Notepad- 80 lined sheets in an 8"x10" notebook. ($7)
Going There Together Greeting Card- "I don't know where we are headed but I'm glad we're going there together." From Portland children's book illustrator, Kate Berube. ($4)
Let Us Read Greeting Card- "Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world." - Voltaire. From Portland children's book illustrator, Kate Berube. ($4)
We'll Never Have Paris Lotería Card: Cigarette- A card in the lotería style based on Earl Crown's "Lincoln Was Shot on Calvert Street" story from We'll Never Have Paris #11. ($1)
We'll Never Have Paris Loteria Card: Dirty- A card in the lotería style based on John Affleck's "The Life" story from We'll Never Have Paris #11. ($1)

Back in Stock: The postcards of LB Briggs (of Truckface) and the Tiger Sketchbook (w/ a slightly new cover).

New Books
The DIY Guide to Drums (Fourth Edition)- Lisa Ann Schonberg is one of the finest drummers in all the lands. Not only does she drop jaws in bands like Kickball, Explode Into Colors, and STLS, but she also gives a mighty fine drum lesson. ($15)
Various Three- 47 photographers and artists respond to the ideas of Shel Silverstein, in image form. ($12)
Xtra Tuf No. 6: The Greenhorn Issue- Compiling stories from over 25 contributors, this issue is about being a "greenhorn" (AKA: a newbie) to commercial fishing. A wide range of voices chime in on the hilarious and the painful tales from their first time out. ($10)

New Magazines
Tom Tom Magazine #16: The Glamour Issue- The one-and-only magazine for female drummers! With former Prince drummer Shiela E gracing the cover. ($5)
Tom Tom Magazine #17: The Body Issue- This issue of Tom Tom interviews female drummers from around the world, goes back stage on the set of Girls and Saturday Night Live, has Fred Armisen and Macaulay Culkin ask a few questions, and talks the early days of Portland punk with Pat Baum of The Neo Boys. ($5)
Tom Tom Magazine #18: The Rebel Issue- Spanning the globe, Tom Tom Magazine's "Rebel Issue" is it's best yet. Enemy boobs, the women of Santa Ana's Son Jarocho community, drum tab, record reviews, gear reviews, and so many amazing interviews and features. ($6)

New Music
Sara Renberg- The Tall Calm- With a charming deadpan, Portland, Oregon artist Sara Renberg tells absurdist story songs. It's smart, understated indie pop with a sense of humor. Recorded by Ephriam Nagler at K Records' Dub Narcotic Studio. Released on Antiquated Future Records. Also available on Bandcamp. (Cassette + digital download) ($7)

Back in stock: The Ovens' "Settings" tape, and our bestselling vinyl of all-time: Kickball's "Everything is a Miracle, Nothing is"

New Shirts
Be Your Own Fucking Rainbow Shirt- Be Your Own Fucking Rainbow. Suggested to you by the one-and-only Kickball. ($15)

Xtra Tuf No. 5.5: Songs & Stories- Songs, poems, and stories about fishing life from Moe Bowstern. ($10)
Xtra Tuf No. 6.5: Bloody Tales of Love and Death- An "assortment of true stories, salty songs and a poem." ($10)
Xtra Tuf No. 6.75: Report from Uyak Bay- Playing like a radio documentary, this superb issue of Xtra Tuf follows the story behind a 1997 accidental death of a Kodiak Brown Bear. A fascinating look at human/wildlife interactions in the Alaskan wilderness. ($10)


Baron Mixtape Adventure Series, Vol. 4: Folk-Rave Traditionals (the latest mixtape from the in-house made Adventure Series!)
Sara Renberg- Assimilation Blues (off the newest Antiquated Future Records release, The Tall Calm)
The Ovens- Trouble Lasts an Hour (off their recently-restocked garage punk explosion, Settings)
Well, I Don't See Why Not, Vol. 1 (and in case you don't have it, the first volume of our long-running compilation series is up for free download!)

*For those of you going to the Portland Zine Symposium, remember to come out for our Zinesters Making Music show, the Kick-off at Floating World Comics, the space-themed Zine Prom, and all our free workshops.
*Olympia's Queer Rock Camp is also running this week, with its always-amazing showcase happening this Saturday.
*Portland's last LitHop got a little write-up on The Book Stew, with Antiquated Future folks getting some honorable mentions.
*Our friend Kate Knappert is starring in a webseries called Two Kates, which is currently fundraising to take its clone-based plot on a road trip across the top part of the country.
*Another in-the-works fundraising film project is a documentary about David Thomas Broughton! You may remember we released his UnAbleTo album last fall, so we're very excited to see this come to life.
*And our buddies Amber Kai Morgan and Garrett Kelly of Seattle's Hollow Earth Radio (and many other things) finally got the recognition they deserve by being nominated for a Stranger Genius Award! Very cool.

Until next month,

Joshua James & Chask'e
Antiquated Future


Stickers are here! Add a couple to your order for no charge.

Drawing by Rachel Lee-Carman, designed by Chask’e Lindgren. Printed by Portland’s own Treehouse Stickers.

New for June

Following our annual June tradition, we tallied our Bestsellers (so far) list. In other exciting news:

1. We have a new section! All our shirts, patches, hats, and tote bags are now gathered in 
Shirts and Such. The section is still in its infancy, but we'll be adding to it in the months to come. Let us know what you think.

2. We also have a new 
drop-down menu to help you navigate around the site with ease. (Big thanks to Evan Hashi for making that happen.)

Aside from that, we're busy preparing for the 
14th Annual Portland Zine Symposium (which is just a month away!). A lot to look forward to.

New Zines

Shotgun Seamstress #7- Upon moving to New Orleans in 2009, Osa Atoe started putting on shows under the project name No More Fiction that featured female and queer-fronted bands. This is the story of the No More Fiction show series, told through flyers and words. ($5)
Symbology: An A to Z of Archetypes & Epiphanies- The history, meaning, and evolution of symbols through the ages, in graphic novel form. From Androgyne to Zodiac, this is the most fascinating trip through the alphabet you can take. ($10)

New Paper Goods

Poppet Postcard Set- Thirteen postcards with the embroidered adventures of a poppet doll. Whether dancing with birds or living as a mermaid under the sea, these postcards are all extremely fun and totally unique. ($12)

New Prints/Posters

A new series of 11"x14" art prints/mini posters from artist/musician Neil Campau!

New Shirts

Flowers and Vines Shirt- Flowers, vines, and roots. Designed and printed in Olympia, Wa. by Kyle Rollins. ($12)

New Music

The Binary Marketing Show- Anticipation of Something Else- The Binary Marketing Show makes smart, slightly skewed, synth pop that is wholly mesmerizing. (Cassette Tape) ($7)

Back in Stock: Three volumes of our Summer Soul mixtape series are temporarily available on reused cassettes for only $3 a piece! Also: Erica Freas (of RVIVR)'s excellent solo LP, Belly.

*On June 20th we'll be releasing Sara Renberg's debut album, The Tall Calm, on Antiquated Future Records. We'll be having a little backyard release party for it here in Portland, which will also be the (very casual) first show in two years from former Antiquated Future house band, Letters (whose catalog is available for free/by donation on Bandcamp). It's an early one, so you can still catch Poppet and Pregnant on the Portland stop of their tour later that same night.
*Our buddy Craven Rock (author of Nights and Days in a Dark Carnival: Time Spent With Juggalos), has a new section on the Monarch Review's site where he reviews and discusses zines. He'll also be on tour with Mend My Dress this month (with a Portland stop June 26th at the IPRC).
*Sweet Candy Distro & Press will be having their 10 year (!?!) Birthday Bash this month at the Olympia Timberland Library.The library will also be hosting Survival Knife, Marriage + Cancer, and zinester Ened McNeet this month.(What an awesome place.)

Until next month,

Joshua James & Chask'e
Antiquated Future

Symbology: an A to Z of Archetypes & Epiphanies

Symbology: An A to Z of Archetypes & Epiphanies by Annie Murphy. Now here.

Bestsellers of 2014 (so far)


Paper Goods




New for May


Last Night at the Casino #7- Dice number freestyles, big winners, love and hate lists, thoughts on luck, and a report from his mom about visiting him at the casino (so cute). ($3)
Let it Sink #6: Dreamtigers- Mini story essays about tigers, Henri Rousseau, Yelp as a personal blog, Jorge Luis Borges, freight elevator rides, landlords with enemies, and more. ($2)
Let it Sink #7- Cut pages, a touch of Choose Your Own Adventure, Pablo Neruda, drawings, the spirit world, and more. Like no other zine. ($2)
Punk- Surrealist comics that range from hilarious to amazingly bizarre. Like R. Crumb's Zap Comix set in the Olympia punk scene. ($3)
Turntable Operator #7- Reviews of the strange and interesting. ($2)

Back in Stock: Neil Campau's Building: A DIY Guide to Creating Spaces, Zach's My Complicated Relationship With Food, DJ Frederick's A Dream of Books, Nicki Sabalu's DIY or Don't We series, Growing Things, and every in-print issue of Basic Paper Airplane.


Electrician- Wet and Ripping the Lake in Two (Cassette)- Six songs about friends, family, death, and the end of the world. ($7)
Poppet- The Blue Sky is Always Blue (CD)- The long-awaited debut studio album from Poppet is here! 15 transcendent pop songs for a super fun post-apocalyptic dance party. Synth-driven pop with complex vocal layers, heavy bass lines, and plenty of hand-claps. ($13)
You Are Plural- Rabbit, Rabbit (LP & Digital Download)- Power pop like you've never heard it before. Cello, wurlitzer electric piano, drums, and lush harmonies combine to make uniquely beautiful and addicting songs. ($12)

Paper Goods

Bateleur Eagle Notepad- The oddest-looking eagle ever. Offset print, spiralbound, unlined book. ($3)
Bluethroat Notepad- A thrush, a chat, or an old world flycatcher...depending on who you ask. On light blue unlined paper. ($3)
Castle Postcard- A ridiculously pretty castle from Hope Amico's Keep Writing letterpress postcard series. ($3)
Sunbird Notepad- A sunbird, taking a dive. Offset print, spiralbound, unlined book. ($3)
Tiger Notebook- A perfect-bound tiger notebook. 100% recycled and reused materials. Unlined white pages inside. ($4)

Back in Stock: You Have All the Tools You Need Postcard (a personal favorite), the Mini-Tiger Pad 3-Pack, the Gold-Fronted Leaf Birds Notepad, and Corina Dross' anytime-Valentine series (with recontextualized Smiths lyrics).


The Greatest Most Traveling Circus- The long-awaited book from Jonas of Cheer the Eff Up! Released on Olympia's great Sweet Candy Press. ($10)
Sunspots- The surface of the sun, maps of the heavens from long ago, peep holes into other universes. ($15)
Various Two- 32 photographers work off the Leonard Cohen quote, "There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in," to create this gorgeous art zine/book. ($10)

Back in Stock: Tomas Moniz's excellent Bellies and Buffalos novella.


Prince, Michael Jackson, Madonna Button Set- Three of the greats on one inch buttons. Rendered in pen and ink (in all their '80s glory) by Portland's own Nathan McKee. ($5)
Salt N Pepa Buttons- The mighty SNP, making a special appearance on one inch buttons. ($5)

Back in Stock: The incomparable Portable Fortitude card deck, and the ever-popular Crow Shield Patch.


*Music to listen to: The biggest news this month is the release of an epic new album from Jordan O' Jordan! A must. Also, new releases from: MirahMargy PepperVictor Florence, and Autococoon.
*Our release from David Thomas Broughton got reviewed on Tape Famous.
*Eleanor Murray's Bury Me Into the Mtn album had been getting some press on Secretly Important and the Dub Narcotic blog.
*In other Jordan O' Jordan news, he's been selling his patron saint candles (which include Ursula K. LeGuin and Dolly Parton) through Granny Arts.
*Our soap-making Seattle friends Herbivore Botanicals have been getting a crazy amount of press of late, including a feature in Vogue! (This is definitely the first time we have ever linked to Vogue.)
*Our old friend Nik Nerburn (anyone remember the Dum Thumbz zine we carried ages ago?) is fundraising for In the Shadow of Paul Bunyan, a documentary film he's making that sounds amazing! 
*Portland Button Works is celebrating its second anniversary on May 20th with a button-making party and zine reading birthday party.
*In festival news: This weekend is LA's first Queer Punk Festival, next weekend is the first Fisherman's Village festival (in my old home of Everett, Wa.), and we're busy helping plan the 14th Annual Portland Zine Symposium for July 12th & 13th, which suddenly feels like it's just around the corner.
*And mark your calendars because the Portland Zine Symposium's annual Bike-In Movie is happening June 5th. We'll be watching the Australian classic (and Nicole Kidman's 1983 debut starring role) BMX Bandits. See you there.

New for April


Dirty- Tomas Moniz is an expert at being hilarious, tragic, sexy, and profound in a single bound, a single sentence. ($3)
Nuts! #13- Nuts! is the kind of thing that can come with giant newsprint masks and it's no big thing. Within: giant newsprint masks, and much much more ($4)

Back in Stock: The biggest news is that all the zines (and postcards) of Rachel Lee-Carman are back in after a long absence. As well as every issue of Shotgun Seamstress, Alicia LeDuc's Bravery on a Bus Tanzania travelogue, our in-house made gardening zine Growing Things, and Jonas' excellent Cheer the Eff Up #5.

Paper Goods

Bear Greeting Card- A very handsome bear. From Portland children's book illustrator, Kate Berube. ($4)
Blanket Fort Postcard- Blanket fort builders unite. By Rachel Lee-Carman. ($1)
Happy Birthday Greeting Card- Floating away on a balloon (what everyone hopes for on their birthday). From Portland children's book illustrator, Kate Berube. ($4)
Love Stinks Greeting Card- The anti-valentine, perfect for any time of year. From Portland children's book illustrator, Kate Berube. ($4)
Max Ernst Train Wreck Notepad- Everything falling into the sea. From Max Ernst's 1941 book, A Week of Kindness or The Seven Deadly Elements Novel. ($5)
Mix Well Postcard- Mix well (always). By Rachel Lee-Carman. ($1)
Perfect Love Postcard- Perfect Love Comes Softly If At All. Words by Moby, art by our own Rachel Lee-Carman. ($1)
You're a Fox Greeting Card- Being very forward. From Portland children's book illustrator, Kate Berube. ($4)

Back in stock: All five of the Max Ernst Pocket Journals (now only $2 each!), the Fuck This Books Rule Postcard, the Kate Berube Greeting Card Set, and Radix's Printing House Square Notepad


Incandescent, Issue Five- The best issue of the Incandescent photography journal yet. Lonely, beautiful, and eerie (almost alien) scenes from around the globe. With a great foreword from Paul Cavanagh (of Big Big Wednesday).($14)
Incandescent, Issue Four- Under the theme of "Home and Away," Incandescent puts together 25 photographers documenting their travels and their homes. ($14)

Back in Stock: Craven Rock's Nights and Days in a Dark Carnival: Time Spent With Juggalos (sure to be one of this year's bestsellers!) and Taryn Hipp's Heavy Hangs the Head (one of last year's bestsellers).

*Things to listen to: a live album from the mesmerizing Sister Grotto (who we'll be releasing an album of later this year on Antiquated Future Records), a new album from Norman, OK psych-folk friends Luna Moth, some drone and minimalist techno from Portland's Neglect, a remix album from Biosexual, a couple Keybored Country albums from Olympia's Skrill Meadow, the not brand new but worthy of mention Gone Banana Mega Bog album, an NPR Tiny Desk video with Diane Cluck, and the excellent Bonnie and Maude movie podcast with Kseniya Yarosh from I Love Bad Movies.
*This month brings the long-awaited new magazine from conceptual artist Lenae Day, with a sure-to-be-amazing release at Skylight Books
*Zinester and all-around-great organizer Marya Erinn Jones is fundraising to bring her Pamphleteer Project overseas and spread POC and gender-inclusive zines to zine collections around the world.
*Quickest Flip (an ability-inclusive magazine and art organization that you may know from their yearly calendar and music compilation) is fundraising to start a Print-of-the-Month project.
*Sarah Adams, owner of Olympia's own Psychic Sister store, wrote a great letter to The Olympian about the new People's House project.
*And Brooklyn Zine Fest is on April 26th & 27th and will surely be a blast.

Until next month,

Joshua James & Chask'e
Antiquated Future