New for October

New Zines

I Love Bad Movies #6- Writers, artists, comedians, and film nerds take on the subject of food in film. Twenty-eight movies are reviewed in-depth, odd stills, fine illustrations and comics ensue. ($5)
Last Night at the Casino #9- A thick issue of LNatC, piles of stories. Dress shoes, co-workers, pressing bets, drawings by Chris Pernula (of Moral Fiber zine). ($3)

Back in Stock: both issues of 8-Track Mind, all issues of I Love Bad Movies, all in-print issues of Basic Paper Airplane, and more of the (super fast selling) latest issues ofSomnambulist and Caboose.

New Planners and Calendars
2015 Justseeds & Eberhardt Press Organizer (Large Size)- A perennial bestseller. This collaboration between the Justseeds Artists' Cooperative and Eberhardt Press is a stunning pocket planner, unlike any other. ($12)
2015 Justseeds & Eberhardt Press Organizer (Pocket Size)- The 2015 Organizer, in pocket size. There's a limited run of these this year, so get them while you can! ($8)
2015 Moon Calendar- A journal of the seasons, in wall calendar form. The changing natural world, the daily phases of the moon, and the astrological signs it passes through. ($12)

New Magazines
She Shreds #5- The women of Mariachi rewrite a machismo-heavy history. Interviews with Edna Vasquez, Gariela Quintero. Warpaint, Mirah, and more. ($7)
She Shreds #6- 50 influential guitarists of the '90s, Shonen Knife, feminist magazine history, and so much more. ($7)

New Music
Appalachian Yard Art- Feel Gud Tunes- On Feel Gud Tunes, Seattle (by way of Athens) duo Appalachian Yard Art throw the folk out of their psych and prove themselves masters of the space jam. (Cassette Tape) ($5)
Appalachian Yard Art- Fiery Little Bits- Picking up where Green Glass left off, Seattle's Appalachian Yard Art bring us two ten minute epics of psych-folk goodness. (Cassette Tape) ($5)
Tucker Theodore- Kill and Dress- Demons being exorcised and caught on tape. Pop melodies covered with layers of grit. Bedroom classic rock, experimental folk, tape machine noise. An Inanambulance Recordings/Antiquated Future Records split release. (LP + Digital Download) ($15)

New Paper Goods
Bike Riding Pocket Journal- A nice ride. In pocket journal form. ($2)
Moving Ever Forward Postcard- Into the future. A letterpressed postcard by Hope Amico. ($3)
You Can Do Anything Postcard- Sensibly open to possibility. A letterpressed postcard by Hope Amico. ($3)

New Stickers
Dream Terrarium Sticker- Terrarium dreaming. ($1)
Floating Island Sticker- Hanging out on a floating island. No big deal. ($1)
I See it All Sticker- Good eyes. ($1)
Loving You Sticker- A book called Lovin' You in a tiny house in some mountains somewhere. ($1)
Pumpkin Patch Sticker- Ghosts hanging out with pumpkins. And a black cat. ($1)

Back in Stock: The Dream Terrarium Tote Bag from the artist behind all these stickers, Deth P. Sun.

New Books
This is the Inferno- Book artist Christopher Kardambikis turns the streets and cityscapes of Los Angeles into the surface of the sun. ($20)

Free Downloads
Tapestry- Lassen (an out of print Antiquated Future release, now available as "pay what you can" on our Bandcamp.)

*Craven Rock has another great article on zines and zine culture on The Monarch Review.
*Our buddy, comedian and writer Zach Mandeville, was recently the special guest on Calvin Johnson and Ian Vanek (of Japanther)'s Pink Elephant's Graveyard podcast.
*Rad Dad Magazine has just a couple weeks left on their Kickstarter! Really great folks who you should definitely support if you can.
*Our friend, and former Letters vocalist C.E. Ostra recently released a sci-fi book on Amapolaris Press.
*Tucker Theodore's new album has already gotten glowing reviews on the German music site Das Klienicum and on Lung Cycles.
*Mega Bog's new video premiered on CMJ this week. Check it out and read below the video for a hilarious interview with singer Erin Birgy.
*And lastly, we'd like to pay tribute to Olympia poet Craig Oare who passed away this week. He was a dear friend and a great supporter of artists in the Northwest and beyond (He was also the very first person to place an order with us six years ago). A great human, environmental activist, and writer. He will be seriously missed.

Until next time,

Joshua James & Chask'e
Antiquated Future

2015 Justseeds & Eberhardt Press Organizer

2015 Moon Calendar

by Amara Hollow Bones

Tucker Theodore's new album

Out this week on Antiquated Future Records/Inanambulance Recordings, Tucker Theodore's new album, Kill and Dress.

Things for Sale & Last Chance Things

We're having a small sale. With a wide array of zines, CDs, books, paper goods, tapes, records, and odd and ends. All amazing. Just ones that have been around for a while or have some minor shelf wear. Check them out here:

And we also noticed we have a bunch of things that we're down to the last copy of. Many/most of these will officially be out of print once said last copy is gone, so get them while you can! Check those out here:


New for September

New Zines

Abruption- A striking new comic from Olympia artist Taylor Dow. The moon, a light inside us, alternate creation stories, and more. ($8)
Basic Paper Airplane #8 & Ilse Content Vol. 13- Two decade-long running zines come together for a collaborative issue about the ways we collaborate. From tearing paper with a grandmother to standing on chairs, yelling out words to the sky. ($4)
Caboose #9: How to Start a Secret Society- Highly informative and incredibly cheeky histories of the Masons, the Illuminati, and more. ($3)
My Complicated Relationship With Food, Vol. Two- Never has a collection of opinions on ordinary foods been so incredibly funny. ($2)
No Biggie City #3- An extended interview with Scam author Erick Lyle about making sustainable countercultures and reporting on the Black Flag reunion for Vice and much more. ($3)
Paul Bunyan Guest Guide- Nik Nerburn decolonizes the Paul Bunyan folk myth, connects it to the violent history of Minnesota, and provides a counter history. Part of his documentary film and installation piece, In the Shadow of Paul Bunyan. ($4)
Somnambulist #23- Falling in love again after a bad heartbreak, health limitations, cat tarot, grandpa poems, carousel drawings. ($3)
Wendigo- Four essays from writers Sarah Tavis, Sarah Keliher, Sarah McGraw, and Themba Lewis. Stories that travel from the dinner table of a San Diego suburb to the Red Sea. ($7)
What to Expect When You're Expecting Something Else- Nonfiction poetic prose pieces that punch you in the gut when you're not looking. From a short history of 1976 to kitchen sink baptisms and beyond. ($4)

Back in stock: Annie Murphy's graphic-novel-meets-metaphysical-alphabet-book SymbologyMoe Bowstern's A Handy Guide to Home Protection, Ened McNett's I Know You Need My Heart #2, Neil Campau's Building, Zach's My Complicated Relationship With Food (Vol. One), our in-house made Growing Things zine, and both How to Talk to Your Cat guides.

New Paper Goods

Hello! Bike Notepad- A beautiful spiralbound blank book. ($5)
Max Ernst Lightbulb Graph Paper Notepad- A hand-printed little book for when inspiration strikes. ($6)
Until Next Time Bookmark- A beautiful bookmark from letterpress artist Themba Lewis. ($2)
You're It Bookmark- Printed at Community Print in Olympia, Wa. ($2)

Back in Stock: Eberhardt's classic notepad--the Bike Pad--is back in print after a years-long absence, as well as the bestselling My Love is Fathomless greeting card.

New Books

Sex From Scratch: Making Your Own Relationship Rules- From Portland writer and Bitch Magazine online editor Sarah Mirk comes the best guide to relationships ever. It's a relationship self-help book that actually presents staying single, never getting married, breaking up, and never having kids as viable options. It's bold, open to possibilities, and an absolute joy to read. ($15)

Back in Stock: M. Craig's excellent dystopian novel The Narrows.

New Music

Little Angry- Dubs Olympia- From the brilliant mind of Evan Hashi comes a collection of homemade dub covers of great Olympia bands, past and present. Beat Happening, Kickball, Margy Pepper, Polka Dot Dot Dot, Cool Scool, Kevlar Klein, and LAKE songs are made anew. Oly pop like you've never heard it before. ($7)
Richard Album and the Singles- Richard the Third- Unbeatable surfy power pop gems. ($5)
Shaggy Sample- My Other Car Is- Mixing '70s AM radio Wurlitzer grooves with an indie pop aesthetic, this new Bay Area band makes infectiously smooth pop. ($7)


*The classic zine and DIY how-to guide, Stolen Sharpie Revolution, is fundraising for a new and updated edition! Help bring this great resource back into print.
*Bitch Magazine gave a nice mention to Jonas' The Greatest Most Traveling Circus story collection and also gave a spot on the Bitch List to Annie Murphy's Symbology graphic novel!
*The Pulp Atlas art book project is fundraising for a worldwide series of exhibitions (including one from Christopher Kardambikis, whose Sunspots book we carry).
*Our dear friends at Hollow Earth Radio in Seattle have, after a long wait, received FCC approval and will soon be on the radio dial.
*Portland zine publisher PonyBoy Press is celebrating their 20 year anniversary this month (and giving away some zines in the process!).
*Poppet's new 12" single and video come out today on the Swiss label Le Bal Records.
*Our buddies at Pioneers Press are raising money for their upcoming legal battles through doing a variety of drawings and contests. Great folks who are very deserving of some support.
*Olympia is gearing up for the first Olympia Zine Fest. Coming in 2015. Very exciting.
*The first weekend in October brings the Albuquerque Zine Fest! A great reason to head to the desert.

Until next month,

Joshua James & Chask'e

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Basic Paper Airplane & Ilse Content

Together at last.

Basic Paper Airplane #8 & Ilse Content Vol. 13

Two decade-long running zines come together for a collaborative issue about the ways we collaborate.

New for August

The excitement and chaos of summer is in full effect. I keep thinking things will slow down, but it just doesn't seem to be happening. Two things before we go any further:
1. Alexis Wolf (of Ilse Content zine) and I are fundraising for a collaborative zine project and interactive Northwest tour! We have a Kickstarter where you can pre-order zines and get some book/zine packs to help us offset the costs of the project. Any support you can lend is so appreciated.
2. We're giving away two Fan Club memberships on our Tumblr! You just have to reblog the post to enter to win a zine in your mailbox for the next twelve months.


Joshua James

New Zines
A Dream of Books #2- "I became a folk poet and lit zine editor due to a chance encounter at a supermarket." A short piece about temporary success and temporary failure and finding out who your friends are. ($2)
I Know You Know My Heart #2- Ened McNeet tells stories about making friends with mice, uncles who aren't uncles, trainyard adventures, flying a sign in a Florida parking lot, and how the years change us but don't change who we've been. ($3.50)
Last Night at the Casino #8- Teaming with comic artist Chris Pernula (Moral Fiber), this issue is a collection of portraits of casino regulars. ($3)
Optogram #1: Small Town Story- An epic story that examines success and failure in terms of love and work, family and friends, home and getting out. ($3.50)
Pippi- A portrait of Kelsey Smith's Aunt Pippi, given through photos and selections from Pippi's 40 years of mundane notes on scraps of paper. A short biography unlike any other. ($4)
Quiet Riot (AKA The Shy Sober Kid Zine)- Seven contributors give their thoughts and experiences about being sober within counterculture communities. A great read, regardless of your relationship with alcohol. ($2.50)
Ripe for Romance- An adorable new zine from Gina Sarti (of Shit's Fucked: A Positivity Guide fame) that covers crush archetypes through anthropomorphic fruit. ($2)
Today Was Unlike Any Other Day- Ariel Birks (of Jesus Christ Superzine)'s new zine! A plethora of small moments. Singing in the streets, reverse Mother's Day cards, pine-cone determination, and much more. ($2.50)
Back in stock: The zines of Breanne Boland, the zines of Krissy PonyBoy, both issues of Keepers' Kanzine, Kelsey Smith's Suggestions #1, Ariel Birks' long-out-of-print chapbook Gentle In Carnations, and The Prince Zine is back in a new shade of purple.

New Books

Big Big Wednesday #2- The stunning second outing from Portland literary journal Big Big Wednesday takes on the subject of "failing" though fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and visual art. With an exceptional contributor list that includes Mary Ruefle, Kevin Sampsell, Michael Heald, Aidan Koch, Elizabeth Ferguson, and many more. ($14)

New Paper Goods
Greeting Picards- Captain Picard greeting cards from Portland artist Allison Beckwith.
Hey, Thanks! Greeting Card Pack- Three single-sided letterpressed thank you cards. With envelopes, in a plastic sleeve. ($6)
Home Is Where the Home Is- Letterpressed card in a plastic sleeve, made by Kelsey Smith.

New Magazines
Day Magazine: Remembering Priscilla Prescott- The life and times of a Hollywood dynasty that never existed, as created by conceptual artist Lenae Day. Brilliant, hilarious, and unlike anything else. ($20)

New Music
Kickball- ABCDEFGHIJKickball- Excitable, incomparable, art punk meets indie pop. One of my all-time favorite albums. (CD) ($10)
Kickball- Huckleberry Eater- An Olympia classic that shows a folkier side of Kickball. Home to the summertime anthem "Sauvie Island." (CD) ($10)


*This month brings the annual Helsing Junction Sleepover, put on by our friends at K Records and Helsing Junction Farm. We'll be there hosting the 2nd Annual Northwest Literary Showcase (!) and tabling with some of our wares. Come say hi and enjoy the best summer festival around.
*Our friends at Book Show (who carry many Antiquated Future items) got featured in the L.A. Times!
*Last month's Portland Zine Symposium got some nice write-ups on Panel Patter and the Japanese magazine Shukan Gendai.
*Things to listen to: a new release from Seattle psych-folksters Appalachian Yard Art (whose excellent Green Glass album we carry), a new album from playful SoCal folktronic project Kissed Her Little Sister, the San Francisco is Doomed comp (put together by Hannah from Grass Widow), the release of Mega Bog's Gone Banana album on Couple Skate Records, and the Ruby Fray's new album K Records comes out this month and got premiered on Stereogum.
*And lastly, this summer marks the 20th anniversary of the first Yoyo a Go Go Festival! These fests helped inspire other festivals like Homo a Gogo and Ladyfest, and had amazing and diverse line-ups that extended from Sleater Kinney to Beck. We're honored to be the sole distributor for the last remaining first printings of the Yoyo a Go Go compilations and many Yoyo releases. So to celebrate this anniversary, we're throwing in a Music Grab Bag with every Yoyo Recordings purchase for the rest of the summer.

Until next month,

Joshua James & Chask'e
Antiquated Future