New for April


Dirty- Tomas Moniz is an expert at being hilarious, tragic, sexy, and profound in a single bound, a single sentence. ($3)
Nuts! #13- Nuts! is the kind of thing that can come with giant newsprint masks and it's no big thing. Within: giant newsprint masks, and much much more ($4)

Back in Stock: The biggest news is that all the zines (and postcards) of Rachel Lee-Carman are back in after a long absence. As well as every issue of Shotgun Seamstress, Alicia LeDuc's Bravery on a Bus Tanzania travelogue, our in-house made gardening zine Growing Things, and Jonas' excellent Cheer the Eff Up #5.

Paper Goods

Bear Greeting Card- A very handsome bear. From Portland children's book illustrator, Kate Berube. ($4)
Blanket Fort Postcard- Blanket fort builders unite. By Rachel Lee-Carman. ($1)
Happy Birthday Greeting Card- Floating away on a balloon (what everyone hopes for on their birthday). From Portland children's book illustrator, Kate Berube. ($4)
Love Stinks Greeting Card- The anti-valentine, perfect for any time of year. From Portland children's book illustrator, Kate Berube. ($4)
Max Ernst Train Wreck Notepad- Everything falling into the sea. From Max Ernst's 1941 book, A Week of Kindness or The Seven Deadly Elements Novel. ($5)
Mix Well Postcard- Mix well (always). By Rachel Lee-Carman. ($1)
Perfect Love Postcard- Perfect Love Comes Softly If At All. Words by Moby, art by our own Rachel Lee-Carman. ($1)
You're a Fox Greeting Card- Being very forward. From Portland children's book illustrator, Kate Berube. ($4)

Back in stock: All five of the Max Ernst Pocket Journals (now only $2 each!), the Fuck This Books Rule Postcard, the Kate Berube Greeting Card Set, and Radix's Printing House Square Notepad


Incandescent, Issue Five- The best issue of the Incandescent photography journal yet. Lonely, beautiful, and eerie (almost alien) scenes from around the globe. With a great foreword from Paul Cavanagh (of Big Big Wednesday).($14)
Incandescent, Issue Four- Under the theme of "Home and Away," Incandescent puts together 25 photographers documenting their travels and their homes. ($14)

Back in Stock: Craven Rock's Nights and Days in a Dark Carnival: Time Spent With Juggalos (sure to be one of this year's bestsellers!) and Taryn Hipp's Heavy Hangs the Head (one of last year's bestsellers).

*Things to listen to: a live album from the mesmerizing Sister Grotto (who we'll be releasing an album of later this year on Antiquated Future Records), a new album from Norman, OK psych-folk friends Luna Moth, some drone and minimalist techno from Portland's Neglect, a remix album from Biosexual, a couple Keybored Country albums from Olympia's Skrill Meadow, the not brand new but worthy of mention Gone Banana Mega Bog album, an NPR Tiny Desk video with Diane Cluck, and the excellent Bonnie and Maude movie podcast with Kseniya Yarosh from I Love Bad Movies.
*This month brings the long-awaited new magazine from conceptual artist Lenae Day, with a sure-to-be-amazing release at Skylight Books
*Zinester and all-around-great organizer Marya Erinn Jones is fundraising to bring her Pamphleteer Project overseas and spread POC and gender-inclusive zines to zine collections around the world.
*Quickest Flip (an ability-inclusive magazine and art organization that you may know from their yearly calendar and music compilation) is fundraising to start a Print-of-the-Month project.
*Sarah Adams, owner of Olympia's own Psychic Sister store, wrote a great letter to The Olympian about the new People's House project.
*And Brooklyn Zine Fest is on April 26th & 27th and will surely be a blast.

Until next month,

Joshua James & Chask'e
Antiquated Future

Fan Club Anniversary

It's the one year anniversary of our Fan Club! To celebrate, we're offering discounted subscriptions for the month of April. It's been a good year and excited for it to get bigger and better in its second year.

The Prince Zine in New York!

We'll be in Brooklyn this coming week, with the new edition of The Prince Zine, to host a Prince video night at Videology and celebrate the birth of Ilse Content creator Alexis Wolf.

All orders placed during this time will ship out on Tuesday, April 1st. (but will also qualify for our Spring Cleaning sale!)

Spring Clean

It’s suddenly Spring in Portland and we’re cleaning house. Which makes us realize just how much stuff we have…so thought we’d be cheesy and run a sale.

For the rest of March, all Etsy purchases over $10 are 20% off (use the code: SPRINGTIME) and any purchase over $10 on our site comes with a free zine and mini journal.

New for March

Cheer the Eff Up #6- Everyone who picks up a copy of Cheer the Eff Up is instantly hooked. Each issue is a treasure in an entirely unassuming package. ($3)
The Prince Zine (Revised and Updated Second Edition)- A brand new edition of everything you ever wanted to know about the artist currently known as Prince. New sections, everything revised, plus new drawings from Rachel Lee-Carman! ($5)
Snow White- A photo zine of the strange and sublime. ($7)

Back in stock: All five issues of I Love Bad Movies, all six issues of Shotgun Seamstress, both issues of Where You From?, the excellent game show zine Come on Down, our gardening zine Growing Things, the latest issue of Basic Paper Airplane, Dave Roche's Curse Journal, and Ened McNeet's I Know You Know My Heart.

Paper Goods
Fuck This Books Rule Postcard- Telling it like it is. ($1)
Lay Off Me Pops Postcard- Stop being so uptight. ($1)
Make Big Plans Postcard- Please do. ($1)
No More Babies Postcard- Fighting over-population, one postcard at a time. ($1)
This Disaster Postcard- This Disaster Happened Because You Are A Heterosexual postcard. Referencing the awesome song by The Ovens. ($1)
We're Getting the Band Back Together Postcard- Reunion tour, 2014. Spread the word, in postcard form. ($1)

Back in stock: The postcards of Hope Amico, the Max Ernst pocket journals, and Eberhardt Press' ever-popular bird pads.

It's Alright: A Truckface Anthology, Volume One- One of the best zines ever, collected for the first time. Volume One puts together some long out of print issues, which is definite cause for celebration.($16.50)
It's Alright: A Truckface Anthology, Volume Two- This volume collects LB's writing from her first five years as a public school teacher. It is at turns powerful, hilarious, sad, inspirational, and always always always amazing. If any zine deserves a 400+ page anthology, it's Truckface. ($20)

Andro Arrows- Electric Angel (Download card)- The first EP from this incredible Olympia electro-pop performance art superstar. ($5)
Appalachian Yard Art- Green Glass (Cassette Tape & Flexi Disc)- Noisy and beautiful psych-folk from Seattle. Gloriously hypnotizing. ($7)
The Casual Fools- Melody (7")- Fun and frantic, bordering on ecstatic, post-punk from Cleveland, Ohio. ($5)

Magazines & Playing Cards
The Best Game Ever Booster Pack- Some extra cards for your deck of The Best Game Ever (which is also back in stock!). ($1)
Rad Dad Magazine, Spring 2014- From the long-running, and award-winning, zine comes the first issue of its new magazine format! Approaching parenting from a wide variety of perspectives, these are a series of beautiful, informative, touching, and hilarious essays about the many ways parenting can look. ($6.95)

*March 8th is the rescheduled Amazine Night! w/ IBQT, Bitch Media, In Other Words Books, Corina Dross, and a ton of local readers. 6-10pm, free, at the IPRC here in Portland.
*March 8th, after Amazine Night, is the Portland release party for Craven Rock's Nights and Days in a Dark Carnival, a book that looks into Juggalo culture. This will be more than just a reading. 10pm, free, at The Rainbow Chandelier.
*March 14th & 15th is the Chicago Zine Fest! This will be awesome and we so wish we could be there.
*March 29th will be a Prince event in New York City hosted by our own Joshua James Amberson and put on by the lovely folks from I Love Bad Movies! At Videology in Brooklyn, free.

*New music you should check out: An awesome Kate Bush tribute album that benefits reproductive rights, the new Electrician album, the new Lake video on Tiny Mixtapes, the new Ashley Erikkson video (and great interview!) on Rookie, experimental releases from both David Thomas Broughton and Barren Nieces, and Diane Cluck's first album in eight years on NPR's First Listen!
*Portland's own Justin Hocking has a new book about Moby Dick obsession and surfing that came out this week on Graywolf Press. There's an excerpt in the Portland Mercury and a reading of it on OPB's Think Out Loud radio show.
*Our friend Sara Renberg had a few poems published in Poor Claudia's Phenome column.
*The excellent My Complicated Relationship With Food zine now has an audiozine version on Bunny Ears Distro.
*Our friends IBQT and Hornet Leg were two of NewsCastic's Eight Portland Bands to Watch.
*There's a petition going to save Portland's VOZ work center for immigrants and day laborers. They do great work and we encourage everyone to support them.
*We recently made an updated list of all the great stores that carry Antiquated Future goods. All are sweet people and amazing businesses that we, again, encourage everyone to support.

Until next month,

Joshua James & Chask'e
Antiquated Future

The Prince Zine, Second Edition

Excited to finally be able to say: The new revised & updated second edition of The Prince Zine is out! Everything you ever wanted to know about the artist currently known as Prince. 

The first edition made Bitch Magazine's Bitch List, was named one of Three Imaginary Girls' Best Zines of 2012, and has been a bestseller at independent bookstores around the country. The new edition has a ton of new content, plus new drawings from Rachel Lee-Carman! 

New for February

Fix Your Clothes- An amazingly accessible guide to helping you fix your clothes! Basic stitches, seams, buttons, zippers, and beyond. ($1)
Last Night at the Casino #5- Late night workers, a nose on the floor, random harmonicas, broken bones, Vegas, small world after all, European casinos, and more. ($2)
Last Night at the Casino #6- While reading J.D. Salinger's A Catcher in the Rye at work, Billy starts to notice his inner monologue becoming the voice of Holden Caulfield. ($2)
Social Studies #3: Appendix Out- A short nonfiction story of a childhood hobo friend, appendicitis, an alcoholic doctor, an angry Christian father, and a short stint as a hospital radio DJ. ($1.50)
Turntable Operator #6- Cassette culture, under-heard artists, lo-fi, unholy racket, and more. ($3)
We also got a few zines back in stock that hadn't been around for a while: the Mental Wellness for Everyone guide, the No More Coffee/Brainscan split, the hand-colored I Know You Know My Heart, Judith Arcana's Keesha Joanie and Jane8-Track Mind #101, and Free to Choose got a beautiful new cover

Invoking Nonna by Sage Adderley- The first young adult book in our catalog! When a free-spirited teenage girl in rural Georgia learns she's a witch, it leads her on a path to figuring out her family lineage. ($11)
Nights and Days in a Dark Carnival by Craven Rock- The long-awaited book from our dear friend Craven Rock. The first book to deeply examine the world of The Juggalos—the clown-painted subculture that has over the past 20 years has swept across North America and grown large enough to be designated a gang by the FBI. ($11.99)
Papercut Annual 2013- A great year-end anthology from New York-based publishing company Papercut Press. An eclectic mix of short fiction, visual art, poetry, and hybrid genre work. ($17)
Summertime: A Graphic Novel in Four Parts by Gina Sialiano- Unrelenting and tragically beautiful, Summertime is a must-read graphic novel. ($15)

ALSO: the Truckface Anthologies are now up for pre-order! Plus we got restocked on almost the entire Mend My Dress Press catalog, the best poetry book ever, the vintage computer-focused Complete Historically Brewed, and the best-selling how-to guide Make Your Place. AND there's a new printing of the Miami, You've Got Style Golden Girls book! See what I mean? Good book month.
She Shreds #4- Another AMAZING issue of She Shreds, the world's one-and-only magazine dedicated to women guitarists and bassists. Interviews with Kim Gordon, Toody Cole, and so many more. ($7)
Torrent #1- A brand new magazine chronicling the highs and lows of the current folk music revival. Taking its inspiration from Broadside, the popular folk magazine of the ’60s, it combines interviews, features, and reviews with artists at all levels of popularity. ($5)
Literary Journals & Chapbooks
Monarch, No. 3- A new issue of this great Seattle-based literary and art journal. A nice mix of poetry, fiction, essays, interviews, and beautiful full-color visual art. ($10)
What's Being Sent by Casey Fuller- For one year, Casey Fuller sent a daily postcard to his local paper's Letter to the Editor section with news from the street, the sky, the workplace. Small moments told through poems, notes, letters, and photographs. ($5)
Chung Antique- Sweater Weather- The long-awaited new album from Seattle instrumental post punk band, Chung Antique! (LP + CD) ($15)
We also reprinted a few of our favorite volumes of the Summer Soul mixtape series and did a second printing of the new Well, I Don't See Why Not Vol. 4 compilation.
*This Saturday we'll be helping host the Portland Zine Symposium's AmaZine Night--a Valentine's Day-themed benefit event which we're SO excited for. 
*Then the following weekend we'll be in L.A. for the L.A. Zine Fest!  
*We're pleasantly surprised that the new noise folk album from Tucker Theodore is quickly becoming our most critically acclaimed release! It made Guestroom Records' best of 2013, got reviewed on Das Klienicum and Half-Gifts, and got posted on Pile Records' blogStart Track, and Altpeek.
*In other news from our tape label: David Thomas Broughton's UnAbleTo got reviewed on the popular U.K. site Song, by Toad and the video for the "Problems" single was posted on NME! Plus it made PBS's best of 2013 list (different PBS, but still).
*Basic Paper Airplane #6 was the Independent Publishing Resource Center's Zine of the Month in December.
*Both Rad Dad and Hip Mama relaunched this past month and they're touring all over the place! We're happy to be helping out with both their Portland and Olympia stops.
*The Italian music site Ondarock reviewed Eleanor Murray's excellent new album.
*Many of you will be excited to hear that conceptual artist Lenae Day will be releasing a new issue of her amazing magazine series soon. And if you're in L.A., she'll be discussing it in a couple months at the ever-awesome Skylight Books. She's also been very busy with art shows, so big congrats to her.
*The Phoenix all ages space, The Trunk Space, is fundraising! Very deserving, hard-working, folks that bring community to a place that really needs it.
*The incredible Pregnant (yes, I did just say "the incredible pregnant") will be bringing their wall of sound musical landscapes to the UK for a multi-media art project and are Kickstarting it! Some really awesome and weird prizes for donating (like "a personalized message from a stranger in the UK").
*And this Sunday we'll be out for Martha Grover (Somnambulist) and A.M. O'Malley's art opening Do You Still Love Me? here in Portland. With readings from the Thank You Writers. Should be a really fun night.
Until next month,
Joshua James & Chask'e
Antiquated Future

Nights and Days in a Dark Carnival

Nights and Days in a Dark Carnival is the first book to deeply examine the world of The Juggalos—the clown-painted subculture that has over the past 20 years has swept across North America and grown large enough to be designated a gang by the FBI.
In the tradition of writers like Hunter S. Thompson and Jon Ronson, Craven Rock spends a debaucherous week as an undercover journalist at The Gathering of the Juggalos, the group's yearly summer festival. He reports back with hazy recollections, questionable memories, and awkward interviews, while also offering a powerful examination of the class issues, faith, violence, and internal marketing within the culture. All the while exploring what it says about American culture as a whole. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!