Autumn Distro Update

First off: November marks our 8 year anniversary! So surreal. Thanks to everyone for their support over the years! Never imagined this distro would work out like this. 


8-Track Mind #103.1- Selected notes made while touring around North America in 1995 showing the 8-track devotee film, So Wrong They're Right. Checking out Nancy Sinatra macaroni portraits and going to sleep to Maya Deren films. ($1)

Amtrak: Adventures Through the South- A trip documented through polaroids, postcards, playlists, and plenty of stories. Along the way there are Marfa cowboys, fraternity reunions, lightning storms, and desert domes. ($7)

Drink More Water, Be More Honest: 30 Lessons From My 20s- The new zine from the ever-wise Sarah Mirk (Bitch Media editor, Sex From Scratch author) is pure gold. Drink More Water, Be More Honest: 30 Lessons From My 20s​ takes us through the mini-revelations of a difficult decade. Brilliant, hilarious, and adorable, this is a must-read zine for anyone, at any age. ($5)

POPs #1: Parents on Parenting- In this, the first issue of POPs, parents weigh in on the various struggles and joys of raising kids. Within: step parenting, custody battles, images of masculinity, navigating the autism spectrum, and so much more. ($3)


Brenna Sahatjian- The Ruby- Personal, mythological, slyly political chamber folk-rock epics from Portland cellist Brenna Sahatjian. (Cassette + digital download) ($7)

Chung Antique- Artesian Swell/Norse Code- Two blistering bursts of addicting instrumental brilliance from Seattle's finest. (7" + digital download) ($8)

Gossimer- Close the Circle, Lay the Stones- Weighted, open songs that give chills. Haunting, hypnotic drone folk for fans of Gowns, Tiny Vipers, and Lau Nau. (Cassette) ($7)

Phoxii- La Comandante- Get ready while Phoxii (AKA: Foxdye) takes you on an IDM and breakcore-laden techno journey. La Comandante is her bouncy, in-your-face, impossible-not-to-move-to, mini-epic of clit worship. (LP + digital download) ($12)


The End of My Career- The brand new book from the one-and-only Martha Grover, author of the long-running Somnambulist zine. ($10)


2017 Justseeds & Eberhardt Press Organizer (Large Size)- A yearly favorite. This collaboration between the Justseeds Artists' Cooperative and our go-to printer extraordinaire, Eberhardt Press, is a stunning planner, unlike any other. ($13)

2017 Justseeds & Eberhardt Press Organizer (Pocket Size)- A more compact Organizer. With full-color, politically-minded spreads from Justseeds artists. ($10)


*This weekend is Seattle's ever-awesome Short Run Comix & Arts Festival.

*Next weekend is the very first Eugene, Oregon zine fest, Euzine.

*On December 3rd, we'll be in Seattle for the annual Vera Project & Hollow Earth DIY Holiday Fair. This was the very first event we sold our wares at (mere weeks after the distro began in 2008) and we've been going every year since. It holds a special place in our hearts.

*Our pal Chloe Eudaly (owner of the long-running Reading Frenzy zine shop) is running for Portland City Council. If you live here, you should vote for her! Zinesters don't run for political office very often.

*In an effort to change the fact that most people buy the same 5-10 things, we've been doing a series of posts called Often Overlooked Corners of the Distro. So far: Zine AnthologiesLiterary Journals, and the Patches of Corina Dross. More to come.

*The UK music blog Wake the Deaf gave some in-depth reviews to both of our latest Antiquated Future Records releases, Appalachian Yard Art's Fussy and Jordan O'Jordan's Through Tough Thoughts.

*Our favorite cassette tape reviewer Joshua Pickard reviewed Appalachian Yard Art's album in his column The Tape Deck.

*Our friends at Pioneers Press are fundraising for a new book from Trace Ramsey (of the Quitter zine).

*NPR debuted a new track from our friends Mega Bog.

*Zachary Auburn (author of so many great zines and books) was on the Jenny McCarthy radio show promoting the book version of How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety. It's kind of amazing. And as a reminder: the How to Talk to Your Cat zines are almost out of stock for good!

*One of our favorite bands in the world Remembran played some new songs on the mighty! radio show.

*West Coast electronic musician Lauren Bousfield needs help dealing with medical bills after enduring severe burns in a Los Angeles apartment complex fire. If you can, please support her GoFundMe.

*David Gutowski of the long-running Largehearted Boy music/literary blog is dealing with some serious medical issues and there's a fundraiser to help with his medical bills. He's been amazingly supportive to independent writers, musicians, labels, and presses for so long. If you're able to help, he's very deserving.

*As many of you know, the Standing Rock Sioux pipeline protest continues, and the nonviolent protesters have been enduring an infuriating and heartbreaking amount of violence and injustice. Anything we can do to help from afar should be done. There's this list of ways to assist, the Sacred Stone Legal Defense Fund, this White House petition, you can also contact the banks funding the pipeline, and you can contact the cops who sent militarized police to Standing Rock. Our hearts go out to all the protesters.

Antiquated Future Almost Fall Distro Update


Better Feminism Workbook- In Better Feminism Workbook, Jennifer Williams lays out a series of questions to help people of all genders dig deeper into their intentions, assumptions, and relationship patterns. ($8)

A Great and Terrible Golden Age #2: Movies of the 1930s- Within: a Joan Crawford rich person solo sport montage, Soviet sci-fi, the pompous genius of "the fifth Marx Brother" Margaret Dumont, Greta Garbo's only rom-com, and Ernst Lubitsch galore! ($5)

A Great and Terrible Golden Age #3: Movies of the 1930s- An entire zine dedicated to the one-and-only Claudette Colbert. Essays and comics about her controversial (and motion picture industry-altering) boobs in Cecil B. DeMille's 1932 film The Sign of the Cross and her year of ruling Hollywood. ($5)

The Important Business Ladies' Guide to Important Business for Ladies- The working world as a woman, explored through comics, essays, and other surprising and interesting forms. All great. Best part: the work histories of the authors' moms and grandmas. ($7)

New American Comedy, Vol. 1- The first zine from the Brooklyn monthly performance showcase, New American Comedy. Within: A complete list of sins, a new kind of prohibition, Michael Jackson's ghost, what happens after you steal a good joke, and so much more. Edited by Zach Mandeville of Funwater Awesomezine fame. ($5)

Sugar Needle #40- In this, the 40th issue of the long-running candy zine Sugar Needle, Corina and Phlox review more oddball varieties of sweets. Also: imaginary candy, personalized candy for friends, and how to get a candy penpal. ($2)

What Are You Raising Them For?: '70s Hippie Parenting- Using '70s hippie literature and the experiences of adults raised in nontraditional settings as source material, Tim Devin examines where counterculture parenting ideas were coming from, how well they were working, and what we can take away from it all today. ($7)

Women of Color #12: Zines- This issue of Women of Color is all about the love of zines. Essays and comics from A'misa Chiu, Cathy Camper, Anna Vo, kollodi, Celina Hernandez, Kesheena, and Eileen Chavez. And Tonya Jones interviews LaMesha Staples of the great Cocoa/Puss zine. ($5)


Appalachian Yard Art- Fussy (Antiquated Future Records)- Seattle's Appalachian Yard Art has been building an impressive catalog of lo-fi psych folk oddities over the last few years. Fussy is their most concise and unified effort so far—nine surprising, noisy, and often sublime songs. Minimalist outsider mini-epics. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)

Iji- Bubble (Lost Sound Tapes/Team Love)- '70s-tinged psych power-pop party music for the future. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)

Jordan O'Jordan- Through Tough Thoughts (Antiquated Future Records)- The 12 songs on Through Tough Thoughts serve as postcards from the road. Tales of leaving and returning. Small epics about failure and hope-in-the-face-of-adversity. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)

Little Angry- Place & Care (Self-released)- The solo project of Evan Hashi (Flying Circles, Shaggy Sample). Place & Careis the work of an ace songwriter and tireless experimenter, traveling from minimalist meditations to bass-heavy krautrock psychedelia with ease. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)

Parasol- Affliction (Lost Sound Tapes)- Heart-wrenching, inspiring punk anthems from Parasol--whose members have also created music in Squilll, G.L.O.S.S., and Box Fan. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)

Sister Grotto- You Don't Have to Be a House to Be Haunted (Self-Released)- A cohesive collection of slow-burning epics that hypnotize like nothing else. A minimalist masterpiece. Easily one of the best albums of the year. (Cassette) ($5)

SOAR- Wilt (Lost Sound Tapes)- A perfect garage-pop EP from members of Watercolor Paintings, Void Boys, Joyride!, and Dreamspoiler. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)

Tucker Theodore- Antimotivational Sleep Tapes (Inanambulance)- Mind-warping sounds to supposedly go to sleep to. Tape hiss, reverse guitar loops, Sister Grotto samples, answering machine messages from Mom. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)


Aloft Alight- Gaia Thomas' latest chapbook is both precise and casual, filled with moments that punch you in the gut and stick in your mind. A history of trauma and a path toward healing. ($11)


Tales from the Trails Postcard Club- A postcard subscription/correspondence club from the one-and-only Jordan O'Jordan. A year of postcards, a couple LPs, his latest tape, and some surprises. The price even includes shipping! ($35)


Big Big Wednesday, Issue Four- The new issue from our favorite literary journal. Poetry, fiction, essays, illustrations, and photography under the theme of "partial." 24 contributors, including Ben Lerner, Jennifer Williams, Claudia Lars, Haley Rene Thompson, Emily Carr, and Francesca Capone. ($15)


*The Olympia Zine Fest is almost here! October 1st & 2nd, with a stellar library punk show kick-off on September 30th. And Osa Atoe of Shotgun Seamstress zine is the festival's guest of honor!

*Eugene, Oregon will be having their very first zine fest (Euzine Fest) on November 12th.

*The book version of How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety is up for pre-order! Which also mean the How to Talk to Your Cat zine series is almost out of print! Only a handful of copies left.

*Byron Coley (of Forced Exposure and Bull Tongue) reviewed the new tape from Flying Circles in the latest issue of The Wire.

*The great Rose Melberg (of The Softies, Tiger Trap, etc.) is getting a much-deserved tribute with an LP of Rose Melberg covers coming out soon on February Records. And if you haven't checked out her latest band Knife Pleats, do yourself a favor and pick up their tape.

*In sad zine world news: zine historian and feminist disability advocate Alison Piepmeier passed away last month. The College of Charleston, where she taught, is taking donations to establish the Alison Piepmeier Scholarship.

*Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Terence Crutcher. So sad and unjust.

*Through the many horrible things that have been happening in the world, the Standing Rock Sioux protests against the Dakota Access pipeline continue to be an inspiration and a lesson in rising up against horrible things. Gozamos has published a list of 12 ways you can support the protestors at Sacred Stone Camp.

Antiquated Future Summer Newlsetter


Grub, Issue Two- Food and feelings from the UK zine press, Synchronise Witches (who brought you thePissing in the River Patti Smith fanzine). Travel stories, dinner at Grandma's, eating on a budget, the perspective of a former food critic, and much more. ($4)

Incandescent, Issue Nine- Portland photo zine Incandescent gathers photographers from around the world to respond to the idea of “To Save and To See.” Quiet moments that speak volumes. ($14)

Minor Leagues #1- Simon Moreton's Minor Leagues #1 is a quiet ride through a few countries, travels on foot, video rentals, and a twenty year old snowball fight. Told through comics, sketches, poems, and prose vignettes. ($6)

Punk Rock Glee Club #2- The second issue from Chicago's favorite acapella punk rock glee club! In this issue members write about their relationships to the songs they sing. ($5)

Somnambulist #27: Amsterdam and Portland- This brand new issue of Somnambulist documents a conversation happening between Portland and Amsterdam. Discussions of place, travel, race, language, and privilege. Culture and climate, bikes and cars, joy and heartbreak. ($5)

Somnambulist #20: The Food Issue- A reprint of a Somnambulist favorite. Fun personal food history with recipes. ($3)

Somnambulist #15: Family Meetings- Another reprint of a fan favorite. Martha moves back in with her parents and records the notes of the weekly family meetings. The results, as Martha says in the introduction, are "hilarious, weird, [and] often embarrassing." ($3)

Tendril Wild- Fruit-inspired watercolors by Alicia Dornadic meet body-positive poems steeped in family history by Tomas Moniz. ($5)

The Thread- Part of Rachel Lee-Carman's continuing series of zines, The Thread is a whirlwind of travels, realizations, dance floors, and sunsets. Comes enclosed in a paper bag. ($4)

Tin Can Telephone #3- In praise of growing old, Manos: Hands of Fate, and interviews with cassette solo piano artist Nick Keeling and shortwave radio host Captain Ron. ($2)

We'll Never Have Paris #13: West Coast- A fantastic new issue of We'll Never Have Paris, the journal of all things never meant to be. This time around: Seven writers (including our Joshua James) tell stories about the west coast. ($5)

Women in Sound #2- This issue of Women in Sound zine looks at how place affects the creative process and the idea of "space, and feeling empowered to occupy it." ($5)


Aboriginal Flowers- Impossible Light Source- Jesse Carsten (Half Shadow) and Raf Spielman (Woolen Men) combine to make music that's perfectly unlike other things. Future retro spoken word dance music. (Cassette) ($5)

Appalachian Yard Art- Leave This Hound to Lie on the Pile- Sludgy psych-garage rock meets lo-fi folk aesthetics in an epic four song EP. (Cassette) ($5)

Flying Circles- Of Loving Grace- Colleen Johnson (of Silver Shadows), Evan Hashi (of Shaggy Sample), and Preston Bryant (of AJJ) combine to make angular post-punk pop ecstasy. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)

Greg Murray- Self-Titled- Collecting Greg Murray's seven inches and CD EPs from the early 2000s, this tape is a cohesive dose of '60s psychedelia influenced rock and folk-pop. (Cassette) ($6)

Music Grab Bags- A new set of grab bags, with a range of sizes and prices. ($5-$20)

Summer Soul, Vol. 8: Summer Favorites- Our first new soul mixtape in almost four years! 24 songs that cover lover's holidays, breaking points, spells, summer anthems, and much much more. (Cassette) ($5)


Birdhouse in a Boat Postcard- An adorable letterpressed postcard by our pal Hope Amico. ($3)

Fear is the Mind Killer Postcard- Fear is the Mind Killer. A quote from Frank Herbert's Dune. Letterpressed by Hope Amico. ($3)

Makeready Notepad- Blank notepads with covers that were created while readying the offset printer for new jobs. Each makeready notepad is a one-of-a-kind fortuitous work of art! ($5)


Abstract Life- A small book of collages from Fredrick Polizzi (of Robot Octopus Vs. Zombie Teddybear Records). Antique photos meet decades of pop culture past. ($2)


*Our dear friends at the Independent Publishing Resource Center have to relocate due to a 300% rent increase and are fundraising to be able to find a new home. This is a community hub for so many folks, and it's so important for the Portland community and zine/DIY culture as a whole that this organization continue.

*The Flying Circles tape has been getting a lot of love, including a premier on The Big Takeover, a review on Tiny Mix Tape's Cerberus, and a long interview with the band on The Bay Bridged (to name a few). We're so happy people are paying attention because it's a really wonderful album that deserves a much bigger label than our humble bedroom tape digs.

*Our pal Marya Erinn Jones wrote a great piece for Bitch Media about cut and paste zines focusing on women musicians.

*Mandarin Dynasty recently made a new video for the title song from their excellent Feedback Time album with help from the Iji crew (who has a new album coming out) and the direction of Charlie Daugherty (who was one of the creators of the fabulous Moon Diary film).

*Olympia Zine Fest is gathering steam for their fall festivities and just announced the ever-awesomeOsa Atoe (of Shotgun Seamstress zine) as their special guest this year.

*Olympia's new DIY sitcom Bing Bong TV has been releasing their first season over the past month (the first episode features our own Chask'e Lindgren as the professor!).

*And in more Olympia-being-awesome news: the Olympia Pop Rocks podcast has been doing great work of late and just started a new video series.

As all of you know, the past couple months has been filled with more bad news than good. The world is a hard place to be right now. 

*Our community was recently hit by the loss of Geneviève Castrée Elverum, who died this month from cancer. Her music, graphic novels, and community presence made the world a better place to be. Just seeing Ô Paon perform live was earth shaking. Our hearts go out to Phil and Agathe. If you're able to help her family with medical expenses, consider contributing to their GoFundMe campaign.

*On the GoFundMe note: The Pulse Victims Fund is still running, with the hopes of helping all the victims' families, the survivors, and the Orlando community.

Of course, there's so much to read and hear and watch right now. And words are not enough. But here are some things that have helped me make sense of this moment and given me perspective:

-Michelle Alexander's response to the Alton Sterling and Philando Castile shootings and a historical context of systematic oppression.

-Terrell Starr's thoughts on the need for both radical change and self-care in the wake of the shootings.

-Feminist zine scholar Alison Piepmeier's (author of the great book Girl Zines: Making Media, Doing Feminism) final newspaper column, written while on hospice care.

-The New York Times article on the international lack of response after the recent attacks in Baghdad, Istanbul, Bangladesh, and across Saudi Arabia.

-Roxanne Gay's piece about what's needed right now and a world beyond allies.

-The Black Lives Matter reading list on Longreads (which includes links to Campaign Zero and thePhilandro Castile Memorial Fund).

-Kiese Laymon's How to Slowly Kill Yourself and Others in America essay collection.

-Alexis Wolf's post-Brexit self-care list.

Let's keep envisioning and working toward a better world together,

Joshua James
Antiquated Future

Mid-Spring Distro Update


A Good Place to Start #1- Seven authors from seven different countries each write about two or three different musicians from their respective countries. ($3)

Last Night at the Casino #11- After five years working the late night shift at the casino, Billy switches to the early morning shift. From nocturnal life to farmer hours. This is a zine about how some things change and some things stay the same. ($3)

Pissing in a River: A Patti Smith Fanzine- A great fanzine that manages to consider Patti as a complex and powerful person, a human making mistakes, and an inspiration, all at once. ($4)

Think Tank DIY #2- Hilarious/ridiculous/awesome ideas that Reggie Martinez wants you to run with. From movies to term paper to cookbooks to band names and beyond. ($2)

Tin Can Telephone #2- Bookselling, disability rights activism, sigils, pirate radio, LaMonte Young and the evolution of the drone. ($3)

Welcome To Your New Life With You Being Happy- Prose poems/poetic prose dealing with love, relationships, sex, bad behavior, basketball, trauma, pop songs, and the Internet. ($7)

What a Beautiful Face: A Neutral Milk Hotel Fanzine- Walking around at night with On Avery Island on headphones, smoking weed from apples, tinnitus and "Two-Headed Boy," and Tolstoy reviews In an Aeroplane Over the Sea. ($4)


Cynosure- Self-Titled- Karp meets Rites of Spring meets Polvo in a brilliant, beautiful head-on collision. Olympia post-hardcore bliss. ($5)

Eleanor Murray- Jazz Demos- An intimate EP of home recorded, jazz-infused folk songs. ($5)

Eleanor Murray- Lost Songs- Lost Songs is a collection of songs that slipped through the cracks. 11 unreleased studio recordings, home recordings, and compilation songs from the last decade. With letterpressed cases made in collaboration with Two Plum Press. ($5)

Richard Album- Richard Goes Cold- Richard Album returns with his most elaborate pop album yet. As usual: Pure genius. Heartbreak's never sounded so sweet. ($5)

The Washboard Abs- Whateverland- The first EP from The Washboard Abs. Brilliant lo-fi bedroom-folk and garage pop.Released by our pals at the Slovakian tape label Z Tapes. ($6)


Quitter: Good Luck Not Dying- "In this anthology of Quitter issues 1-6, we see Ramsey battling fear and freedom, history and an uncertain future. There are no hard and fast answers; nothing set in stone besides the guarantee of chaos and troubled waters ahead." ($7)

Selfish, Issue Three: Good Girl- A gorgeous new issue of Selfish that explores the concept of "good girl" through hybrid prose pieces, photo series, paintings, personal essays, and multimedia work. Yumi Sakugawa, Darcie Wilder, Gabi Pérez, Ginger Buswell, Marisa Malone, and 27 other contributors weigh in on so-called goodness. ($20)

Tom Tom Magazine #25: The Health Issue- Janet Weiss, Lisa Schonberg, Aidan Koch, body positive drumming, pregnancy and drumming, moon cycle metronomes, drumming after cancer, drumming after Lyme Disease, yoga for drummers, and so much more.. ($7)


Plant More Seeds Poster- A coloring poster by Katie Johnson. ($7)

Read More Books Poster- A coloring poster of (another) one of our favorite reminders. ($7)

Tree Swift Notepad- A tree swift (also called a crested swift). Part of its own family, a cousin of true swifts. On a notepad. ($3)

The Best Game Ever (Card Deck) ($8)

Caboose #9: How to Start a Secret Society (Zine) ($3)

Max Ernst Postcard Pack (Postcards) ($5)
Solid Space- Space Museum (Cassette Tape) ($6)
Soon to Be a Major Motion Picture (Chapbook) ($8)

*In just a few days we'll be packing up our wares and heading to the Chicago Zine Fest! It's our very first time going, so we're pretty excited. Spread the word.

*We're doing our annual spring cleaning. In addition to some really good grab bags on our Etsy page, we're having a record sale and a book sale on our site with a ton of good stuff marked down for the next few weeks.

*Kelly McElroy at Bitch Media did a great article on food zines that features Portland's own Women of Color zine.

*Tucker Theodore's To Make the Sun Hurt (by far our most talked about release on Antiquated Future Records) just got reviewed on Cassette Gods.

*The new Washboard Abs album on Antiquated Future Records got reviewed in the latest issue of All Magazine.
*Eleanor Murray did a live set on Joshua Redman's long-running 5, 4, 3, 2, Fun! radio show.
*The first single from our pal Stephen Steinbrink's upcoming album had some nice words said about it on Stereogum and Pitchfork. (Also: his excellent Desert Wasn't Welcome LP is temporarily on sale as part of our record sale. Only $7!)
*We're excited to see a new book is on its way this from our buds at Rad Dad and Hip Mama, coming out on PM Press this fall.

*Last week I had this email all drafted and ready to go, but before I could post it Thursday morning I heard the sad news that Prince had passed away. I know some of you reading this originally found us through The Prince Zine and many of you already know my complex obsession with the being that was Prince, so suffice it to say that the news made me put all other concerns to the side for a few days.

The Portland Mercury was kind enough to ask me to write some words about the life of Prince for this week's issue, so I was at least to take some time and reflect. (Prince Zine illustrator and zinester extraordinaire Rachel Lee-Carman was even able to do an illustration for the print version.) Thanks to everyone who reached out these past few days and trusted me to understand what they were going through. It's hard to get used to a world without Prince.
Until next month,
Joshua James
Antiquated Future