New Year Distro Update

New Zines

The Complete Speculative Red Hot Chili Peppers Fan Fiction- Believe it. An amazingly weird collection of short stories based on lives and careers of past and present members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Within: "Red Hot Chili Parents," "Rick Rubin's Mansion," and "Retired Hot Chili Peppers." ($5)
Crosses of Power- Wordless comics from Pam Cameron-Snyder. Connecting across telephone lines, tied strings, balls of yarn, through constellations, keys, and pictures taped to the wall. ($4)
Mend My Dress #10- Four letters, written over the course of a year and a half, combine to form Mend My Dress #10. Losing an identity of place, working through mental health issues, making home, eating well, staying alive. ($2)
That Was Zen, This is Sudoku- Zen quotes and thirty games of Sudoku. Playing games, mindfully. ($2.50)
What Matters- Seven long-time zinesters talk about what matters (and wasn't doesn't matter) to them. Along the way there are long lost twins, disposable cameras, radio comics, and all the things still left to write. ($2)

New Book

Stolen Sharpie Revolution (Fifth Edition)- An absolute classic of zine literature and a necessary part of any DIY library, now in a revised and updated edition. ($7)

New Journals

Tarot Journal (Ace of Bones)- A journal with a six page guide to journaling with the tarot and four different example tarot spreads. Cover illustration by Annie Murphy, from The Collective Tarot deck. ($7)
Tarot Journal (Ten of Bones)- A gorgeous, spiral-bound, tarot journal printed in Portland, OR and published by Grimoire Comics & Curiosities. ($7)


In the Shadow of Paul Bunyan- A fantastic half-hour long documentary on the Paul Bunyan myth. ($10)

New Patches & Totes

Antiquated Future Tote Bag- 100% cotton tote bag. White ink on black bag. 14" x 12". Blanket fort drawn by Rachel Lee-Carman, design by Chask'e Lindgren, screenprinted in Olympia, WA by Kyle Rollins of Thirsty Fresh Printing. ($10)
Giant Paul Bunyan Patch- An (appropriately) giant Paul Bunyan patch. ($4)
Paul Bunyan Patch- A patch of the cover image from the In the Shadow of Paul Bunyan documentary. ($2)
Prosperity in Minnesota Patch- An early advertisement to lure people to Minnesota. Milk, butter, prosperity. An accompaniment to Nik Nerburn's historical experimental documentary, In the Shadow of Paul Bunyan. ($1)

New Music

If It Ain't Breakfast Don't Fix It- There Will Be Casualties- Surprising arrangements and dream logic lyrics in soundscapes of uncommon textures. Sinisterly absurd. Infectiously unusual. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($7)
Various Artists- Five Years of Fukdup Records- A massive double disc compilation from the first five years of Fukdup Records—Portland's own purveyor of breakcore and electronic silliness. (CDx2 + Digital Download) ($15)


*We'll be heading down to L.A. in a few weeks for the L.A. Zine Fest! February 15th at the Homenetmen, totally free. Come say hi.
*Our annual year-end Bestsellers List is up.
*If you're still calendar-less or planner-less in this new year, we still have a handful of calendars and planners left.
*Next week we'll be putting out the latest album from Corespondents, with a release party at the Sunset Tavern in Seattle. The album's already getting some kind words on American Standard Time and The Monarch Review.
*The Brooklyn Zine Fest, the Chicago Zine Fest, and the first Long Beach Zine Fest are all on the horizon.
*Happy to say that Portland has an awesome new feminist booking collective called The CRUSH Collective. Many good events and zines in the works from them.
*The amazing Underground Sketchbook art collective has a new zine about black women who have been murdered by the police called Black Women Matter
*Our pal Judith Arcana is interviewed in the new documentary She's Beautiful When She's Angry and will be doing a Q+A at a couple of the Portland showings in the coming week.
*The Prince Zine got a nice review on Zine Nation (and was one of Powell's Books top 5 bestselling zines of 2014!).
*Antiquated Future Records got featured on the German station Byte FM a couple times this month (once with an interview with our own Sara Renberg!), and a few of our releases and distro titles made it to Jac Nelson's best of 2014 show on Portland's KPSU.
*Shana Cleveland's Famous Faces Calendar (which we have just a few left of!) got a nice write-up in City Arts.
*Former Olympian Jillian Chaplain now has a hand-carved stamp company out of her new home in Japan.
*Another former Olympia dweller, Stephen Steinbrink, has a new music video.
*Portland has a new community space and radical library called the Anarres Infoshop.
*The Lowest Pair (the newest band from Kendl Winter) has a new album up for pre-order on Team Love.
*Olympia's Oh, Rose has a stunning music video (which we didn't see until recently or would have said something about long ago).
*And, in potential anticipation of a fifth volume, we've made the first three volumes of our Well, I Don't See Why Not "name your price" on Bandcamp. (Which means, if you're on a budget, you can have them for free.)

Until next month,

Joshua James & Antiquated Future

Bestsellers of 2014




Paper Goods


New for December

Holiday times are here. Around the Antiquated Future office, things are a little crazy. So many orders! Which, don't get me wrong, is wonderful, but just a touch overwhelming. There's so much that's new, and we've also been restocking like crazy, so boxes are also stacking up and things are shipping out before they even hit the shelves. It's chaos, but fun chaos.

For those of you placing orders in the next couple weeks: We're going to be shipping orders up until December 22nd. The last day USPS guarantees First Class mail within the U.S. to arrive before Xmas is December 20th, so if you're not on the west coast and you place an order after the 20th, send us an email and we'll see what we can do.

And for those of you in the Northwest: We'll be out and about this coming weekend! This Saturday, Dec. 13th, we'll be up in Seattle at the Vera Project/Hollow Earth DIY Holiday Sale. And, simultaneously, we'll be here in Portland on Saturday & Sunday for the Wares: A Pop Up Collective Holiday Sale, sharing a table with Small Howl. We had a great time in Olympia last weekend at the Northern holiday sale, thanks to everybody who came out and said hello.

There will be a lot more to say in the weeks to come, and you can of course keep up with these things on our FacebookTumblrTwitter, and our blog. Here's what new (for now).

New Calendars

2015 Famous Faces Wall Calendar- Paintings of famous faces from a bygone era of music. Featuring early soul, rock n' roll, and rockabilly legends. ($8)
2015 Pocket-Size Moon Calendar- A pocket-size version of the 2015 Moon Wall Calendar. The changing natural world, the daily phases of the moon, and the astrological signs it passes through. ($6)

New Zines

All My Friends- Snapshots, friends from the distant past, neighbors, being an only child, the beauty and pain of memory. ($2)
Nuts! #14- One large folded sheet of newsprint turns into Brooklyn-by-way-of Olympia's favorite punk paper. ($2)
Paper Radio Reader, 2015 Edition- A selection of articles from Paper Radio. Highlight: the Ecuadorian War of the Worlds! ($3)
Please Be Brave- Mini posters for the adventures of a cat-like protagonist that bravely traverses lands filled with ghosts, crows, vampires, and household odds and ends. ($8)
Proof I Exist #18- Growing up with Midwest homophobia, all the times Billy's been with men, his perspectives on gender, the ways attraction differs for him between genders, and navigating the queer world while in a heterosexual relationship. ($3)
Somnambulist #24- A soundtrack to bravery, the truth about pheromones, summaries of reality TV shows, Ok Cupid, and more. ($3)
To Be Whole is to be Part- Inspiring, fun, heartbreaking, glorious prose poems by Tomas Moniz. Read it and go out into the world feeling ready for anything. ($3)
Where You From #3- Five short stories about leaving and five short stories about returning from Hope Amico. New Orleans after the hurricane, New Hampshire, Boston, Milan. ($2.50)

New Cards

I Still Believe Anita Hill Postcad- A letterpressed postcard in support of Anita Hill. ($3)
Happy Holidays or Whatever Greeting Card- A seasonal letterpressed greeting card from Kelsey Smith. ($4)
Harriet the Spy Card- The great Harriet the Spy, immortalized on a letterpressed card. ($5)
Merry Merry Greeting Card- Warm weather wishes from letterpress artist Hope Amico. ($4.50)
Santa's Shop is Union Greeting Card- Going union. A seasonal letterpressed greeting card from Kelsey Smith.($3)

New Magazine

Tom Tom Magazine #19: In the Studio- Vezella Joy of Beyoncé, Tuneyards, The Blow, Skating Polly, and more female drummers from around the world. ($6)

New Stickers

Skeleton Cat Sticker- A skeleton cat, bravely crossing bodies of water with a sword. ($1)
Typewriter Cat Sticker- Getting some writing done on a rock in a swamp. ($1)

New Music

Ashan- Earth Magic Life Celebration- Pulsing, meditative ambient-pop songs from Sean Conrad (Gkfoes Vjgoaf, Inner Islands). Shimmery layers of sound, chants, and gorgeous vocals from Rosa Beach-Mason. (Cassette + Zine) ($10)


*Sara Renberg's Antiquated Future-released album The Tall Calm was reviewed in the Australian music magazine, BMA Magazine (and was staff writer's Chiara Grassia's album of the year!)
*Briana Marela (whose excellent Speak From Your Heart LP we just restocked) did vocals on a track by Ninja Tune producer Odesza.
*Poppet dropped a podcast for our friends at Bed of Roses.
*Our buddies Hungry Cloud Darkening were featured on NPR this month.
*The Book Show store in L.A. (that carries a bunch of AF stuff) was featured in the L.A. Times.
*For those of you in Portland, this Friday brings our friend Nik Nerburn to town to show his In the Shadow of Paul Bunyan documentary at the Independent Publishing Resource Center with filmmakers Vanessa Renwick and Georg Kozsulinski.
*And our hearts go out to the families of Michael Brown, Erik Garner, John Crawford, Ezell Ford, and Tamir Rice. Let's all imagine, and try to work toward, a better and more just future.

Until next month,

Joshua James & Antiquated Future

2015 Famous Face Calendar

2015 Famous Face Calendar
by Crawdad Cleveland

Please Be Brave

Please Be Brave. A comic zine from Bay Area artist Deth P. Sun.

New for November

It's November and that means it's our anniversary! Six years ago today(ish), Antiquated Future began as the Ms Valerie Park Distro in the basement of the Alamingo House in Olympia, Washington with a box--not much bigger than a shoe-box--full of stuff friends had made. I had no idea what I was doing and no plans for it grow; I could have never imagined it becoming what it is today. So thanks to everyone who's helped it grow and evolve over the years, and thanks to all of you for your continual support. I'm so grateful.

In other news, the holidays are fast approaching! Around here, they seem to have already started. Packing a lot of orders these days and restocking pretty much constantly. If you're wondering where to start when holiday shopping with us, check out our Gift ideas for a list of our most commonly gifted items.

We've been spiffing up the merch page on the Antiquated Future Records Bandcamp, in preparation for a full winter of new releases from Olympia's If It Ain't Breakfast Don't Fix It, Seattle's Corespondents, and Denver's Sister Grotto.

We've also been updating our Links page. Lots of friends who we support and encourage all of you to support.

New Zines

The Escapist Artist #20/Fixer Eraser #0- A split between Jolie Ruin and Jonas (Cheer the Eff Up). ($2)
Keepers' Kanzine #3- A giant new issue of Olympia's Keepers' Kanzine! Three years in the making, this issue brings together 20+ contributors into a fun and playful tome of home preserving. ($5)
Srviv- Some of the world's best zine writers answer the question "Why I get out of bed every morning." The results are beautiful, challenging, and inspiring. ($2)
Turntable Operator #8/Paper Radio #14- The state of the world, cassette culture, flexi disc and book pairings, pirate radio, the National Radio Club, and more. ($3)

New Paper Goods

2015 Moon Calendar Poster- The 2015 Moon Calendar Poster. Designed by Nina & Sonya Montenegro, printed by Portland's own Eberhardt Press. ($16)

New Shirts & Patches

Dawning of the Age of Aquarius Shirt- Celebrating the dawning of a new age by having some beers in the kiddie pool. ($12)
Foxdye Patch- A bran new patch from Foxdye. ($5)
Phoxii Patch- A patch for the side project of Portland's own Foxdye. ($5)
Vanilla Fingers Shirt- A character called Vanilla Fingers. Printed by Kyle Rollins in Olympia, Wa. ($12)
Washington State Shirt- The new Washington State logo, as imagined by Kyle Rollins. ($12)

New Music

Silver Shadows- Self-Titled EP- Hazy, shoegazey, witchy post-punk from Oakland, Ca. Led by Colleen Johnson (Upside Drown, Twig Palace) and Margot Rhodes. (cassette tape + digital download) ($8)

New Books

The Most Beautiful Rot by Ocean Capewell- "The Most Beautiful Rot is a secret peek into the backyards and living rooms of young queer america. It's a testament to the act of digging through the bleakness of everyday life to find something beautiful growing underneath, something that you weren't expecting." ($12.95)
Ofrenda: A Zine Anthology by Celia C. Perez- Collected from twenty years of zines, Ofrenda is the work of Chicago-based librarian Celia C. Perez. Cultural identity, loss, book love, and music nostalgia are just a few of places this books goes to. ($15)
You're Fine by Gina Tron- "She is not a vindicator of the floundering masses, but a stumbling shaman soap-boxing a nihilist spiritualism." ($15)


*This December we'll be tabling at our two favorite DIY holiday sales, the Northern Craft and Rummage sale in Olympia on December 6th and the Vera Project/Hollow Earth Radio DIY Holiday Sale in Seattle on December 13th.
*If you're in Seattle right now, head on down to the Short Run comics and art festival! An awesome event run by excellent folks.
*Thanks to Alexis Wolf, Antiquated Future made an appearance at the South East London Zine Fest this past month!
*Our buddies Broken Water had a new video premier on NPR this past month. And it is SO good. Co-directed by Nandan Rao who did the camera work on You Make Me Feel So Young.
*Our dear friend A.M. O'Malley is a winner of this year's Skidmore Prize. Awarded for her awesome work at the Independent Publishing Resource Center.
*If you're looking for a fun zine Kickstarter to support, or just want to watch a cool paper snowflakes video, check out the Scientifically Accurate Snowflake project from former Portlander Robby Craft.
*Prolific zinester DJ Frederick is the official mailer for the American Amateur Press Association and this month he's offering free AAPA zines/independently made paper things to anyone who wants some. All you have to do is send a request to him through the postal service: Frederick Moe 36 West Main Street Warner NH 03278.

Until next month,

Joshua James & Chask'e

New for October

New Zines

I Love Bad Movies #6- Writers, artists, comedians, and film nerds take on the subject of food in film. Twenty-eight movies are reviewed in-depth, odd stills, fine illustrations and comics ensue. ($5)
Last Night at the Casino #9- A thick issue of LNatC, piles of stories. Dress shoes, co-workers, pressing bets, drawings by Chris Pernula (of Moral Fiber zine). ($3)

Back in Stock: both issues of 8-Track Mind, all issues of I Love Bad Movies, all in-print issues of Basic Paper Airplane, and more of the (super fast selling) latest issues ofSomnambulist and Caboose.

New Planners and Calendars
2015 Justseeds & Eberhardt Press Organizer (Large Size)- A perennial bestseller. This collaboration between the Justseeds Artists' Cooperative and Eberhardt Press is a stunning pocket planner, unlike any other. ($12)
2015 Justseeds & Eberhardt Press Organizer (Pocket Size)- The 2015 Organizer, in pocket size. There's a limited run of these this year, so get them while you can! ($8)
2015 Moon Calendar- A journal of the seasons, in wall calendar form. The changing natural world, the daily phases of the moon, and the astrological signs it passes through. ($12)

New Magazines
She Shreds #5- The women of Mariachi rewrite a machismo-heavy history. Interviews with Edna Vasquez, Gariela Quintero. Warpaint, Mirah, and more. ($7)
She Shreds #6- 50 influential guitarists of the '90s, Shonen Knife, feminist magazine history, and so much more. ($7)

New Music
Appalachian Yard Art- Feel Gud Tunes- On Feel Gud Tunes, Seattle (by way of Athens) duo Appalachian Yard Art throw the folk out of their psych and prove themselves masters of the space jam. (Cassette Tape) ($5)
Appalachian Yard Art- Fiery Little Bits- Picking up where Green Glass left off, Seattle's Appalachian Yard Art bring us two ten minute epics of psych-folk goodness. (Cassette Tape) ($5)
Tucker Theodore- Kill and Dress- Demons being exorcised and caught on tape. Pop melodies covered with layers of grit. Bedroom classic rock, experimental folk, tape machine noise. An Inanambulance Recordings/Antiquated Future Records split release. (LP + Digital Download) ($15)

New Paper Goods
Bike Riding Pocket Journal- A nice ride. In pocket journal form. ($2)
Moving Ever Forward Postcard- Into the future. A letterpressed postcard by Hope Amico. ($3)
You Can Do Anything Postcard- Sensibly open to possibility. A letterpressed postcard by Hope Amico. ($3)

New Stickers
Dream Terrarium Sticker- Terrarium dreaming. ($1)
Floating Island Sticker- Hanging out on a floating island. No big deal. ($1)
I See it All Sticker- Good eyes. ($1)
Loving You Sticker- A book called Lovin' You in a tiny house in some mountains somewhere. ($1)
Pumpkin Patch Sticker- Ghosts hanging out with pumpkins. And a black cat. ($1)

Back in Stock: The Dream Terrarium Tote Bag from the artist behind all these stickers, Deth P. Sun.

New Books
This is the Inferno- Book artist Christopher Kardambikis turns the streets and cityscapes of Los Angeles into the surface of the sun. ($20)

Free Downloads
Tapestry- Lassen (an out of print Antiquated Future release, now available as "pay what you can" on our Bandcamp.)

*Craven Rock has another great article on zines and zine culture on The Monarch Review.
*Our buddy, comedian and writer Zach Mandeville, was recently the special guest on Calvin Johnson and Ian Vanek (of Japanther)'s Pink Elephant's Graveyard podcast.
*Rad Dad Magazine has just a couple weeks left on their Kickstarter! Really great folks who you should definitely support if you can.
*Our friend, and former Letters vocalist C.E. Ostra recently released a sci-fi book on Amapolaris Press.
*Tucker Theodore's new album has already gotten glowing reviews on the German music site Das Klienicum and on Lung Cycles.
*Mega Bog's new video premiered on CMJ this week. Check it out and read below the video for a hilarious interview with singer Erin Birgy.
*And lastly, we'd like to pay tribute to Olympia poet Craig Oare who passed away this week. He was a dear friend and a great supporter of artists in the Northwest and beyond (He was also the very first person to place an order with us six years ago). A great human, environmental activist, and writer. He will be seriously missed.

Until next time,

Joshua James & Chask'e
Antiquated Future