Nine-Year Anniversary Distro Update

New Zines

10 Hot Sax Positions- A handy saxophone how-to guide that provides you with new playing positions to liven up your sax life. Written by sax machine Joe DeGeorge, of bands such as Harry and the Potters & the Downtown Boys. ($3)

Brainscan #33: DIY Witchery (An Exploration of Secular Witchcraft)- In this issue of Brainscan, Alex Wrekk (Stolen Sharpie Revolution) discusses the individualized witchcraft practice she's pieced together over the past decade. ($5)

Hedwig Lives- The best Harry Potter conspiracy theory zine around. Meticulous analysis of the source texts by Paul DeGeorge of long-running Harry Potter fan band (and wizard-rock inventors), Harry and the Potters. Comes with an iron-on patch, for the true believers. ($7)

Local Vocals: Your Guide to Kick-Ass Karaoke- In Local Vocals, Kari Tervo presents helpful hints for karaoke newbies alongside a humorous and on-point guide to the karaoke wilds. ($3)

Mapping Out Utopia: 1970s Boston-Area Counterculture, Book 1 (Cambridge)- In the first volume of Mapping Out Utopia, Tim Devin looks at a wide range of counterculture organizations in 1970s Cambridge, Massachusetts. While its focus at first glance seems local, Devin uses the place as a microcosm of the time period examining the larger-scale movements these organizations were connected to. ($8.50)

People Make Plans #3.5: Swimming- The new issue of People Make Plans is a gorgeously designed zine beyond compare. In it, Nicole Jennelle recounts her personal journey through a recent flash flood in New Orleans. Within: swimming in garbage water, best cat friends, and figuring out how to be a grown up. ($2)

New Music

Pleasure Systems- Antumbra Pull- The full-length debut from Pleasure Systems, the solo project of Clarke Sondermann from Olympia indie-pop band The Washboard Abs. Mixing synth pop, indie folk, and ambient textures. (Cassette + Digital Download)

The Washboard Abs- Have U Scanned Ur Club Card- The just-released second printing of last year's bestselling debut from The Washboard Abs. Gorgeous, textural bedroom pop from Olympia, Washington. ($5) (Cassette + Digital Download)

Vintage Cassette Grab Bag- 5 vintage cassettes from our extensive collection, all in great condition. Each grab bag comes with a wide variety of genres and time periods. A great deal for the adventurous listener. ($10)

New Calendars

2018 Famous Faces Calendar- An especially good year of a calendar we always love: Nina Simone, Leslie Gore, Althea & Donna, Prince, and so many more famous musical faces. All painted by Shana Cleveland of La Luz. ($8)

2018 Justseeds & Eberhardt Press Organizers- A perennial bestseller. This collaboration between the Justseeds Artists' Cooperative and Eberhardt Press is a stunning planner, unlike any other. (Pocket-sized or Planner-Sized) ($10, $13)

2018 Lunar Phase Calendar- The lunar phases among night blooming flowers. Designed and illustrated by Nina and Sonya Montenegro of The Far Woods. ($16)

New Miscellany

The Difference Between- A fun and fascinating gift for basically anyone, The Difference Between compares similar (or similar-sounding) things and provides straightforward definitions for each. Within: baking soda and baking powder, communism and socialism, krump and krunk, sympathy and empathy, and so much more. ($6)

Tarot Journal (Six of Bones)
- A gorgeous, spiral-bound, tarot journal. The journal begins with a fourteen-page guide to journaling with the tarot and four different example tarot spreads ($7)

Zinester Trading Cards, Series Three- The only trading cards with zine authors on them. ($3)


*Our dear buddy Andrew Barton just released his first cookbook, The Myrtlewood Cookbook: Pacific Northwest Home Cooking, a few weeks ago and it's absolutely gorgeous. (And if you aren't familiar with his work with Two Plum Press, who we collaborated with for Eleanor Murray's Lost Songs release last year, check them out as well.)

*We recently became a seller on Discogs. In addition to having our in-print label releases on there, we also have most of our distro catalog, a whole slew of odds and ends from our personal collection, and plenty of tape-shopping finds. It’s a fun and weird mix of stuff.

*Tucker Theodore's latest album on Antiquated Future got some kind and glowing reviews on Tiny Mix Tapes and The Tape Deck.

*The new Pleasure Systems album just got an extensive review on our favorite UK blog, Various Small Flames.

*And for those of you in the Northwest, we'll be tabling at the Euzine Comic & Zines Fest on November 18th and Publication Fair here in Portland at The Cleaners at the Ace Hotel on December 13th.

*Since this time of year is our busiest time, we'll be sending one more newsletter at the beginning of December before retreating to our usual infrequent newsletter schedule. But you can keep up with us in those gaps by following us on any of these things: FacebookTwitterTumblrEtsy, SoundcloudBandcamp.

*And hey, this month is our nine year anniversary! So thrilled to have been doing this so long and have so much support. Big thanks to all of you.

End of Summer Distro Update


AmiriteAmirite is a handsome, well-organized guide to life's humorous annoyances. Or it's an elaborate joke about jokes. Or maybe it's an epic poem where every line ends with "amirite." Commentary from a variety of Olympia luminaries builds this into whatever it is. ($4)

Clock Tower Nine #13- Using a variety-format approach reminiscent of classic '90s zines, Danny Noonan puts together a consistently interesting assortment. Letters, postcards, and the stories of others mix with personal narratives, odd facts, and ephemera. ($3)

Devil's Pie: Intimacy, Sex Positivity and Herbal Aphrodisiacs- Discussion questions to help you understand, embrace, and communicate your sexual needs. Both a workbook zine and how-to zine, Devil's Pie asks you to contemplate your desires and provides an introduction to herbal aphrodisiacs. ($8)

Listen Up!Listen Up! is a fantastic introduction to podcasts for the uninitiated, a guide for those looking to expand their horizons, and a personal story of interacting and connecting with the form over the course of many years. From Portland's own Katie Ash (Aubade zine). ($3)

The Motivation to Write- Simple and practical suggestions to help you get your words onto the page. Straightforward, laid out nicely, and accessible to everyone. Also included within: a fun abridged history of writing and communication tools. ($5)

Muchacha #5: Brown Queen, Latina Voices of the 21st Century- An interview with the great zinester and illustrator Cristy C. Road about her graphic novel Spit and Passion, a tribute to Borderlands/La Frontera author Gloria Anzaldua, a spotlight on Latinx musicians, and so much more. ($4)

Picking Stuff ApartPicking Stuff Apart (also known as Eaves of Ass #8 & Basic Paper Airplane #11) is a collection of reviews of life and art. An industrial music award ceremony, Meetup groups, books, films, and dated Christian television—all looked at deeply and discussed. ($3)

Second Set Out- Dug up from the out-of-print depths, this classic zine is a perfect gathering of Moe Bowstern's words in one place. Within: fishing boat adventures, hitchhiking tales, an abortion story, praises for long-distance bus travel, and so much more. There's also an introduction from the one-and-only Ursula K. LeGuin. ($6)

Somnambulist #29: It Happened at Fred Meyer- A fun issue of Somnambulist that looks at the Pacific Northwest regional chain grocery store, Fred Meyer. Bizarre tales and fun facts from the store that invented one-stop shopping. Pregnancy tests, Leonardo DiCaprio, and our love-hate relationships with the places where we shop. ($3)

Suggestions #3- Little suggestions, gleaned from songs. Artists from Bad Brains to Kimya Dawson have a say in this unique collection of life advice. Letterpressed covers, gorgeous sewn binding. ($3.50)

Unintended Bookmarks: A Collection of Lost Items (and Other Library Related Etceteras)- Both a brilliant assortment of found items and a peek into the weird, sometimes gross, and often life-affirming world of working in a library. It even comes with its own library checkout slip. ($6)

A Way to Survive: Herbal Allies, Practices, and Prompts for Difficult Times- Prompts to consider stress, vulnerability, and mental health in an unhealthy world and medicinal plants to support the nervous system along the way. ($8)

A Witch's Guide to Medicinal TeasA Witch's Guide to Medicinal Teas is a straightforward (and notably handsome) guide to preparing and drinking medicinal-strength herbal teas. ($8)

Women in Sound #3- In this fabulous issue, there's a deep dive into the genius and legacy of funk legend Betty Davis. Plus in-depth interviews with the one-and-only Osa Atoe (of Shotgun Seamstress/No More Fiction) Jade Payne (Aye Nako, The Silent Barn), and so much more. ($5)

Xtra Tuf #3: The Beach Seiner Issue- Another zine classic from Portland's own Moe Bowstern. The third issue of Xtra Tuf (the zine all about the world of commercial fishing in Alaska) is an entertaining peek into a world most people don't get to see. ($6)


D.A. Terence- Hanford Acid- Skewed historical dance music from Olympia live hardware wizard, D.A. Terence. The result of delving into the history of Washington State's Hanford nuclear waste site, Hanford Acid mixes otherworldly acid techno with vocal samples from the wake of Hanford being declared a superfund site. (Cassette) ($6)

Midwife- Like Author, Like Daughter- Midwife is the stunning collaborative project of Sister Grotto’s Madeline Johnston and Tucker Theodore. Both haunted and celebratory, Like Author, Like Daughter is an album beyond compare. A piece of shoegaze-inflected minimalism that confronts loss, wading deep into the void, and makes it to the other side transformed. (LP) ($15)

Tucker Theodore- Lady Hope- A psych-folk epic, Lady Hope is a wild hour-long ride through inner darkness and personal mythology. With appearances from Allen Karpinski (The Six Parts Seven) and Madeline Johnston (Sister Grotto, Midwife). (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)


Incandescent, Issue Twelve- This issue of the Incandescent photo zine considers what's lingering in the periphery. As Laura Zurowski says in the introduction, "If central vision is all about the facts and light of day, the periphery allows us access into the house of mysteries, shadows, and uncertainty." ($14)

Invoking Nonna- The revised and updated second edition of the first young adult novel in our catalog. When a free-spirited teenage girl in rural Georgia learns she's a witch, it leads her on a path to figuring out her family lineage, understanding her grandmother's mysterious death, and learning who her true friends are. ($12)


*This Saturday we'll be participating in the Day of Distros, a benefit for the Albuquerque Zine Fest. Organizer Marya Errin Jones is a tireless member of the zine community (not to mention a one of the best zine writers around) and this benefit is to make sure her fest can continue. All profits from our website's Saturday sales will go straight to the Zine Fest.

*The long-adored zine series Field Guide to the Aliens of Star Trek TNG is out in book form this week.

*L.A.'s Book Show (a big supporter of the zine community) is raising funds to stay in business through a pay-a-book-forward program where you can buy a book for someone who might not otherwise be able to afford it.

*Bijou Karman (author of the best-selling Where Have All the Flowers Gone: The Women of Folk Music zine) has an art show up at Nucleus Gallery here in Portland for a couple more days.

*Northwest zine fests in the not-too-distant future to look forward to: Olympia Zine Fest on October 14th, Seattle's Short Run Comix & Arts Festival on November 4th, and Eugene's Euzine Comics & Zine Fest on November 18th.

*And this '90s Zine Title Generator that Carrie Pack made was pretty fun.

Summer Solstice Distro Update


The Chapess #9- The latest issue of The Chapess, the quarterly zine from UK zine press Synchronise Witches featuring women writers from around the world. ($5)

An Herbal Medicine-Making Primer- A well-written and accessible introduction to anarcho-herbalism, wildcrafting, and medicine-making. ($3)

Last Night at the Casino #12- A collection of casino chips and the stories that accompany them. Adventure and travel tales from around the country. ($2)

Minor Leagues #3- Through minimalist comics and sketches, this issue of Minor Leagues confronts loss while also managing to incorporate playful vignettes and letters from readers. A continually one-of-a-kind zine. ($4)

Radical Nuns: A Feminist Fanzine and Coloring Booklet- Portraits and short biographies of nuns who "altered history for the betterment of people." Visionaries, activists, political prisoners, education reformers, pop singers, computer scientists, DJs, pop artists, queer writers, and graffiti artists. ($4)

Radical Domesticity #2: The Sewing Issue- How to sew on a button, how to sew in a zipper, the differences between scissors, how to measure yourself correctly, and more. ($3)

Rock n' Roll Forever- A decade of punk photography from Nuts! fanzine editor Ben Trogdon. Hundreds of photos, full-color, countless bands and countless punk-life oddities. ($14)

Well Worn Very Used- A peek into the fetish sock trade. Kara Comegys chronicles being a new seller and the curiosities and uncertainties that come along with it. ($2)

Wildlifoodin #3- Living off the grid, foraging, cultivation, the future of soil, and a whole lot more. ($5)


Buffalo Voice- Pilgrim Takes His Spill- Led by songwriter and sound-experimenter Tucker Theodore, Buffalo Voice's Pilgrim Takes His Spill is a series of ten perfectly destroyed anthems. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)

Hoop- Super Genuine- The debut full-length from Seattle's Hoop. Arresting, emotionally complex dream-pop. Guest vocals from Briana Marela and Allyson Foster (Hunger Cloud Darkening) put this album over-the-top into the territory of an instant classic. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)

The Washboard Abs- Recurring Chasms- On Recurring Chasms, Olympia's The Washboard Abs take their intimate indie-pop to new heights. Incorporating angular rhythms and art rock sensibilities to these perfectly distilled songs, the album is a beautiful and complex journey through personal battles and trauma recovery. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)


Rad Families: A CelebrationRad Families: A Celebration honors the messy, the painful, the playful, the beautiful, the myriad ways we create families. ($19.95)

The Tramp Printers: Forgotten Trails of the Traveling Typographers- A gorgeously printed, in-depth history of "the tramp printer," a unionized wanderer who carried the skills and knowledge of the printing trade across the United States and beyond. ($15)


Find Your Way Postcard- It takes time. Advice from the one-and-only Artnoose. Printed by Hope Amico. ($3)

Hi Mom Postcard- Don't forget about your mom. ($3)

Let There Be More Light Postcard- In these dark times, let there be light. ($3)

Silent Allies are Not Allies Postcard- A letterpressed reminder ($3)

Sorry Mom Postcard- Sometimes an apology is in order. ($3)


Ancient Trees of the Northwest T-Shirt- Ancient trees of the Northwest, posing for their portrait. Respectively: Western Hemlock, Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, and Sitka Spruce. ($20)

Planetary T-Shirt- Getting spacey. Designed and printed by Kyle Rollins in Olympia, Washington. ($20)


Reading Cat Sticker- A cat, excitedly reading. ($1)

Shared Arrow Sticker- Sharing the arrow. A new sticker by Deth P. Sun. ($1)


*We'll be tabling at the Portland Zine Symposium on July 22nd and 23rd and then hopefully doing a few more West Coast tabling events before the summer is out.

*There's just a few days left of our distro-wide LP SALE! A few dozen LPs, from some of the best Northwest artists, all being sold at cost. We're just trying to clear a little space because there's so much stuff coming in.

*The ever-popular Field Guide to the Aliens of Star Trek TNG zine series is getting turned into a book this fall! The zines are going out of print and we have the last of them, so get those while you can.

*In July and August, The Washboard Abs will be taking their new album Recurring Chasms on the road. Tour dates are announced, with more info to come soon.

*The first album from Midwife (a collaboration between Sister Grotto’s Madeline Johnston and Tucker Theodore) just came out last week. This is probably my album of year so far–ethereal and shoegaze-ish, heartbreaking and gorgeous.

*The fourth volume of our Well, I Don’t See Why Not compilation series has sold out for good in the physical world, so is now FREE digitally!

*Poppet has a great new music video (be prepared to play this song on repeat!) and a new Etsy shop of fabulous clothes.

*In some hard news, Portland is still grieving from a recent hate crime. You can donate to the young women who survived the attack here and donate to the families of those who died in the attack (as well as other organizations) here.

*In more hard news: On Sunday, Seattle police murdered a pregnant Black woman named Charleena Lyles. This Friday, Seattle's having a Black Lives Matter March for Justice in response. For those outside of the area, you can donate to help her family.

*Given the state of the world, there's never been a better time to get together with your community (or expand your community). Zine Nation has posted a great Summer Zine Fest list that covers a wide array of zine events around the world.

*And if you want to watch the most feel-good things around: Mazzy Chiu, the two-year-old daughter of local zinesters A'misa Chiu and Alex Chiu, has a YouTube cooking show called The Mazzy Show. It's wonderful.

Until next time,

Antiquated Future

End of Winter Distro Update

New Zines

The Actual Feeling: Discussion Questions to Name Emotions and Ask for the Support You Need- Jennifer Williams' latest workbook zine helps lead readers to the core of their emotional needs. Created out of workshops she led in the wake of the Ghost Ship tragedy and the 2016 election, The Actual Feeling asks its readers to define words in tangible ways in order to better communicate needs and better support others. ($8)

The Family Fun Manual, Vol. IV: Rainy Day Craft Projects for When Your Country Has Elected a White Supremacist Who Openly Brags About Sexually Assaulting Women- A zine that leads you through a series of craft projects that not only entertain children, but help guide you through your own Trump era desperation. From the author of How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety. ($3)

The Lowbrow Reader, Issue 10- Though The Lowbrow Reader makes itself out to be a low-quality bathroom reader it is, in reality, a one-of-a-kind zine that holds some of the wisest and oddest essays about bygone pop culture and its fringes. Drew Friedman, Shemp Howard, Amy Heckerling, Bill Morrison the Balloon Man, Mel Brooks, Velvet Underground, and Steve Urkel. ($5)

Moon: 16 Stories, Myths, and Comics About the Moon- Origin stories, séances, astronaut egos, and so many more short stories about (and relationships with) the moon. ($2)

POPs #2: Parenting on Parenting- A speculative history of pajama stubbornness, transgender families, geek culture, teaching, parenting in a world of conflict, and Rhea Tepp interviews openhearted punk legend Alice Bag. ($3)

Somnambulist #28: Stuck- In this issue of Somnambulist, Martha Grover gathers thirteen different people to tell stories of being stuck—physically, metaphorically, or spiritually. Watercolored portraits accompany a wide range of stories and emotions. ($5)

We'll Never Have Paris #14: Away- In the new issue of our favorite literary zine, seven writers take us around the world—from ancient ruins to the room of a nursing home—while writing under the theme of "Away." Cover art by Portland's very own Kevin Sampsell. ($5)

New Music 

Cup Collector- Are You Watching From The Mountain- Metallic strings for unidentifiable drone, percussion ringing in the open air, a distortion pedal's inner locked groove. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($7)

Deadbeat- The Basement Tracks / One Foot Out the Door (Athletic Tapes)- As it says on the back flap: This is a breakup album. Lo-fi folk from Jessica Risker to swear off the past to. (Cassette) ($5)

Falsetto Boy- Under the Bed- Addicting lo-fi bedroom pop that runs the gamut. Stripped down folk to walls of sound, all offering a different sort of unnameable nostalgia. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($7)

Gold Paint Boy- Sunday in the Park with Gold Paint Boy (Athletic Tapes)- Addicting bedroom-pop for happy-sad Sundays. (Cassette + digital download) ($5)

The Jellies- S/T (Athletic Tapes)- Chamber folk-pop songs from Chicago theater and film composer Jenn Romero. (Cassette) ($5)

Quartz Prawl- Horsies (Athletic Tapes)- Transcendent lo-fi garage punk from Meadowcreek, Arkansas duo Quartz Prawl. (Cassette) ($5)

Silver Shadows- Cold Plastic (Self-Released/Volar Records)- Post-punk rhythmic sensibilities and enveloping harmonies mix with otherworldly shoegaze-esque ambience to create an album too perfect to be ignored. (Cassette + digital download) ($8)

Violet Mice- Neither​/​/​Nor (Athletic Tapes)- Fabulous queer lo-fi glam pop from Violet Mice. (Cassette + digital download) ($5)

The Washboard Abs- Recurring Chasms- Olympia's The Washboard Abs take their intimate indie-pop to new heights. Incorporating angular rhythms and art rock sensibilities to these perfectly distilled songs, the album is a beautiful and complex journey through personal battles and trauma recovery. Deluxe edition comes with a full-color 12-page art zine of poems and photographs. (Cassette + digital download) ($5)

New Miscellany

2017 Lunar Moon CalendarMarked down + only two left! The lunar phases among night blooming flowers (Queen of the Night, Nicotiana, Moon Flower, Four O'clocks, and Angel's Trumpet). Designed and illustrated by Nina and Sonya Montenegro. Moon phases are depicted for each month. ($10)

Incandescent, Issue Eleven- In this issue of our favorite Portland photo journal: “Building New Ground." 20 photographers from around the world respond. ($14)

New Paper Goods

Idea Lightbulb Graph Paper Notepad- A hand-printed graph paper pad for when inspiration strikes. ($5)

Pedal Powered Graph Paper Notepad- A hand-printed graph paper pad of pedal-powered propulsion. ($5)


-This Saturday we're co-hosting a showcase here in Portland with Two Plum Press and bringing our dear friend Jordan O'Jordan down from Seattle.

-There will be a fabulous record release party for the new album from The Washboard Abs 
(with Mega Bog!  And Oh, Rose!) that we're putting out next month. 

-Our buddies Pamela Margon (Oly Fiddle) and Jemmy Joe (of the great Olympia Pop Rocks podcast) have a new podcast called Power Couple that I highly recommend.

-The ever strange and brilliant Dogwater put out his best sound collage album yet—an existential crisis epic in thirty second-long songs called Boo, Forever.
-Tomas Moniz (of Rad Dad zine) has a new anthology out called Rad Families, and is on a West Coast book tour right now.

-Our friends at Pope Press in Olympia printed some gorgeous letterpress posters to pay tribute to our dear pals Joey Casio and Edmond Lapine who died in the Ghost Ship Tragedy this past December. The posters also raise funds for the Oakland Fire Relief Fund.

-We also have a mailing list for Antiquated Future Records, so let us know if you'd like to be added to that one.

(Also: Don't give in to the deluge of awful. Keep creating, reaching out, resisting, volunteering, protesting, donating, and being kind.)

Holiday Distro Update


Clock Tower Nine #9- Seattle record store clerk Danny Noonan asks a couple dozen people "What is the last record you would sell?" The answers span across eras, genres, and cultures. ($2)

Clock Tower Nine #11Clock Tower Nine is a perfect assortment of oddities. Pinball history, Cleveland novelty shirts, postcard lessons, jukebox stories. ($2)

Ever Evolving Bastion of Freakdom: A Quimby's Bookstore History in Words and Pictures- A history of Quimby's Bookstore, the greatest zine shop in the world, told by founders, employees, customers, and artists who have spent time within. ($6)

Gardens Inaccessible- In Gardens Inaccessible​ Molly Schaeffer writes about the loss of a close friend, and how her thoughts around the loss change (and don't change) over time. A gorgeous art zine beyond compare. ($8)

Minor Leagues #2- A travelogue through grief and groceries, far off fields, parks in summer. Oddly singular, this beautifully laid out zine reads like a picture book for daydreamers with complex feelings. ($6)

Paper Crush #9: Dumping Kerouac- Krissy Ponyboy chronicles her decades-long obsession with Beat Generation writers, and the obsession's gradual decline. Like all issues of Paper Crush, Dumping Kerouac is awesome, straightforward, and wise. ($2)

Senior Time- In Senior Time, comic artist Kelly Froh meditates on what makes a meaningful life as she works her self-created job of hanging out and making art with senior citizens. ($6)

Years Old- Nostalgia, summertime, promises made to your 12-year-old self. Years Old is a zine unlike any other. An art zine packed with stories, made out of a variety of paper types, cut to varying sizes, asking you to read in a different way. ($8)


The Old World- Self-Titled- Ten songs from long-running New Hampshire folk-rock band The Old World. The latest release on Why the Tapes Play Records. ($6)

Rakehell- Songs From the 1970s by Mr. John Cale- A 7" of three great John Cale covers by Rakehell, the long-running project from Russ Forster of 8-Track Mind. (7") ($3)

Various Artists- Please Plant These Songs: A Richard Brautigan Tribute- A tribute to the late, great writer Richard Brautigan. Eight songs by a wide variety of artists (from folk to wild noise-pop) about Brautigan and his work. ($12)

WAV Fuzz- WVZ- Skirting the ethereal sidelines of house and techno, Portland's WAV Fuzz makes dreams you can dance to. On WVZ, the first physical release from Portland's Bed of Roses crew, he brings two otherworldly party starters. (12") ($12)


Keep Writing Postcard Pack- A grab bag of postcards from letterpress artist Hope Amico and her long-running Keep Writing postcard project. ($10)

Letterpressed Holiday Card Pack- Four letterpressed holiday cards. Two from New Orleans printer/zinester Hope Amico and two from Olympia printer/zinester Kelsey Smith. ($10)

Three Steps Notepad- Three steps: Agitate, educate, organize. By Justseeds Arts Collective artist Josh MacPhee. ($3)


2017 Famous Faces Calendar- Crawdad Cleveland's Famous Faces calendar is an annual favorite around here. Paintings of early soul, rock n' roll, country, jazz, folk revival, and experimental legends. ($7)

A Spell for Letting Go Patch- "A spell for easeful transitions that you can embroider yourself. Good magic for cutting cords, releasing the past, and preparing for the unknowable future." ($6)

Crow Shield Magnet- A shield of crows, dandelions, stars, and twigs. A hex for protection, healing, and home. In magnet form. ($4)

Entelechy Patch- A grizzly bear getting ready to swallow the moon, amongst oak leaves and the jawbone of a deer. ($6)

Hybrid Patch- A stag and a girl morphing together, becoming more powerful than they could be alone. ($6)


Selfish, Issue Four: Hot & Bothered- In the new issue of the Selfish literary journal: tension. Under the banner of "Hot & Bothered," a couple dozen artists from around the country chime in. From poems to film stills, conversations to collages, this issue is full of the unexpected. ($20)


Building Community Pack- Coming together, making it happen locally. ($10)

Protect Roe v Wade Zine Pack- A zine pack to highlight the importance of Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in the U.S. ($15)


* The 2016 Bestsellers List is here! And it's a fun one. A really good mix of newcomers and perpetual favorites. 

*As far as holiday shipping goes: We'll be shipping every day until the morning of December 22nd. Anything shipped by the 22nd is guaranteed to arrive (within the U.S.) before Xmas. USPS doesn't guarantee international orders, so we can't make any promises, but we'll keep shipping them.

*We'll be tabling at Publication Studio's annual Publication Fair here in Portland on December 21st. If you're in the area, stop by and say hello! We'll be tabling alongside our pals Two Plum Press and Sincerely Analog, and will be among so many of Portland's best small presses and bookstores.

*In this gift-giving season, remember to support small businesses! A lot of independent businesses are able to stay in business throughout the year because of the income the holidays bring. We wholesale our zines, paper goods, and tapes to a lot of really lovely bookstores and variety shops that are super supportive of what we do and very deserving of your support.

*In Antiquated Future Records news: Flying Circles' album was reviewed on Cassette Gods (where they got compared to Tanya Donnelly, yessssss). Jordan O'Jordan's new tape was reviewed on Independent Clauses. Also: for the last month and until the end of the year, all profits from our Bandcamp page go toward to the continuing legal defense of Standing Rock water protectors.

*Our sound collage pal Dogwater just released his first album in five years, The Saddest Music in the Worldand it can be downloaded for free on Bandcamp.

*Seattle institution of community awesomeness Cafe Racer is fundraising to stay in business.

*Ladyz in Noyz has a submission call for a compilation in resistance to the ideologies of Brexit and Trump. The compilation will raise funds for Border Angels

*The recent victory at Standing Rock has been one of the few causes for celebration of late. The work isn't over, though. Read this statement from the water protectors about things you can do to make sure the pipeline is made financially unsound, and you can still donate to the Standing Rock Legal Defense Fund.

*Of course there's so much to be done in the post-U.S. election world. Here are some lists that could be helpful starting points: Bitch Media's 10 Ways to Resist Trump list, the Grab Your Wallet Trump Boycott list, Salon's 5 Ways to Support the Environment, and Lindy West's Survive 2017 List.

*Our arts community was devastated this past week by a fire at the Ghost Ship warehouse venue in Oakland that killed 36 people. We lost some dear friends and many members of our greater community. In addition to the Ghostship Fire Relief Fund, there's this Master List of Ghost Ship Support with a host of ways to donate time, money, resources, and skills to help.

*In the wake of the Ghost Ship tragedy, our friends at the long-running Denver DIY space Rhinoceropolis were kicked out and the space was shut down. If you can donate to help these people and this space out, they could use your help.

*And lastly, I'd like to just say how much I miss Edmond Lapine and Joey Casio, two friends whose lives came to an end in the Ghost Ship fire. Both had such an impact on my life and the lives of so many others. My heart goes out to everyone out there who lost someone in the fire. 

Until the new year,