Fall Distro Update

Basic Paper Airplane #9: A Very Brief History of the Typewriter- A historical and personal exploration of how the typewriter changed the world, in a variety of (often contradictory) ways. ($2)
Basic Paper Airplane #10- The ten year anniversary issue of Basic Paper Airplane! Short essays about trying to make a living from writing words. Comic nightmares from the world of freelance writing, night school, weekly papers, and cities of books. ($3)
Offerings of Grace & Mischief- A zine for Saturn's return. Breaking out of ruts, by any means necessary. Taking spills, eating vinegar pies, telling the history of doors, sleeping outside. ($2)

2016 Justseeds & Eberhardt Press Organizer- A yearly favorite. This collaboration between the Justseeds Artists' Cooperative and our go-to printer extraordinaire, Eberhardt Press, is a stunning planner, unlike any other. Available in full-sized or pocket-size. ($10 and $13)
2016 Moon Calendar- A journal of the seasons, in wall calendar form. The changing natural world, the daily phases of the moon, and the astrological signs it passes through. Available in full-sized or pocket-size. ($6 and $12)

Sara Renberg- Emily Songs- A collection of songs written about different books from feminist book publisher Emily Books. Released on Antiquated Future Records in the form of a 12-page half-letter sized zine of lyrics with digital download code. Hand-numbered first edition of 25 copies. (Lyric Zine + Digital Download)

Shaggy Sample- #2 Record- Genius pop. Feel-good posi jams, waking up in the morning, drunk in love, coffee in bed, watching the sun rise. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($7)
Sister Grotto & Braeyden Jae- Born to Leave/Born to Lose- Long-form ambient works for fans of early Eluvium and the melodic drones of Grouper and Mount Eerie.  (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)
Will Sprott- Vortex Numbers- The CD version of this glorious album of beautiful beach party melancholy. (CD) ($8)
30 Birds to Know in Portland- A bilingual set of beginning birder flashcards for Portland, Oregon. Illustrated by Esther Forbyn, gorgeously printed by Eberhardt Press. ($20)

How Mystery Science Theater 3000 Changed My Life- A necessary addition to any nerdy zine library. ($3)
I Know You Know My Heart- The literary punk perzines of Ened McNeet. ($3)

Jane: Documents from Chicago's Clandestine Abortion Service 1968-1973- A history of this amazing organization. ($4)
Paper Crush #6: An I Love Lucy Fanzine- Our kind of fanzine. ($3)

Shit's Fucked: A Positivity Guide- Our all-time bestseller. ($3)

*This weekend is the first ever Olympia Zine Fest! The organizers have clearly been working their butts off because their schedule of events is so solid.

*Our buddy Nik Nerburn has a new short film, documenting the history of a Minnesota psychiatric hospital.
*Corespondents have a new music video off their Antiquated Future Records release from earlier this year, lolcats, where a modern dance troupe takes a journey through the streets of Seattle.

End of Summer Distro Update

As the busy fall season approaches, we're making some shelf room. In other words: We're having a sale!

Until the end of the month, we've got temporary markdowns on lots of records, tapes, and CDs, piles of zines, magazines, and chapbooks, a handful of books, some postcards and greeting cards, a number of shirts and things made of cloth, and a few other things.

In non-sale news, we've been dubbing a ton of Summer Soul mixtapes to last us into the colder months, preparing for the Basic Paper Airplane 10 year anniversary party on October 8th, and bringing in lots of fun things. Here's what's new. 

Diners- Always Room- Diners make casually-perfect indie pop. Backyard parties in the heat of summer. Sitting on the roof at night looking at the stars. Features members of Dogbreth. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($6)

Hot Tears- The Chorus- Glorious, brooding, and completely in a world of its own. The project of Molly Fischer (of Songs For Moms fame), Hot Tears nods to chamber-folk and a wide variety of punk and metal subgenres without fitting nicely into any box. (LP) ($12)
Seapony- A Vision- Unbeatable dream pop from Seattle. Sweet and hazy, beach party riffing, drum machines and shakers. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($6)
Tucker Theodore- To Make the Sun Hurt- By far, the most sought after, critically acclaimed release on Antiquated Future Records. After a 50 copy first printing in 2013 that almost instantly sold out, we finally were able to reprint it in a new edition. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)
Watercolor Paintings- When You Move- Watercolor Paintings' masterpiece. Twelve songs of heartbreak indie pop, with moments of brooding heaviness and celebratory '50s pop radio sing alongs. Members of Remembran, Mega Bog, and Iji. Recorded by Briana Marela. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($6)

Big Big Wednesday, Issue Three- Portland's premier literary journal, Big Big Wednesday, is back for their annual issue. This time around, poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, visual art, and photography venture through the many forms of "want." ($15)

Selfish, Issue Two- In the second issue of Selfish, 30 women explore identity through a wide variety of mediums and stories. Mostly-memoir pieces on hair plucking, vagina facials, blood work, and living between racial identities. ($20)


European Hoopoe Bird Notepad- The ever-wild European hoopoe bird. In notepad form. Part of Eberhardt Press' bird pad series. ($3)
Human Experience Postcard- "You are a spiritual being having a human experience." A letterpressed postcard by Hope Amico. Part of the Keep Writing postcard project. ($3)
We Are Stronger Together Postcard- "We Are Stronger Together Than We Are Alone." Letterpressed by Hope Amico, drawn by Sol Weiss. ($3)


Don't Be a Dick!- A guide to better understanding the implications of rape culture. ($2)

Hello! Bike Notepad- A rarely printed notepad from Portland's Eberhardt Press. ($4)

The Honorable Obscurity Handbook- Portlander M. Allen Cunningham's mixtape of creative advice for artists and writers. ($14)
Miami, You've Got Style: A Little Golden Girls Book- The perfect gift for any fan of the Golden Girls. ($12)

The Process of Letting Yourself Have a Creative Process- The runaway bestseller (in distro terms) creative workbook from Jennifer Williams of Gossimer. (Zine) ($8)
Shotgun Seamstress Zine Collection- A necessary addition to any radical library. (Book) ($18)
Truckface #17- Easily one of the best zines to come out this year. ($3)

Wendigo- One of our favorite literary journals. And probably the best literary journal to ever come out of Olympia. (Zine) ($7)

*Sara Renberg (whose first album came out on Antiquated Future Records) just released a new EP of songs she wrote for feminist ebook publisher Emily Books. She'll also be having release parties in Portland and New York (with Eileen Myles!).

*Ened McNeet (of the I Know You Know My Heart zine) has their Deerest Isle Traveling Zine Library up and running.

*Martha Grover just announced that she'll be releasing a new book on Portland's own Perfect Day Publishing in 2016.

*Perfect Day's Michael Heald (author of Goodbye to the Nervous Apprehension) has a beautiful and heartbreaking essay in the new issue of Oregon Humanities.
*Registration is open for both the Albuquerque Zine Fest and the New Orleans Comics Festival.
*Portland's ever-awesome Reading Frenzy is celebrating their 21st anniversary this month.

*Jennifer Williams created a website for her The Process of Letting Yourself Have a Creative Process zine and related workshops and events.

*Strangers have been making Spotify playlists of the mixtape pages from The Prince Zine.
*Our buddies Golden Hour and Mommy Long Legs were on Bitch Media's recent "angry girl gang" playlist.
*Electrician (the project of Neil Campau) has a new album.
*Next weekend is the Gatas y Vatas festival in Seattle, featuring all solo female performers.
*Decibel Fest is at the end of this month in Seattle and we're happy to see distro pals like Briana Marela and Filastine on the line-up.
*Our friends Shaggy Sample are on tour this month.

*And the American Association of Patriots (who you may know from the How to Talk to Your Cat zine series) were interviewed by Cat Fancy's Catster website.

Mid-Summer Distro Update

New Zines

Paper Crush #6: An I Love Lucy Fanzine- Leave it to PonyBoy Press to write a concise history of everything you ever wanted to know about I Love Lucy. Early TV history, the many ways the show was ahead of its time, and all the dirt behind the first hugely successful American sitcom. ($3)

The Process of Letting Yourself Have a Creative Process-
A beautifully-designed workbook zine for honing and focusing your creative practice (by Jennifer Williams of the Gossimer music project). Questions, prompts, and ideas mix with the inspirational words of everyone from Clarice Lispector to Yoko Ono. With plenty of blank space for you to make it your own. ($8)

Rad Dad Magazine, 2015- In this, the FINAL issue, Rad Dad proves again why this it's better than any other parenting magazine. There's train hopping, trans pregnancies, reflections on Ferguson protests, celebrations of immigration, and kids playing with turntables (and not getting in trouble). ($6.95)

Somnambulist #26- This issue of Somnambulist is a correspondence between Martha and TJ Acena. Epistolary stories/essays between Portland, Oregon and Xi'an, China. Discussions of loneliness, gentrification, development, heart break, Dunkin' Donuts, and so much more. ($4)

Song of My Father, Silence of My Father- A new, revised edition of DJ Frederick's complex portrait of his father. Singing cowboy, emotionally abusive World War II veteran, lover of Indian music, and member of a Christian Ashram. It's a short zine that is heavy, sweet, and full of complicated emotions. ($3)

Truckface #17- The failures of public education, horrible weddings, air drumming dudes, and rotting teeth. In this issue of Truckface, LB goes through a plethora of hard times and low moments, but never does she give up. And she refuses to let anyone even entertain the possibility of giving up. ($3)

New Music
Appalachian Yard Art- Made in the Fucking Shade- A FANTASTIC new album from Seattle noise folk project Appalachian Yard Art. Nods to early Sebadoh/Sentridoh, generations of psych folk, moments of Natural Snow Buildings. Their best yet. (Cassette) ($5)

Big Butter- Brainsled- The reissue of the 1989 weirdo classic from Big Butter. Elements of drone, psych, free jazz, early synth music, sound collage, Minutemen-esque punk, and odd pop. (LPX2) ($30)

Big Butter- Open Focus- An A-side of in-your-face electro math punk noise and a B-side of oddball avant jazz pop. (A perfect combination.) (7") ($7)
Buffalovoice- Huge Dark Mouth- The songs of Antiquated Future Records artist Tucker Theodore in full band form. Four epics of sludgy mastery. ($5)

Library Voice- Lookfar- Attention Ursula K. LeGuin fans: A soundtrack to the world of Earthsea, as imagined by Colleen Johnson (Silver Shadows, Upside Drown) and Smoot (Maple Rabbit). (Cassette) ($8)

Your Heart Breaks- America- Your Hearts Breaks is back! And armed with a masterpiece. America is a road trip of junk feed beaches, bad decision sunburns, and Arthur Russell dance parties. (Cassette) ($6)

New Paper Goods

Anais Nin Greeting Card- Red poppies and Anais Nin. From Oakland artist Shreya Shah. ($4)

Thank You For Seeing All of Me Greeting Card- All the phases. Moons, humans, or otherwise. ($4)

Back in Stock

Bird Pads from Eberhardt Press- Beautifully-printed small journals made of reused paper and chipboard. ($3/each)

Picard Greeting Cards- A Captain Picard-themed greeting card series from Portland artist Allison Beckwith. ($1.50/each)

The Poetic Prose Zines of Tomas Moniz- Brilliant, life-affirming zines. ($3/each)

The Postcards of LB Briggs- A painting series from LB of Truckface zine. ($1/each)

The Stickers of Deth P. Sun- A cat-like being, hanging out in magical worlds. ($1/each)
The Summer Soul Mixtape Series- Themed soul music mixtapes, made right here in the AF offices. ($5/each)
Appalachian Yard Art- Green Glass- The first album from Seattle's AYA. ($5)
I See it All Koozie- Just in time for the second half of summer. ($2)
Kate Ferencz- Dying Alone- A masterpiece of freaky electro pop. ($7)

Shotgun Seamstress #8- The excellent new issue of Shotgun Seamstress! ($5.50)

*Our buddy Andrew Barton (the head DIY foodie behind Secret Restaurant Portland) is fundraising to release his first cookbook! A zinester and small publisher at Two Plum Press, he does the conscious foodie thing in way we can completely get behind. Pre-order yourself a copy of his Northwest-focused cookbook over at the Myrtlewood Kickstarter.
*Our own Joshua James Amberson will be hosting the 3rd Annual Northwest Literary Showcase at Helsing Junction Sleepover. Put on by our buddies at K Records and taking place on the Helsing Junction organic farm, this is the most unassuming summer music festival ever. None of the stress of other festivals, all of the fun. It's a great line-up with a few folks we carry here at Antiquated Future (Judith Arcana, Martha Grover, and Themba Lewis) plus Leena Joshi, Kelly Schirmann, and Oregon Book Award winner Cari Luna.

*Osa Atoe of Shotgun Seamstress was interviewed on Flavorwire about the world of black punk.
*Martha Grover (of Somnambulist zine) has been hosting the excellent podcast PDX Darlings.

*The trailer for Portland filmmaker Zach Weintraub's new movie, Slackjaw, is now online and about to begin making the film fest circuit.
*Growing Things: A Guide for Beginning Gardeners was reviewed over on the Gumshoe blog.

*Portland's best boy band, IBQT, has finally released their first EP! It's available on Bandcamp through their Bed of Roses label.
*The Prince Zine was reviewed on Beyond Hanky Code.

*Portland's Michael Heald (of Perfect Day Publishing) wrote a great essay for Runner's World about a running program in Oregon State Penitentiary.
*Our dear friend Pollyanne Birge was recently diagnosed with cancer and is currently going through treatments. She's a really great human and does amazing work as executive director at the Independent Publishing Resource Center. If you're able to, please donate to her treatment fund over on GoFundMe.

Beginning of Summer Distro Update

God of My Father- Stories about growing up in the 1960s with parents who were searching for a religion that fit. ($1)

My Complicated Relationship With Food, Vol. Three-  The bludgeoning powers of pineapples, the lie of Florida orange juice, the joys of drinking applesauce from the jar, and why fancy ice cream is just a pathetic search for meaning. ($1)

Nuts! #15- Golnar Nikpour goes through the muck of punk history books and punk biographies to find the best. Plus: Teen Talk, show reviews, an interview with Blazing Eye, and an album gets reviewed through Metallica lyrics. ($2)

Nuts! #16- A west coast report, show reviews, comics, photos, and interviews with Nandas, Vanity, and Sheer Mag. All on one large folded sheet of newsprint. Plus: A break-up survival guide insert. ($2)
Paper Radio Included- Polka Party, Marion's Attic, Yiddish Radio, and much more. Cultural histories told through shortwave and pirate radio shows. ($4)
SRVIV #2- Zinesters and musicians explore the question of what gets them out of bed in the morning. What keeps them going, what holds them back, and where they find hope in a messed up world. ($3)

Turntable Operator #9- Adventures into the strange and beautiful. Cassette tape reviews. Zine reviews. An interview with John Lee Richardson of Hatcliffe House Tapes. The saddest record store in New Hampshire. More. ($3)
Back in Stock: every in-print issue of Basic Paper Airplane, the Don't Be a Dick! consent guide, Keep Loving Keep Fighting #6, Where You From #3, the newest and oldest issues of Last Night at the Casino, and How Mystery Science Theater 3000 Changed My Life.


Bird Pocket Journal- A bird in flight. In pocket journal form. ($2)

Joan Rivers Postcard- A Joan Rivers quote letterpressed by Hope Amico. ($3)
Smiths Valentines, 8-Pack- Eight (anytime) Valentines of recontextualized Smiths lyrics. Deviance, angst, and longing, in the familiar format of a grade school Valentine. ($12)
Back in Stock: Eberhardt Press' perfect-bound Tiger Notepad, Hope Amico's You Have All the Tools You Need postcard, and Shreya Shah's Do the Things That Scare You Greeting Card.

The Funs- Still Smoking- Fuzzy, shoegazey garage pop from The Funs. ($5) (Cassette)

Madeline Ava- Okay- Twee-folk at its very best. Reminiscent of early Mirah and The Blow. ($5) (Cassette)

Sundance Kids- Double Play- Two classic Sundance Kids albums in one. Members of Richard Album & The Singles, Mega Bog, and Iji combine to make groovy indie pop heartbreak. ($5) (Cassette)
Shana Cleveland & The Sandcastles- Oh Man, Cover the Ground- The haunting and hypnotizing solo project of Shana Cleveland from La Luz. 12 songs about dark rooms, water, wind, stoned afternoons, sun in your eyes, sex, hair, snacks, death, and the beach. ($7) (Cassette)

Will Sprott- Vortex Numbers- Beautiful beach party melancholy from Will Sprott of The Mumlers. ($8) (Cassette)
Back in Stock: Squilll's excellent Daughters of the Earth cassette.

Dionysus Patch- The ancient god of orgiastic excess, drunken revelry, and inspired madness. On an ivory cotton patch. ($5)

Back in Stock: The incredible Portable Fortitude card deck and the patches of Corina Dross


Seattle siren Briana Marela just announced that her new album will be released on Jagjaguwar (the label of Angel Olsen, Sharon Van Etten, Bon Iver, and Dinosaur Jr, just to name a few). By the sounds of the first single (and her recent incredible live performances), this should be a really fantastic album. If you don't already have her Speak From Your Heart LP from a few years back, do yourself a favor and pick it up.

The re-release of Shana Cleveland's solo album was met with a flood of reviews, and is definitely the first thing we've distro'd to get reviewed in the New York Times on the day of its release. NPR, Pitchfork, and Consequence of Sound all chipped in with some words, too.

Zinester and letterpress artist Hope Amico is displaying seven years of postcards from her interactive Keep Writing project at E.M. Wolfman's General Interest Small Bookstore in Oakland during the month of July, with a kick-off party on July 2nd.

Poppet just released a new EP on Bandcamp called Desolation Lovesongs, and is on a short tour to celebrate its release.

Ened McNeet (of I Know You Know My Heart zine) is creating a mobile zine library for coastal Maine and is accepting donations.

Seattle buddies Dozer are touring the western U.S. right now.
And our friend Richard Album has taken a break from making garage pop albums to make a dance album. He teamed up with director Sally Lawton to make a video for the lead single that is pure absurd genius.

May's Distro Update

New Zines

How to Talk to Your Cat About Abstinence- You've talked to your cat about gun safety and evolution, but you still haven't the talk. Birds and bees aren't just flying creatures your cat chases, your cat need to know the dangers of premarital sex. Learn scenarios you can practice with your cat, prayers you can have with your furry friends, and dating websites you can recommend to them. ($2)

Nuts! Back Issues- Back issue packs of everybody's favorite punk paper. These eight in-print issues cover "the Olympia years," before relocating to Brooklyn. We only have a few of these in stock! ($15)

Paper Radio #15- The 15th (and potentially last!) issue of this decade-long running zine about radio culture. ($3)

Shotgun Seamstress #8- An incredible issue of Shotgun Seamstress that covers so much ground. Afrofuturism, Nigeria's Boy George, Italian horror, Chicago POC punk, the cosmos, and beyond. ($5.50)

Somnambulist #25- For this issue, Martha takes us into the disturbing world of insurance claims and private investigation. A fascinating story of a summer job gone wrong that reads like a novel. ($3)

New Music

The Bundles- Self-Titled- Kimya Dawson, Jeffrey Lewis, Jack Lewis, Anders Griffen, and Karl Blau combine to make sweet tragi-comic folk-pop. A hidden jewel of a supergroup. (CD) ($8)

Kate Ferencz- Dying Alone- Kate Ferencz makes jaw-dropping, bizzare pop that's unlike anything else. Come the end of the year, Dying Alone should be on the top of every best of 2015 list. ($7)

New Miscellany

Cassette Tape Button- Cassette tape love. Expressed in one-inch button (pin/badge) form. ($1)

New Chapbooks & Literary Journals

Resist #48: Minneapolis From The Saddle- A mini-book of winter bike stories from bitter cold Minneapolis. ($6)

Selfish, Issue One- Dump your boyfriend, ditch the fluff, marry who you want, and don't apologize for the things your body does. Essays, poetry, and photography—all female-created—that take on a wide variety of uncomfortable experiences with depth and humor. ($15)

Soon to Be a Major Motion Picture by Judith Arcana- Following the historic event of Jane Collective (Chicago's pre-Roe v Wade underground abortion service) getting busted by the cops, Judith Arcana draws from her real-life experience to sculpt a piece of fiction that explores memory, perspective, and personal politics through sure-footed, lively prose. ($8)

We'll Never Have Paris #12- In this issue of the zine of all things never meant to be: True stories about leaving NYC. Six writers tell the tales of what made them pack their bags. ($5)


*This Thursday, Osa Atoe (of Shotgun Seamstress) is helping put on a one day zine show in New Orleans.

*Out of print issues of Shotgun Seamstress are now available (in digital form) for free.

*The Bonnie and Maude podcast (co-hosted by Kseniya Yarosh of the I Love Bad Movies zine series) was featured in KG Magazine's Five Great Podcasts Featuring Brilliant Women.

*The first annual Beirut International Zine Festival is happening June 18th, and is currently accepting zine submissions from those that can't make the journey.

*Adam Oelsner (formerly of the band Kickball) has started a new company called Magic Drop that connects indie film makers with indie musicians. He's already worked on the Missing People documentary, and we're very excited to see some of our favorite musicians being a part of Magic Drop. (Evan Hashi, Stephen Steinbrink, Ashley Eriksson, and Corespondents, just to name a few.)

*Corespondents were interviewed on MYNorthwest about their new tape on Antiquated Future Records (among other things).

*Ambit Audio recently posted some live recordings of unreleased/never-to-be-officially-released songs from Poppet. Which reminded us that we never posted her video for the NPR Tiny Desk Concert contest.

*Shoegaze post-punk dream-pop witches Silver Shadows are uniting/reuniting to play a big Burger Records release party at the beginning of July. We have the last of their limited edition cassette tape, so get them before everyone learns the secret of the greatness.

*The good folks at Portland's Little Axe Records just moved to a new location.

*Eleanor Murray's new Cavegreen music project got written up on CMJ this month.

*Ross Cowman (head of Olympia's Bicycle Records) is Kickstarting his new collaborative storytelling game.

*Our pal Karl Blau is Kickstarting his new album of classic country songs.

*Olympia's Sharkpact were interviewed in Maximum RocknRoll.

*The new Olympia Pop Rocks podcast has been covering a lot of great Olympia artists and activists. Including Joe Capoccia, Kevin Rainsberry of RVIVR, storyteller Elizabeth Lord, Spoonboy, and Meg Martin of Dogjaw.

*And we're getting very excited for the Portland Zine Symposium (which is sneaking up on us!). July 18th & 19th at the Ambridge Events Center here in Portland, Oregon, with many events happening in the coming months. Spread the word.

April Distro Update

New Zines

Fixer Eraser, Vol. 1- Jonas (Cheer the Eff Up) brings us robot prayers, letters, road stories, punk shows, video store stories, A Zinester's Guide to Stupidity, and much more. All the while trying to figure out how to make sense of all the heartbreak and oppression in the world. ($3)
Lvov Zine '15- Teacher comics, indie rock memories, photos from the Sturtevant retrospective, school desk art, and more. From Jack Lewis. ($3)

Back in Stock: A Handy Guide to Home Protection by Moe Bowstern

New Music

Ashley Eriksson- Colours- The solo music of Ashley Eriksson from LAKE (and a voice you might know from the Adventure Time end credits). Undeniably sweet indie pop songs influenced by songwriters like Harry Nilsson, Roger Miller, and Van Dyke Parks. Beautiful second printing! (Cassette Tape)
Divers- Hello Hello- Like The Boss? Like anthemic punk? Let us introduce you to Portland's own Divers. (LP) ($12)
Gossimer- Across That White Plain- Sparse folk songs mingle with chilling electronic ambience. Hauntingly gorgeous. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($6)
Jack Lewis & The Cutoffs- Power-pop story songs from Portland, OR-based singer-songwriter Jack Lewis. Timid graffiti artists, Neil Young, and the Oxford English Dictionary all make appearances in these 11 tales. (CD) ($8)
Lê Almeida- Paraleloplasmos- Fantastic fuzzy pop tunes Brazilian indie rock band Lê Almeida. (Cassette + Digital Download)
RVIVR- Bicker and Breathe EP- Five new ones from the unstoppable force that is RVIVR. (LP) ($12)
Sharkpact- Run- Super catchy, in your face, synth punk from Olympia's Sharkpact. Now on vinyl! (LP) ($12)
Squilll- Daughters of the Earth- The solo music of Lily from the band Parasol. Combining Mount Eerie-esque drone, the folky dreaminess of early Mazzy Star, and the punk sensibilities of Mecca Normal into one amazing album. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($6)

Back in Stock: Sharkpact's Ditches LP

New Paper Goods

Do the Things That Scare You Greeting Card- Designed and printed by Shreya Shah in Oakland, California. ($4)
Ginkgo Leaf Greeting Card- Thinking of you (with the help of ginkgo). Facts about ginkgo's medicinal uses on the back of the card. ($4)
Grow Toward the Light Greeting Card- Chinese lanterns and the power of rhizome root systems. ($4)
Isak Dinesen Greeting Card- "The cure for anything is saltwater--sweat, tears, or the sea." - Isak Dinesen. ($4)


Zinester Trading Cards- Each pack is randomly assorted with nine full-color cards and a sticker of another card. Front of the card shows the person or place, back of the card gives the stats. ($3/pack)

Back in Stock: Drummer Cat Koozies (in preparation for summer) and all the stickers of Deth P. Sun.


-In Antiquated Future Records news: Corespondents have a new video and their new album got reviewed on Cassette Gods.If It Ain't Breakfast Don't Fix It also got a great review on Cassette Gods. And all our tapes are being distro'd by our good buds at K Records.
-This weekend (April 25th & 26th) is the Brooklyn Zine Fest.
-Cecilia C. Perez's Ofrenda Zine Anthology got reviewed through Bitch Media.
-Nick Jaina's Get it While You Can memoir got reviewed in Oregon Humanities magazine and the L.A. Review of Books.
-Gossimer's new album got reviewed on Tiny Mix Tapes.
-Our Seattle pals Mommy Long Legs got written up for KEXP's Song-of-the-Day podcast.
-Olympia folk singer Eleanor Murray is part of a new electronic project called called Cavegreen, which just released their first album and got a nice review on Secretly Important.
-And the dear folks at 1984 Printing are raising money to get back on their feet after a fire spread to their warehouse and burned many thousands of dollars of projects. If you're able to lend a hand, you can contribute at GoFundMe.

March Distro Update

New Zines

Photos full of mystery and magic.
In the second issue of Chronically Yours (a zine about living with chronic illness), Ariane focuses on the healthcare system. Stories about crossing lines, chronic discrimination, coping mechanisms, and having a team.
An introduction to better understanding rape culture, masculinity and male identity, the porn industry, and consent. A well-written and accessible guide.
Moments of loneliness and tenderness from around the world abound in the latest issue of the Portland-based photography journal/zine/art book Incandescent.
People Make Plans offers tours through mental health clinic waiting rooms, stages of grief, and well-meaning Teach for America programs.
Resist #47 ($4)
Part how to zine and part personal zine, Resist #47 is a text-heavy journey through garden projects, bike projects, life reflections, butchering, instrument making, and much more. Plus: Each zine comes with a packet of seeds!
From playful to heartbreaking, practical to sexy, the micro moments in the second volume of Today Was Unlike Any Other Day are consistently surprising. They catch you off guard and leave you wanting more.

Back in Stock!: A few issues of Ilse Content, the DIY or Don't We? zines series, the zines of Ponyboy Press, the graphic novel zines of Annie Murphy, the excellent and underrated Syndicate Product zines, every in-print issue of Basic Paper Airplane, a couple issues of Let it Sink, the two newest issues of 8-Track Mind, the I Mirage, My Mirage body image zine, the first issue of Today Was Unlike Any Other Day, and The Complete Speculative Red Hot Chili Peppers Fan Fiction.

New Books

The new memoir from Portland writer and musician Nick Jaina. Released on the ever-awesome Perfect Day Publishing.
This book is an extensive update to the bestselling zine Mental Wellness For Everyone! "The Happiest Choice is a comprehensive and yet straight-to-the-point overview of techniques for coping with depression...an inclusive guide that includes information pertinent to anyone from mothers and introverts to activists and marginalized groups of people."
This "Solidarity + Sound Advice For Writers and Artists" handbook is a playful book of great depth. The book version of a mixtape.

New Music

Corespondents- lolcats (Cassette + Digital Download) ($7)
Somewhere between film soundtrack, ceremonial folk dance, and psychedelic reverie exists Corespondents.

Back in Stock!: The excellent documentary Don't Need You: The Herstory of Riot Grrrl. And the very last copies of both the Silver Shadows EP and Upside Drown's Mood Music, our all-time bestselling Antiquated Future Records release.

New Paper Goods

"You're Doing a Good Job at Life Right Now." A letterpressed postcard from Hope Amico.
A few birds, hanging out.

Back in Stock!: The Best Game Ever (the card game about zines).


*The Olympia Zine Fest is fundraising! Donate, get a table, or a shirt, or a tarot reading, all on Kickstarter.
*The UK music blog Song, By Toad has been giving some air time to Antiquated Future Records releases. Songs from both Corespondents and If It Ain't Breakfast Don't Fix It are on their latest podcast. And we also just noticed that they put David Thomas Broughton's UnAbleTo album on their best albums of 2014 list.
*In other Antiquated Future Records news: KDHX had Corespondents "Winner of My Disco Tent" as their Song-of-the-Day recently, the Lung Cycles blog named Tucker Theodore's Kill and Dress album as the #2 best album of 2014, and the German blog Nicorola posted about Well, I Don't See Why Not Vol. 3 going up for free download/name your price on Bandcamp and an absolutely crazy amount of people downloaded it within a couple days.
*Portland's own Golden Hour has a fantastic new album of garage pop, post-punky bliss out.
*The long-running literary zine We'll Never Have Paris is fundraising for their next issue.
*And Katherine Paul (Genders, Black Belt Eagle Scout) did a mixtape for She Shreds magazine and included our ever-incredible buddy Eleanor Murray on it.

Until next month,

Joshua James & Antiquated Future