End of Winter Distro Update

New Zines

The Actual Feeling: Discussion Questions to Name Emotions and Ask for the Support You Need- Jennifer Williams' latest workbook zine helps lead readers to the core of their emotional needs. Created out of workshops she led in the wake of the Ghost Ship tragedy and the 2016 election, The Actual Feeling asks its readers to define words in tangible ways in order to better communicate needs and better support others. ($8)

The Family Fun Manual, Vol. IV: Rainy Day Craft Projects for When Your Country Has Elected a White Supremacist Who Openly Brags About Sexually Assaulting Women- A zine that leads you through a series of craft projects that not only entertain children, but help guide you through your own Trump era desperation. From the author of How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety. ($3)

The Lowbrow Reader, Issue 10- Though The Lowbrow Reader makes itself out to be a low-quality bathroom reader it is, in reality, a one-of-a-kind zine that holds some of the wisest and oddest essays about bygone pop culture and its fringes. Drew Friedman, Shemp Howard, Amy Heckerling, Bill Morrison the Balloon Man, Mel Brooks, Velvet Underground, and Steve Urkel. ($5)

Moon: 16 Stories, Myths, and Comics About the Moon- Origin stories, séances, astronaut egos, and so many more short stories about (and relationships with) the moon. ($2)

POPs #2: Parenting on Parenting- A speculative history of pajama stubbornness, transgender families, geek culture, teaching, parenting in a world of conflict, and Rhea Tepp interviews openhearted punk legend Alice Bag. ($3)

Somnambulist #28: Stuck- In this issue of Somnambulist, Martha Grover gathers thirteen different people to tell stories of being stuck—physically, metaphorically, or spiritually. Watercolored portraits accompany a wide range of stories and emotions. ($5)

We'll Never Have Paris #14: Away- In the new issue of our favorite literary zine, seven writers take us around the world—from ancient ruins to the room of a nursing home—while writing under the theme of "Away." Cover art by Portland's very own Kevin Sampsell. ($5)

New Music 

Cup Collector- Are You Watching From The Mountain- Metallic strings for unidentifiable drone, percussion ringing in the open air, a distortion pedal's inner locked groove. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($7)

Deadbeat- The Basement Tracks / One Foot Out the Door (Athletic Tapes)- As it says on the back flap: This is a breakup album. Lo-fi folk from Jessica Risker to swear off the past to. (Cassette) ($5)

Falsetto Boy- Under the Bed- Addicting lo-fi bedroom pop that runs the gamut. Stripped down folk to walls of sound, all offering a different sort of unnameable nostalgia. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($7)

Gold Paint Boy- Sunday in the Park with Gold Paint Boy (Athletic Tapes)- Addicting bedroom-pop for happy-sad Sundays. (Cassette + digital download) ($5)

The Jellies- S/T (Athletic Tapes)- Chamber folk-pop songs from Chicago theater and film composer Jenn Romero. (Cassette) ($5)

Quartz Prawl- Horsies (Athletic Tapes)- Transcendent lo-fi garage punk from Meadowcreek, Arkansas duo Quartz Prawl. (Cassette) ($5)

Silver Shadows- Cold Plastic (Self-Released/Volar Records)- Post-punk rhythmic sensibilities and enveloping harmonies mix with otherworldly shoegaze-esque ambience to create an album too perfect to be ignored. (Cassette + digital download) ($8)

Violet Mice- Neither​/​/​Nor (Athletic Tapes)- Fabulous queer lo-fi glam pop from Violet Mice. (Cassette + digital download) ($5)

The Washboard Abs- Recurring Chasms- Olympia's The Washboard Abs take their intimate indie-pop to new heights. Incorporating angular rhythms and art rock sensibilities to these perfectly distilled songs, the album is a beautiful and complex journey through personal battles and trauma recovery. Deluxe edition comes with a full-color 12-page art zine of poems and photographs. (Cassette + digital download) ($5)

New Miscellany

2017 Lunar Moon CalendarMarked down + only two left! The lunar phases among night blooming flowers (Queen of the Night, Nicotiana, Moon Flower, Four O'clocks, and Angel's Trumpet). Designed and illustrated by Nina and Sonya Montenegro. Moon phases are depicted for each month. ($10)

Incandescent, Issue Eleven- In this issue of our favorite Portland photo journal: “Building New Ground." 20 photographers from around the world respond. ($14)

New Paper Goods

Idea Lightbulb Graph Paper Notepad- A hand-printed graph paper pad for when inspiration strikes. ($5)

Pedal Powered Graph Paper Notepad- A hand-printed graph paper pad of pedal-powered propulsion. ($5)


-This Saturday we're co-hosting a showcase here in Portland with Two Plum Press and bringing our dear friend Jordan O'Jordan down from Seattle.

-There will be a fabulous record release party for the new album from The Washboard Abs 
(with Mega Bog!  And Oh, Rose!) that we're putting out next month. 

-Our buddies Pamela Margon (Oly Fiddle) and Jemmy Joe (of the great Olympia Pop Rocks podcast) have a new podcast called Power Couple that I highly recommend.

-The ever strange and brilliant Dogwater put out his best sound collage album yet—an existential crisis epic in thirty second-long songs called Boo, Forever.
-Tomas Moniz (of Rad Dad zine) has a new anthology out called Rad Families, and is on a West Coast book tour right now.

-Our friends at Pope Press in Olympia printed some gorgeous letterpress posters to pay tribute to our dear pals Joey Casio and Edmond Lapine who died in the Ghost Ship Tragedy this past December. The posters also raise funds for the Oakland Fire Relief Fund.

-We also have a mailing list for Antiquated Future Records, so let us know if you'd like to be added to that one.

(Also: Don't give in to the deluge of awful. Keep creating, reaching out, resisting, volunteering, protesting, donating, and being kind.)

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