Holiday Distro Update


Clock Tower Nine #9- Seattle record store clerk Danny Noonan asks a couple dozen people "What is the last record you would sell?" The answers span across eras, genres, and cultures. ($2)

Clock Tower Nine #11Clock Tower Nine is a perfect assortment of oddities. Pinball history, Cleveland novelty shirts, postcard lessons, jukebox stories. ($2)

Ever Evolving Bastion of Freakdom: A Quimby's Bookstore History in Words and Pictures- A history of Quimby's Bookstore, the greatest zine shop in the world, told by founders, employees, customers, and artists who have spent time within. ($6)

Gardens Inaccessible- In Gardens Inaccessible​ Molly Schaeffer writes about the loss of a close friend, and how her thoughts around the loss change (and don't change) over time. A gorgeous art zine beyond compare. ($8)

Minor Leagues #2- A travelogue through grief and groceries, far off fields, parks in summer. Oddly singular, this beautifully laid out zine reads like a picture book for daydreamers with complex feelings. ($6)

Paper Crush #9: Dumping Kerouac- Krissy Ponyboy chronicles her decades-long obsession with Beat Generation writers, and the obsession's gradual decline. Like all issues of Paper Crush, Dumping Kerouac is awesome, straightforward, and wise. ($2)

Senior Time- In Senior Time, comic artist Kelly Froh meditates on what makes a meaningful life as she works her self-created job of hanging out and making art with senior citizens. ($6)

Years Old- Nostalgia, summertime, promises made to your 12-year-old self. Years Old is a zine unlike any other. An art zine packed with stories, made out of a variety of paper types, cut to varying sizes, asking you to read in a different way. ($8)


The Old World- Self-Titled- Ten songs from long-running New Hampshire folk-rock band The Old World. The latest release on Why the Tapes Play Records. ($6)

Rakehell- Songs From the 1970s by Mr. John Cale- A 7" of three great John Cale covers by Rakehell, the long-running project from Russ Forster of 8-Track Mind. (7") ($3)

Various Artists- Please Plant These Songs: A Richard Brautigan Tribute- A tribute to the late, great writer Richard Brautigan. Eight songs by a wide variety of artists (from folk to wild noise-pop) about Brautigan and his work. ($12)

WAV Fuzz- WVZ- Skirting the ethereal sidelines of house and techno, Portland's WAV Fuzz makes dreams you can dance to. On WVZ, the first physical release from Portland's Bed of Roses crew, he brings two otherworldly party starters. (12") ($12)


Keep Writing Postcard Pack- A grab bag of postcards from letterpress artist Hope Amico and her long-running Keep Writing postcard project. ($10)

Letterpressed Holiday Card Pack- Four letterpressed holiday cards. Two from New Orleans printer/zinester Hope Amico and two from Olympia printer/zinester Kelsey Smith. ($10)

Three Steps Notepad- Three steps: Agitate, educate, organize. By Justseeds Arts Collective artist Josh MacPhee. ($3)


2017 Famous Faces Calendar- Crawdad Cleveland's Famous Faces calendar is an annual favorite around here. Paintings of early soul, rock n' roll, country, jazz, folk revival, and experimental legends. ($7)

A Spell for Letting Go Patch- "A spell for easeful transitions that you can embroider yourself. Good magic for cutting cords, releasing the past, and preparing for the unknowable future." ($6)

Crow Shield Magnet- A shield of crows, dandelions, stars, and twigs. A hex for protection, healing, and home. In magnet form. ($4)

Entelechy Patch- A grizzly bear getting ready to swallow the moon, amongst oak leaves and the jawbone of a deer. ($6)

Hybrid Patch- A stag and a girl morphing together, becoming more powerful than they could be alone. ($6)


Selfish, Issue Four: Hot & Bothered- In the new issue of the Selfish literary journal: tension. Under the banner of "Hot & Bothered," a couple dozen artists from around the country chime in. From poems to film stills, conversations to collages, this issue is full of the unexpected. ($20)


Building Community Pack- Coming together, making it happen locally. ($10)

Protect Roe v Wade Zine Pack- A zine pack to highlight the importance of Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in the U.S. ($15)


* The 2016 Bestsellers List is here! And it's a fun one. A really good mix of newcomers and perpetual favorites. 

*As far as holiday shipping goes: We'll be shipping every day until the morning of December 22nd. Anything shipped by the 22nd is guaranteed to arrive (within the U.S.) before Xmas. USPS doesn't guarantee international orders, so we can't make any promises, but we'll keep shipping them.

*We'll be tabling at Publication Studio's annual Publication Fair here in Portland on December 21st. If you're in the area, stop by and say hello! We'll be tabling alongside our pals Two Plum Press and Sincerely Analog, and will be among so many of Portland's best small presses and bookstores.

*In this gift-giving season, remember to support small businesses! A lot of independent businesses are able to stay in business throughout the year because of the income the holidays bring. We wholesale our zines, paper goods, and tapes to a lot of really lovely bookstores and variety shops that are super supportive of what we do and very deserving of your support.

*In Antiquated Future Records news: Flying Circles' album was reviewed on Cassette Gods (where they got compared to Tanya Donnelly, yessssss). Jordan O'Jordan's new tape was reviewed on Independent Clauses. Also: for the last month and until the end of the year, all profits from our Bandcamp page go toward to the continuing legal defense of Standing Rock water protectors.

*Our sound collage pal Dogwater just released his first album in five years, The Saddest Music in the Worldand it can be downloaded for free on Bandcamp.

*Seattle institution of community awesomeness Cafe Racer is fundraising to stay in business.

*Ladyz in Noyz has a submission call for a compilation in resistance to the ideologies of Brexit and Trump. The compilation will raise funds for Border Angels

*The recent victory at Standing Rock has been one of the few causes for celebration of late. The work isn't over, though. Read this statement from the water protectors about things you can do to make sure the pipeline is made financially unsound, and you can still donate to the Standing Rock Legal Defense Fund.

*Of course there's so much to be done in the post-U.S. election world. Here are some lists that could be helpful starting points: Bitch Media's 10 Ways to Resist Trump list, the Grab Your Wallet Trump Boycott list, Salon's 5 Ways to Support the Environment, and Lindy West's Survive 2017 List.

*Our arts community was devastated this past week by a fire at the Ghost Ship warehouse venue in Oakland that killed 36 people. We lost some dear friends and many members of our greater community. In addition to the Ghostship Fire Relief Fund, there's this Master List of Ghost Ship Support with a host of ways to donate time, money, resources, and skills to help.

*In the wake of the Ghost Ship tragedy, our friends at the long-running Denver DIY space Rhinoceropolis were kicked out and the space was shut down. If you can donate to help these people and this space out, they could use your help.

*And lastly, I'd like to just say how much I miss Edmond Lapine and Joey Casio, two friends whose lives came to an end in the Ghost Ship fire. Both had such an impact on my life and the lives of so many others. My heart goes out to everyone out there who lost someone in the fire. 

Until the new year,


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