Beginning of Spring Distro Update


A Dream of Books #3 & 4- A history of amateur press associations, a personal history of self-publishing, and the (real and fictional) libraries of Richard Brautigan. ($3)

Field Notes on the American Sasquatch: A Guide- The lost notes of a Sasquatch enthusiast. Within: Sasquatches in history, Sasquatches in the Bible, finding a Sasquatch, "was Jesus a Sasquatch?", and much more. ($2)
Ghost Pine #13: Boys- The best zine I've read this year. Vignettes about slowly figuring out life alongside boys: First zine, first tattoo, first out-of-town show, first basement punk show, carrying a teething baby in Helsinki, hopping in a tour van, and what it feels like to be a joyous rusted relic on the dance floor. ($3)

A Great and Terrible Golden Age: Movies of the 1930s- Writers and artists look at how well (or poorly) movies of the 1930s hold up under today's gaze. Within: women taking control, the Hays Code, Thin Man drinking games, dubbed Dracula, and some AMAZING Busby Berkeley tribute art. ($5)
Nuts! #18- In this issue of everyone's favorite punk fanzine, the one-and-only Aaron Cometbus writes about his collection of hardcore business cards. Plus interviews, comics, and so much more. ($2)
Nuts! Back Issues (The Brooklyn Years)- Back issues of newsprint punk paper madness. These eight issues cover every Nuts! publication since relocating from Olympia to Brooklyn. ($18)
Tin Can Telephone #1-  From personal stories to book reviews to a 1964 hometown murder mystery. Plus: 40 years of concerts in New Hampshire, in review form (including Cocteau Twins and Odetta!). ($2.50)
We've Made a Huge Mistake: A Zine About Driving Across the Country With Everything You Own- "There are cities in this country where for 170K you can't even get a realtor to piss in your face, but in Rochester you can buy a house where you can pretend to be a wizard." ($2)
Where Have All the Flowers Gone: The Women of Folk Music- A completely stunning zine celebrating the women of '50s, '60s, and '70s folk music. A nice mix of well-known, recently rediscovered, and lesser-known artists. Biographies and gorgeous pen and ink drawings for each artist. ($7)
Cave Babies- Situational Anxiety- Lo-fi folk-pop gems from Joshua Redman of Watercolor Paintings. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($6)
Eleanor Murray- Jazz Demos- Pre-order! Out April 1st. An EP of home recorded jazz-infused folk songs. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)

Eleanor Murray- Lost Songs- Pre-order! Out April 1st. A collection of 11 unreleased studio recordings, home recordings, and compilation songs from the last decade. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)
Orange Cake Mix- At the Record Shop- Psych-folk bedroom pop gems and futuristic synth interludes from the vast Orange Cake Mix archives. (Cassette) ($6)
Solid Space- Space Museum- A reissue of Solid Space's 1982 minimal wave classic, Space Museum. Both ahead of its time and outside of time, Space Museum is a brilliant work of drum machine-powered post-punk/synth-pop oddness. (Cassette) ($6)
The Washboard Abs- Have U Scanned Ur Club Card?- Gorgeous, textural bedroom pop from Olympia, Washington. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)
Your Heart Breaks- Greatest Hits- 21 of the most loved Your Heart Breaks songs from the last 15 years, re-recorded as playful, dance-pop anthems (Cassette) ($6)

Keep America for Americats Buttons- Keep America For Americats, the new campaign from the folks who brought you the ever-popular How to Talk to Your Cat zine series. On a 2" button. Three designs to choose from! ($1/each)

Keep America for Americats Bumper Sticker- An 11" x 3" sticker printed on weather-resistant vinyl. ($4)
Rumi Postcard- "Your old life was a frantic running from silence." - Rumi. A letterpressed postcard by Hope Amico. ($3)

Basic Paper Airplane Pack (Zine Pack) ($10)
Field Guide to the Aliens of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Seasons 1-7 (Zine Pack) ($10)
Knife Pleats- Hat Bark Beach (Cassette + Digital Download) ($6)
Tucker Theodore- Kill and Dress (LP + Digital Download) ($15)
We'll Never Have Paris #12 (Zine) ($5)

*The long running Papercut Zine Library in Somerville, MA had some pipes burst in this winter's New England storms and are raising some funds to save their library.
*New music to listen to: The first single from Karl Blau's country album has arrived. Stereogum premiered the new album from Reighnbeau. Coin Locker Kid has a new album of brilliantly odd indie industrial. And Sister Grotto just released an incredible new album of minimalist songscapes called You Don't Have to be a House to be Haunted.
*And in music reviews: The new Washboard Abs album has already received some early kind reviews from GoldFlakePaint, ThrdCoast, and Wake the Deaf. Sister Grotto & Braeyden Jae's collaboration on AF Records got a rave (and kind of intense) review on Cassette Gods. And the new Orange Cake Mix (the first release from our pals at Why the Tapes Play) was reviewed on Half-Gifts.
*The Olympia Pop Rocks podcast just celebrated their first year on the air and had Poppet on the birthday podcast.

Corespondents just took their otherworldly psych-surf instrumentals on tour through Mexico and are now back in their hometown of Seattle getting ready to do a live score for the Japanese horror classic House as part of Northwest Film Forum's Puget Soundtrack series.

*Basic Paper Airplane #10 received a glowing review in the new issue of Broken Pencil.
*Zach (author of Love is Not Constantly Wondering if You're Making the Biggest Mistake of Your Life, etc.) was recently the special guest on the Simpsons Podcast.
*And L.A. Zine Fest organizer Rhea Tepp has a new Experience Nothing Together subscription that we highly recommend everyone take part in.

Until next month,
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