Mid-Spring Distro Update


A Good Place to Start #1- Seven authors from seven different countries each write about two or three different musicians from their respective countries. ($3)

Last Night at the Casino #11- After five years working the late night shift at the casino, Billy switches to the early morning shift. From nocturnal life to farmer hours. This is a zine about how some things change and some things stay the same. ($3)

Pissing in a River: A Patti Smith Fanzine- A great fanzine that manages to consider Patti as a complex and powerful person, a human making mistakes, and an inspiration, all at once. ($4)

Think Tank DIY #2- Hilarious/ridiculous/awesome ideas that Reggie Martinez wants you to run with. From movies to term paper to cookbooks to band names and beyond. ($2)

Tin Can Telephone #2- Bookselling, disability rights activism, sigils, pirate radio, LaMonte Young and the evolution of the drone. ($3)

Welcome To Your New Life With You Being Happy- Prose poems/poetic prose dealing with love, relationships, sex, bad behavior, basketball, trauma, pop songs, and the Internet. ($7)

What a Beautiful Face: A Neutral Milk Hotel Fanzine- Walking around at night with On Avery Island on headphones, smoking weed from apples, tinnitus and "Two-Headed Boy," and Tolstoy reviews In an Aeroplane Over the Sea. ($4)


Cynosure- Self-Titled- Karp meets Rites of Spring meets Polvo in a brilliant, beautiful head-on collision. Olympia post-hardcore bliss. ($5)

Eleanor Murray- Jazz Demos- An intimate EP of home recorded, jazz-infused folk songs. ($5)

Eleanor Murray- Lost Songs- Lost Songs is a collection of songs that slipped through the cracks. 11 unreleased studio recordings, home recordings, and compilation songs from the last decade. With letterpressed cases made in collaboration with Two Plum Press. ($5)

Richard Album- Richard Goes Cold- Richard Album returns with his most elaborate pop album yet. As usual: Pure genius. Heartbreak's never sounded so sweet. ($5)

The Washboard Abs- Whateverland- The first EP from The Washboard Abs. Brilliant lo-fi bedroom-folk and garage pop.Released by our pals at the Slovakian tape label Z Tapes. ($6)


Quitter: Good Luck Not Dying- "In this anthology of Quitter issues 1-6, we see Ramsey battling fear and freedom, history and an uncertain future. There are no hard and fast answers; nothing set in stone besides the guarantee of chaos and troubled waters ahead." ($7)

Selfish, Issue Three: Good Girl- A gorgeous new issue of Selfish that explores the concept of "good girl" through hybrid prose pieces, photo series, paintings, personal essays, and multimedia work. Yumi Sakugawa, Darcie Wilder, Gabi PĂ©rez, Ginger Buswell, Marisa Malone, and 27 other contributors weigh in on so-called goodness. ($20)

Tom Tom Magazine #25: The Health Issue- Janet Weiss, Lisa Schonberg, Aidan Koch, body positive drumming, pregnancy and drumming, moon cycle metronomes, drumming after cancer, drumming after Lyme Disease, yoga for drummers, and so much more.. ($7)


Plant More Seeds Poster- A coloring poster by Katie Johnson. ($7)

Read More Books Poster- A coloring poster of (another) one of our favorite reminders. ($7)

Tree Swift Notepad- A tree swift (also called a crested swift). Part of its own family, a cousin of true swifts. On a notepad. ($3)

The Best Game Ever (Card Deck) ($8)

Caboose #9: How to Start a Secret Society (Zine) ($3)

Max Ernst Postcard Pack (Postcards) ($5)
Solid Space- Space Museum (Cassette Tape) ($6)
Soon to Be a Major Motion Picture (Chapbook) ($8)

*In just a few days we'll be packing up our wares and heading to the Chicago Zine Fest! It's our very first time going, so we're pretty excited. Spread the word.

*We're doing our annual spring cleaning. In addition to some really good grab bags on our Etsy page, we're having a record sale and a book sale on our site with a ton of good stuff marked down for the next few weeks.

*Kelly McElroy at Bitch Media did a great article on food zines that features Portland's own Women of Color zine.

*Tucker Theodore's To Make the Sun Hurt (by far our most talked about release on Antiquated Future Records) just got reviewed on Cassette Gods.

*The new Washboard Abs album on Antiquated Future Records got reviewed in the latest issue of All Magazine.
*Eleanor Murray did a live set on Joshua Redman's long-running 5, 4, 3, 2, Fun! radio show.
*The first single from our pal Stephen Steinbrink's upcoming album had some nice words said about it on Stereogum and Pitchfork. (Also: his excellent Desert Wasn't Welcome LP is temporarily on sale as part of our record sale. Only $7!)
*We're excited to see a new book is on its way this from our buds at Rad Dad and Hip Mama, coming out on PM Press this fall.

*Last week I had this email all drafted and ready to go, but before I could post it Thursday morning I heard the sad news that Prince had passed away. I know some of you reading this originally found us through The Prince Zine and many of you already know my complex obsession with the being that was Prince, so suffice it to say that the news made me put all other concerns to the side for a few days.

The Portland Mercury was kind enough to ask me to write some words about the life of Prince for this week's issue, so I was at least to take some time and reflect. (Prince Zine illustrator and zinester extraordinaire Rachel Lee-Carman was even able to do an illustration for the print version.) Thanks to everyone who reached out these past few days and trusted me to understand what they were going through. It's hard to get used to a world without Prince.
Until next month,
Joshua James
Antiquated Future

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