Beginning of the Year Distro Update

I Know You Know My Heart #3- Grandma's psychic flamingo mirror, Mom's gay friend, healing peanut butter, rude summer people, and the ones who claim they're just like you. ($3.50)

Last Night at the Casino #10- A year of casino dealer stories. Shit-talking, drunk dialing, and so much more. ($3)

Let it Sink #8- In this issue of Let it Sink, "A Short & Inaccurate History of Songs, Sounds, & Imagined Needs," Jim Joyce takes us from punk shows to classrooms, covering French recording history and boiling records. Consistently one of the most intriguing zines running. ($2)
Let it Sink #9/Abstract Door #6- Séances, great rock organists and the police, an HR gargoyle, and much more. ($2)
Punk Rock Glee Club #1- The in-depth story of a community built through acapella punk rock. A history of Chicago's Blue Ribbon Glee Club, as told by Liz Mason (of Caboose zine). Interviews with members, past and present. ($2)

Turntable Operator: 2016 Remix- Dream machine journals and record store tales. Interviews with psych-folk drone musician The Goner, Jim Rao of Orange Cake Mix, and Jude Noel of the Half-Gifts zine/label. Plus a bunch of cassette reviews (including a few Antiquated Future Records releases!).  ($4)
Women of Color #11: Food and Family- A wide variety of voices reflect on food in terms of family (biological and chosen) and community. ($5)


2016 Famous Face Calendar- Crawdad Cleveland's annual journey into odd music legends. Only a couple more left! ($7)
Zinester Trading Cards, Series Two- Zine makers, on trading cards.With stats. ($3/pack)

Iji- Whatever Will Happen- An unstoppable danceable indie-pop record. Iji's best yet. (cassette + digital download) ($5)
2016 Justseeds & Eberhardt Press Organizer ($8 pocket-size/$10 large-size)

The whole series of Bird Pads from Eberhardt Press ($3/each)

Ilse Content #12: The Vienna Issue ($4)

Stolen Sharpie Revolution ($7)


*We've recovered enough from the holiday madness to make our annual Bestseller List (where improvisational ambient music tops the charts and positivity reigns supreme).

*Now that we're two weeks into a new year, we've marked all our planners and calendars down. We only have a handful left, so get them while you can.

*In other get-them-while-you-can news: The ever-popular How to Talk to Your Cat Guides are coming out as a book. (Yay!) But that means they're going out of print as zines. (Boo!) We've got some of the last remaining copies, and they're going quick.

*We're working on a couple new Antiquated Future Records releases.
To fundraise for that, we're offering a 20% discount on our Bandcamp. That means digital albums, tapes, records, CDs, lyric books, everything. Use the discount code "friends" as much and as often as you like.
*We'll be in New York in a couple weeks celebrating the release of Sara Renberg's Emily Songs project. Help us spread the word!

*Our own Chask'e Lindgren just released the debut album with his band Cynosure. So good! Post-hardcore bliss.
*In other recent friend releases: lilacs released their debut album, Duchess has an excellent new EP called Satan, and Will Sprott has a new video from his excellent Vortex Numbers album (and somehow we missed this performance from a few years ago with Upside Drown backing him up).
*Portland's own Aaron Gilbreath just released his book of jazz essays.
*Shana Cleveland wrote an excellent piece about life on the road for The Stranger.
*The one-and-only Karl Blau is in need of some financial help after a fire severely damaged the community music space he runs.

*Our pal Leena Joshi made the cover of Seattle's City Arts magazine.
*Nick Jaina's excellent Get it While You Can memoir (released by our friends at Perfect Day Publishing) was nominated for an Oregon Book Award.
*The Ambiguity of David Thomas Broughton, the documentary of the one-and-only DTB (whose perfectly bizarre UnAbleTo album came out on Antiquated Future Records a few years ago), is out! It's screening at various festivals in the UK right now. Somebody bring this to the U.S., okay?
*And our buddy Chloe Eudaly, owner of Portland's zine and small press mecca Reading Frenzy, is considering running for City Council. Zinesters for change! We wish her luck.

Until next time,
Antiquated Future

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