Mid-Summer Distro Update

New Zines

Paper Crush #6: An I Love Lucy Fanzine- Leave it to PonyBoy Press to write a concise history of everything you ever wanted to know about I Love Lucy. Early TV history, the many ways the show was ahead of its time, and all the dirt behind the first hugely successful American sitcom. ($3)

The Process of Letting Yourself Have a Creative Process-
A beautifully-designed workbook zine for honing and focusing your creative practice (by Jennifer Williams of the Gossimer music project). Questions, prompts, and ideas mix with the inspirational words of everyone from Clarice Lispector to Yoko Ono. With plenty of blank space for you to make it your own. ($8)

Rad Dad Magazine, 2015- In this, the FINAL issue, Rad Dad proves again why this it's better than any other parenting magazine. There's train hopping, trans pregnancies, reflections on Ferguson protests, celebrations of immigration, and kids playing with turntables (and not getting in trouble). ($6.95)

Somnambulist #26- This issue of Somnambulist is a correspondence between Martha and TJ Acena. Epistolary stories/essays between Portland, Oregon and Xi'an, China. Discussions of loneliness, gentrification, development, heart break, Dunkin' Donuts, and so much more. ($4)

Song of My Father, Silence of My Father- A new, revised edition of DJ Frederick's complex portrait of his father. Singing cowboy, emotionally abusive World War II veteran, lover of Indian music, and member of a Christian Ashram. It's a short zine that is heavy, sweet, and full of complicated emotions. ($3)

Truckface #17- The failures of public education, horrible weddings, air drumming dudes, and rotting teeth. In this issue of Truckface, LB goes through a plethora of hard times and low moments, but never does she give up. And she refuses to let anyone even entertain the possibility of giving up. ($3)

New Music
Appalachian Yard Art- Made in the Fucking Shade- A FANTASTIC new album from Seattle noise folk project Appalachian Yard Art. Nods to early Sebadoh/Sentridoh, generations of psych folk, moments of Natural Snow Buildings. Their best yet. (Cassette) ($5)

Big Butter- Brainsled- The reissue of the 1989 weirdo classic from Big Butter. Elements of drone, psych, free jazz, early synth music, sound collage, Minutemen-esque punk, and odd pop. (LPX2) ($30)

Big Butter- Open Focus- An A-side of in-your-face electro math punk noise and a B-side of oddball avant jazz pop. (A perfect combination.) (7") ($7)
Buffalovoice- Huge Dark Mouth- The songs of Antiquated Future Records artist Tucker Theodore in full band form. Four epics of sludgy mastery. ($5)

Library Voice- Lookfar- Attention Ursula K. LeGuin fans: A soundtrack to the world of Earthsea, as imagined by Colleen Johnson (Silver Shadows, Upside Drown) and Smoot (Maple Rabbit). (Cassette) ($8)

Your Heart Breaks- America- Your Hearts Breaks is back! And armed with a masterpiece. America is a road trip of junk feed beaches, bad decision sunburns, and Arthur Russell dance parties. (Cassette) ($6)

New Paper Goods

Anais Nin Greeting Card- Red poppies and Anais Nin. From Oakland artist Shreya Shah. ($4)

Thank You For Seeing All of Me Greeting Card- All the phases. Moons, humans, or otherwise. ($4)

Back in Stock

Bird Pads from Eberhardt Press- Beautifully-printed small journals made of reused paper and chipboard. ($3/each)

Picard Greeting Cards- A Captain Picard-themed greeting card series from Portland artist Allison Beckwith. ($1.50/each)

The Poetic Prose Zines of Tomas Moniz- Brilliant, life-affirming zines. ($3/each)

The Postcards of LB Briggs- A painting series from LB of Truckface zine. ($1/each)

The Stickers of Deth P. Sun- A cat-like being, hanging out in magical worlds. ($1/each)
The Summer Soul Mixtape Series- Themed soul music mixtapes, made right here in the AF offices. ($5/each)
Appalachian Yard Art- Green Glass- The first album from Seattle's AYA. ($5)
I See it All Koozie- Just in time for the second half of summer. ($2)
Kate Ferencz- Dying Alone- A masterpiece of freaky electro pop. ($7)

Shotgun Seamstress #8- The excellent new issue of Shotgun Seamstress! ($5.50)

*Our buddy Andrew Barton (the head DIY foodie behind Secret Restaurant Portland) is fundraising to release his first cookbook! A zinester and small publisher at Two Plum Press, he does the conscious foodie thing in way we can completely get behind. Pre-order yourself a copy of his Northwest-focused cookbook over at the Myrtlewood Kickstarter.
*Our own Joshua James Amberson will be hosting the 3rd Annual Northwest Literary Showcase at Helsing Junction Sleepover. Put on by our buddies at K Records and taking place on the Helsing Junction organic farm, this is the most unassuming summer music festival ever. None of the stress of other festivals, all of the fun. It's a great line-up with a few folks we carry here at Antiquated Future (Judith Arcana, Martha Grover, and Themba Lewis) plus Leena Joshi, Kelly Schirmann, and Oregon Book Award winner Cari Luna.

*Osa Atoe of Shotgun Seamstress was interviewed on Flavorwire about the world of black punk.
*Martha Grover (of Somnambulist zine) has been hosting the excellent podcast PDX Darlings.

*The trailer for Portland filmmaker Zach Weintraub's new movie, Slackjaw, is now online and about to begin making the film fest circuit.
*Growing Things: A Guide for Beginning Gardeners was reviewed over on the Gumshoe blog.

*Portland's best boy band, IBQT, has finally released their first EP! It's available on Bandcamp through their Bed of Roses label.
*The Prince Zine was reviewed on Beyond Hanky Code.

*Portland's Michael Heald (of Perfect Day Publishing) wrote a great essay for Runner's World about a running program in Oregon State Penitentiary.
*Our dear friend Pollyanne Birge was recently diagnosed with cancer and is currently going through treatments. She's a really great human and does amazing work as executive director at the Independent Publishing Resource Center. If you're able to, please donate to her treatment fund over on GoFundMe.

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