End of Summer Distro Update

As the busy fall season approaches, we're making some shelf room. In other words: We're having a sale!

Until the end of the month, we've got temporary markdowns on lots of records, tapes, and CDs, piles of zines, magazines, and chapbooks, a handful of books, some postcards and greeting cards, a number of shirts and things made of cloth, and a few other things.

In non-sale news, we've been dubbing a ton of Summer Soul mixtapes to last us into the colder months, preparing for the Basic Paper Airplane 10 year anniversary party on October 8th, and bringing in lots of fun things. Here's what's new. 

Diners- Always Room- Diners make casually-perfect indie pop. Backyard parties in the heat of summer. Sitting on the roof at night looking at the stars. Features members of Dogbreth. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($6)

Hot Tears- The Chorus- Glorious, brooding, and completely in a world of its own. The project of Molly Fischer (of Songs For Moms fame), Hot Tears nods to chamber-folk and a wide variety of punk and metal subgenres without fitting nicely into any box. (LP) ($12)
Seapony- A Vision- Unbeatable dream pop from Seattle. Sweet and hazy, beach party riffing, drum machines and shakers. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($6)
Tucker Theodore- To Make the Sun Hurt- By far, the most sought after, critically acclaimed release on Antiquated Future Records. After a 50 copy first printing in 2013 that almost instantly sold out, we finally were able to reprint it in a new edition. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)
Watercolor Paintings- When You Move- Watercolor Paintings' masterpiece. Twelve songs of heartbreak indie pop, with moments of brooding heaviness and celebratory '50s pop radio sing alongs. Members of Remembran, Mega Bog, and Iji. Recorded by Briana Marela. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($6)

Big Big Wednesday, Issue Three- Portland's premier literary journal, Big Big Wednesday, is back for their annual issue. This time around, poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, visual art, and photography venture through the many forms of "want." ($15)

Selfish, Issue Two- In the second issue of Selfish, 30 women explore identity through a wide variety of mediums and stories. Mostly-memoir pieces on hair plucking, vagina facials, blood work, and living between racial identities. ($20)


European Hoopoe Bird Notepad- The ever-wild European hoopoe bird. In notepad form. Part of Eberhardt Press' bird pad series. ($3)
Human Experience Postcard- "You are a spiritual being having a human experience." A letterpressed postcard by Hope Amico. Part of the Keep Writing postcard project. ($3)
We Are Stronger Together Postcard- "We Are Stronger Together Than We Are Alone." Letterpressed by Hope Amico, drawn by Sol Weiss. ($3)


Don't Be a Dick!- A guide to better understanding the implications of rape culture. ($2)

Hello! Bike Notepad- A rarely printed notepad from Portland's Eberhardt Press. ($4)

The Honorable Obscurity Handbook- Portlander M. Allen Cunningham's mixtape of creative advice for artists and writers. ($14)
Miami, You've Got Style: A Little Golden Girls Book- The perfect gift for any fan of the Golden Girls. ($12)

The Process of Letting Yourself Have a Creative Process- The runaway bestseller (in distro terms) creative workbook from Jennifer Williams of Gossimer. (Zine) ($8)
Shotgun Seamstress Zine Collection- A necessary addition to any radical library. (Book) ($18)
Truckface #17- Easily one of the best zines to come out this year. ($3)

Wendigo- One of our favorite literary journals. And probably the best literary journal to ever come out of Olympia. (Zine) ($7)

*Sara Renberg (whose first album came out on Antiquated Future Records) just released a new EP of songs she wrote for feminist ebook publisher Emily Books. She'll also be having release parties in Portland and New York (with Eileen Myles!).

*Ened McNeet (of the I Know You Know My Heart zine) has their Deerest Isle Traveling Zine Library up and running.

*Martha Grover just announced that she'll be releasing a new book on Portland's own Perfect Day Publishing in 2016.

*Perfect Day's Michael Heald (author of Goodbye to the Nervous Apprehension) has a beautiful and heartbreaking essay in the new issue of Oregon Humanities.
*Registration is open for both the Albuquerque Zine Fest and the New Orleans Comics Festival.
*Portland's ever-awesome Reading Frenzy is celebrating their 21st anniversary this month.

*Jennifer Williams created a website for her The Process of Letting Yourself Have a Creative Process zine and related workshops and events.

*Strangers have been making Spotify playlists of the mixtape pages from The Prince Zine.
*Our buddies Golden Hour and Mommy Long Legs were on Bitch Media's recent "angry girl gang" playlist.
*Electrician (the project of Neil Campau) has a new album.
*Next weekend is the Gatas y Vatas festival in Seattle, featuring all solo female performers.
*Decibel Fest is at the end of this month in Seattle and we're happy to see distro pals like Briana Marela and Filastine on the line-up.
*Our friends Shaggy Sample are on tour this month.

*And the American Association of Patriots (who you may know from the How to Talk to Your Cat zine series) were interviewed by Cat Fancy's Catster website.

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