Beginning of Summer Distro Update

God of My Father- Stories about growing up in the 1960s with parents who were searching for a religion that fit. ($1)

My Complicated Relationship With Food, Vol. Three-  The bludgeoning powers of pineapples, the lie of Florida orange juice, the joys of drinking applesauce from the jar, and why fancy ice cream is just a pathetic search for meaning. ($1)

Nuts! #15- Golnar Nikpour goes through the muck of punk history books and punk biographies to find the best. Plus: Teen Talk, show reviews, an interview with Blazing Eye, and an album gets reviewed through Metallica lyrics. ($2)

Nuts! #16- A west coast report, show reviews, comics, photos, and interviews with Nandas, Vanity, and Sheer Mag. All on one large folded sheet of newsprint. Plus: A break-up survival guide insert. ($2)
Paper Radio Included- Polka Party, Marion's Attic, Yiddish Radio, and much more. Cultural histories told through shortwave and pirate radio shows. ($4)
SRVIV #2- Zinesters and musicians explore the question of what gets them out of bed in the morning. What keeps them going, what holds them back, and where they find hope in a messed up world. ($3)

Turntable Operator #9- Adventures into the strange and beautiful. Cassette tape reviews. Zine reviews. An interview with John Lee Richardson of Hatcliffe House Tapes. The saddest record store in New Hampshire. More. ($3)
Back in Stock: every in-print issue of Basic Paper Airplane, the Don't Be a Dick! consent guide, Keep Loving Keep Fighting #6, Where You From #3, the newest and oldest issues of Last Night at the Casino, and How Mystery Science Theater 3000 Changed My Life.


Bird Pocket Journal- A bird in flight. In pocket journal form. ($2)

Joan Rivers Postcard- A Joan Rivers quote letterpressed by Hope Amico. ($3)
Smiths Valentines, 8-Pack- Eight (anytime) Valentines of recontextualized Smiths lyrics. Deviance, angst, and longing, in the familiar format of a grade school Valentine. ($12)
Back in Stock: Eberhardt Press' perfect-bound Tiger Notepad, Hope Amico's You Have All the Tools You Need postcard, and Shreya Shah's Do the Things That Scare You Greeting Card.

The Funs- Still Smoking- Fuzzy, shoegazey garage pop from The Funs. ($5) (Cassette)

Madeline Ava- Okay- Twee-folk at its very best. Reminiscent of early Mirah and The Blow. ($5) (Cassette)

Sundance Kids- Double Play- Two classic Sundance Kids albums in one. Members of Richard Album & The Singles, Mega Bog, and Iji combine to make groovy indie pop heartbreak. ($5) (Cassette)
Shana Cleveland & The Sandcastles- Oh Man, Cover the Ground- The haunting and hypnotizing solo project of Shana Cleveland from La Luz. 12 songs about dark rooms, water, wind, stoned afternoons, sun in your eyes, sex, hair, snacks, death, and the beach. ($7) (Cassette)

Will Sprott- Vortex Numbers- Beautiful beach party melancholy from Will Sprott of The Mumlers. ($8) (Cassette)
Back in Stock: Squilll's excellent Daughters of the Earth cassette.

Dionysus Patch- The ancient god of orgiastic excess, drunken revelry, and inspired madness. On an ivory cotton patch. ($5)

Back in Stock: The incredible Portable Fortitude card deck and the patches of Corina Dross


Seattle siren Briana Marela just announced that her new album will be released on Jagjaguwar (the label of Angel Olsen, Sharon Van Etten, Bon Iver, and Dinosaur Jr, just to name a few). By the sounds of the first single (and her recent incredible live performances), this should be a really fantastic album. If you don't already have her Speak From Your Heart LP from a few years back, do yourself a favor and pick it up.

The re-release of Shana Cleveland's solo album was met with a flood of reviews, and is definitely the first thing we've distro'd to get reviewed in the New York Times on the day of its release. NPR, Pitchfork, and Consequence of Sound all chipped in with some words, too.

Zinester and letterpress artist Hope Amico is displaying seven years of postcards from her interactive Keep Writing project at E.M. Wolfman's General Interest Small Bookstore in Oakland during the month of July, with a kick-off party on July 2nd.

Poppet just released a new EP on Bandcamp called Desolation Lovesongs, and is on a short tour to celebrate its release.

Ened McNeet (of I Know You Know My Heart zine) is creating a mobile zine library for coastal Maine and is accepting donations.

Seattle buddies Dozer are touring the western U.S. right now.
And our friend Richard Album has taken a break from making garage pop albums to make a dance album. He teamed up with director Sally Lawton to make a video for the lead single that is pure absurd genius.

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