February Distro Update

Hello from Portland, Oregon! The new headquarters of the Ms. Valerie Park Distro. While part of our operation is still running out of Olympia and our PO Box there will hang around until things get more settled, all orders are now shipping out of Portland. Which is an exciting change. In other exciting news: this weekend we'll be in Los Angeles, California for the L.A. Zine Fest! Really looking forward to this, since last year we were in L.A. the days leading up to it, but couldn't be around for the actual Fest. We also have tons of new stuff and have been doing a lot of work on our website. And, at least here in Portland, it kind of feels like winter is already on its way out. Which feels good.

Basic Paper Airplane #6 (Zine) ($3)- Personal essays and vignettes that span from childhood swarms of bees to drinking cough syrup. Along the way there are also essays on Gertrude Stein, huayno music of Peru, Eadweard Muybridge, and The Wright Brothers.
Beyond The Music: How Punks are Saving the World with DIY Ethics, Skills, & Values (Book) ($15.95)- A book of interviews with exceptional folks who have taken their DIY and punk ethics into adulthood. Amazing folks like Anne Elizabeth Moore (Punk Planet, Unmarketable, Cambodian Grrrl) and Ian Mackaye (Minor Threat Fugazi, Dischord) are just two of the amazing interviewees within.
The Cartography of Farmers' Wives: Photography from 1915-1976 (Book) ($10)- Colleen Weber Borst explores the westward immigration of her family through photographs taken by her grandmother and great-grandmother.
Colouring Outside the Lines #6 (Zine) ($7)- Packed full of interviews with contemporary female artists, this issue of Colouring Outside the Lines is the result of years of work.
Derek M. Johnson- Self-Titled (LP) ($16)- A brilliant album from Olympia cellist Derek M. Johnson. The range between the joyously furious chaos of where it starts and the stop-you-in-your-tracks lush beauty of where it ends is vast, but it works.
D.I.Y. Magic (Book) ($13.95)- Portland author Anthony Alvarado ventures into the realms of everyday magic. He knows the associations, what this sounds like to the skeptic, knows the aversion. And, in this way, he's the best guide we could have for taking a different approach to daily life.
Eat Your Veggies (Patch) ($2)- My favorite reminder. Printed on lovely fabric. Ready to get sewn onto anything and everything.
Field Guide to the Aliens of Star Trek TNG, Seasons 1-7 (Zines) ($8)- All six volumes of the popular zines series, sold all together.
Gold-Fronted Leaf Birds Notepad (Blank Books) ($3)- Gold-fronted leaf birds in their natural habitat (on a notepad). Offset print, spiralbound, and unlined book. Recycled and reused paper.
Last Night at the Casino #4 (Zine) ($3)- After a year as a dealer in a casino, Billy's not as easily amused by the shenanigans. But it doesn't keep him from having more stories than ever! A big issue of strange tales and unsent letters.
Paper Bag Radio (Miscellany) ($8)- Within: a 40-page issue of Paper Radio, a paper radio model, a reproduced paper toy from 1921, a CD-R of shortwave and pirate radio transmissions, a mini fiction zine, and a postcard or two. Definitely a lot of fun.
The Pine Hearts- Distant Lights (CD) ($10)- Olympia songwriter Joe Capoccia leads The Pine Hearts, a tight folk/bluegrass band that wears its punk roots on its sleeve. New old time music for guitar, banjo, and mandolin.
Shape & Situate #4: Posters Of Inspirational European Women (Zine) ($5)- Another great issue of this zine which "aims to activate feminist cultural memory, to inspire in the present, and to visually bring women’s social and political history to life and into view."
Shoe & Tail #11 (Zine) ($3)- In the-zine-formerly-known-as-Show & Tell, Rachel Lee-Carman tells so many stories (all at once). Heaviness and light, sadness and celebration, medicinal herbs and tall cans of beer.
Syndicate Product #22: Six Categories (Zine) ($2)- Ideal Jeopardy! boards from 25 contributors (including our own Joshua James Amberson).
Tapestry- Lassen (3" CD) ($5)- Recorded live deep in the woods of Northern California, "Lassen" is a 22 minute soundscape of tape collage and ambient noise. Music for cassette tapes, guitar, bass, pedals, and voice.
Telegram (Book) ($25)- "Maranda tells tales of daily adventures, friendship, gender identity, falling in love with bicycles, getting tattoos, moving out, going crazy, and their experiences with inpatient hospitalizations."
Temporary Brothers (Zine) ($2)- The follow-up to All My Fathers, DJ Frederick (Paper Radio, Turntable Operator) gives us what he calls, "memory sketches of my temporary brothers and our misadventures." In a small zine, he asks some big questions and tells some heavy stories.

Basic Paper Airplane #3 (Zine) ($3)
Basic Paper Airplane #4 (Zine) ($3.50)
The Best Game Ever (Card Game) ($8)
Current Resident #3 (Zine) ($3)
Kickball- Everything is a Miracle Nothing is (10" LP) ($12)
Miami, You've Got Style: A Little Golden Girls Book (Book) ($12)
Miso Kitty (Zine) ($1.25)
Newsprint Poster (Poster) ($4)
The Prince Zine (Zine) ($5)
Sans Titre et Sans Reproche, Issue 1 (Photography Zine) ($7)
Shit's Fucked: A Positivity Guide (Zine) ($2)
Snake Pad (Blank Book) ($5)
Syndicate Product #20.0: Meta Comics Issue (Zine) ($4)


*The awesome Mend My Dress Press is on tour! And if their reading at Portland Button Works this evening and their busted-by-the-cops tour kick-off are any indication, you should probably catch this amazing line-up.
*We were one of the featured artists/interviewees in an article by Bust editor Lisa Butterworth called The Resurgence of Zines. We were also given a feature on the L.A. Zine Fest website.
*The fine folks at Dropping Gems have been getting a bunch of much-deserved press in the last month. First, Natasha Kmeto's album getting premiered on the UK-based Fact Magazine, then articles in both the Willamette Week and the Portland Mercury.
*The Prince Zine was named one of the Best Zines of 2012 by Three Imaginary Girls, as well as being on Stereogum's 10 Weirdest Prince Crafts.
*Our friend Sfirah Madrone is raising money to become a childbirth educator. She's looking to "increase both the access to and the relevance of childbirth education" to further the amazing work she's been doing for years and is raising money through her Indie-a-Go-Go.
*The Upside Drown album, Mood Music, was named one of Suave Citation's top 5 cassettes of 2012. It was also written up on Terminal Escape.
*Some friends are starting the Oakland Free Clinic, a "no-cost, mobile, herbal clinic challenging issues of inaccessibility to holistic healthcare historically experienced by homeless and under-served individuals." Which you can donate to on their Indie-a-Go-Go page.
*There's a great article on Stephen Steinbrink (of French Quarter) in American Songwriter. Written by the ever-awesome Charlie Zaillian (of Chung Antique).
*Billy Da Bunny just started Bunny Ears Distro, the world's first digital audiozine distro!
*Two awesome queer writer (one a queer sci-fi writer whose book we'll soon be carrying!) are funding their experimental tour through their Kickstarter.
*Biosexual, the new project of Jocelyn Noir, from Alak, was featured on Tiny Mixtapes.
*The Pine Hearts, Joe Capoccia's new band, was written up in the Missoula News.
*And lastly, we're proud to announce that Tacoma, Washington was named America's Gayest City!!?! Strange, but true.

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