AmaZine Day!

So, we've moved most our operation to Portland, Or. (!) and to celebrate our first weekend here, we're tabling at the AmaZine Day! A Valentine-themed zine event at our extremely incredible new second-home, the IPRC. To celebrate, we picked out some Valentine's Day/Anti-Valentine's Day-themed items from our catalog.

You Are So Beautiful Card

Loose Lips Sink Ships (Zine)

I Think I Need a New Heart Postcard

My Love for You is Fathomless Card

Love is Not Constantly Wondering If You're Making the Biggest Mistake of Your Life (Book)

I Like You Greeting Card

Merchant of Venice Card

Summer Soul, Vol. 7: Love and Confusion (Cassette)

Polka Dot Dot Dot- Spring of Alchemy and Amory (7")

Yes Please- For Us For Then For Them (CD)

Virgin #2 (Zine)

Jenny Jenkins- Oventoucher (CD)

Awkward Sex (Zine)

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