Distro Update for March

Corespondents- Land of the Low People (CD) ($10)- Pre-order! The long-awaited new album from Corespondents is here! The Seattle instrumental band that appeals to just about everybody and writes songs that are as catchy as any pop song (just without the words).
Drummer Cat (Koozie) ($4)- A drummer cat beer koozie with a marching band drum that says, "Yes." Yes. From the comic zine Please Be Brave.
Erica Freas- Belly (LP) ($10)- The new solo debut from Erica Freas (of RVIVR, Lightning Round). Folk anthems to play over and over. Songs that empower. Paying tribute to family, animals, the earth, life and death and everything in between.
I See It All (Koozie) ($4)- A serene cat on a surfboard to hold you beer or cold beverage. From the comic zine I See It All by Bay Area artist, Deth P. Sun.
Incandescent: Issue Three (Photo Zine/Book) ($14)- Stunning images from the world over, all working under the theme of "Other(s) Memories," make up the third issue of Incandescent. A color film zine based in Portland, Or.
Keesha and Joanie and Jane (Zine) ($9)- A fictional story where, in a not-too-distant future, abortion is made illegal in the United States. Written by one of the original "Janes" and brilliantly formatted like a Broadway Playbill by Eberhardt Press.
Magick Orchids- Origins of Grinding (Cassette Tape) ($5)- One of those albums that fits nicely between genres, making it appealing to lots of different people.  A brilliant mix of electronics, live instruments, drum machines, synths, samples, skits, and children singing. Bass heavy and catchy.
Moon Calendar (Calendar) ($8)- A 2013-early 2014 moon phase calendar from an artist living in the rural Siskyou Mountains of Oregon. Beautiful images of plants, animals, and humans - growing, changing, metamorphosing.
Ms. Valerie Park Distro Fan Club Membership ($50)- By becoming a member of the Fan Club, you'll get a zine, small book, or magazine that's brand new to the distro (plus a new printed version of our monthly newsletter!) sent to you at the beginning of every month for an entire year. No shipping charges, just a one time flat fee and then you're a member!
The Narrows (Book) ($12)- "In this magical world plagued by inequality, greed and environmental woes, Sim must hold her own with her fearless and often dominating new friends while coming to terms with her sexuality and accepting her latent magical abilities."
Oblong, Issue I (Literary Zine) ($4.50)- A new flash fiction literary zine out of Brixton, London. A broad range of authors, both well-known and unknown, from around the world.
Primahood: The Second Album (Comic Zine/Graphic Novel) ($8)- A second issue of this interesting exploration into gender and parenthood. Taking place in a surreal fantasy land and using it's own language of phrases and ideas. Perfectly interweaving adult observation and child wisdom into one narrative.
Primazons (Paper Dolls) ($6)- Based on characters from Tyler Cohen's Primahood comics, these paper dolls are beautifully strange human creatures with tons of outfits! Two dolls, lots to wear, all in full color.
Sans Titre et Sans Reproche, Issue 2 (Photo Zine) ($7)- The second issue of this fabulous French photography zine. The wacky, the weird, the absurd, and everything in between. Photos from all around Europe.

Barren Nieces- Lascivious Occupations (Cassette Tape) ($5)
Basic Paper Airplane #3-4 (Zines) ($3/each)
Exotic Bird Notepad (Blank Book) ($3)
Flying Zephyr Graph Paper Pad (Blank Book) ($4)
Hummingbird Pocket Sketchpad (Blank Book) ($3)
Free to Choose: A Women's Guide to Reproductive Freedom (Zine) ($2)
I Love Bad Movies #'s 1-5 (Zines) ($5/each)
Keepers' Kanzine #'s 1 & 2 (Zines) ($4/each)
Love is Not Constantly Wondering if You're Making the Biggest Mistake of Your Life (Book) ($6)
Make Your Place & Make it Last (Books) ($6/each)
Owl Notepad (Blank Book) ($3)
Pedal Powered Graph Paper Pad (Blank Book) ($3)
The Prince Zine (Zine) ($5)
Shotgun Seamstress #'s 1, 2, 4-6 (Zines) ($3/each)
Snake Pad (Blank Book) ($5)
Spider Sketchpad (Blank Book) ($6)

An Mp3

Corespondents- Face Cancellation (off Land of the Low People)
Some News
*In the most exciting news we've heard in a while: two Olympia Grand Jury Resisters, Kteo & Matt, have been released! After five months of incarceration, we're so excited to have them back in our community.
*The 1st Annual Claremont Zine Fest is happening on Saturday April 27th, 2013, from 1-5pm at Pitzer College's Grove House.  Come out and support an awesome community!
*In really unfortunate news: Olympia Co-Op worker Ben SittingBull has recently been diagnosed with brain cancer. A fundraiser for his medical bills is going on now. Best of luck to him and his family during this process.
*Brilliant Seattle artist Drew Christie recently got interviewed by Seattle A&P about the real history of guns in the United States.
*Our old friend Annabeth McNamara has a great new music project called This is Alaska.
*The L.A. Zine Fest now has a store for all their great stuff! The Guide to L.A. is essential.
*We have a few grab bags that are on our Etsy page for a limited time. The Best Grab Bag Ever, an All Music Grab Bag, and a Poetry Pack.
*She Shreds Magazine (which we will soon be carrying!) recently did an interview with our buddy Erin Birgy of Mega Bog (AKA: the best band in the universe).
*Sound collage artist DJ Dogwater recently released a new album of hilarious and bizarre cut-ups (I recommend "Buggin' Out," Splish Splash" and "Master Ninja Theme Song (Sweaty Mix)").
*And a big thanks to all the organizers and all the people that came out to the L.A. Zine Fest. A-mazing. A yearly tradition has been formed. Can't wait for next year. (thanks to Mend My Dress Press for the ride home, too. Best car companions ever).

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