Don't know if i've mentioned it, but...

I really love the zine Syndicate Product #20: The Meta Comics Issue. We've had it for awhile now and I notice it doesn't grab people's attention as much as it should. It's smart, fun, and you don't really need to be all that into comics to enjoy it. Highly recommended.
"Comic artists and comic lovers think about comics and the importance of comics in their lives. They even draw a few comics along the way. Within: a dusty comic book store in the 80’s serving as salvation for a geeky teen girl; dealing with Asperger’s and learning social cues from comics; the current state of Heavy Metal; adapting The Secret Garden; a girl in the 70’s and her love of war comics; superheroes; Harvey Pekar; and much much more. “Entries from the indexes of The Complete Peanuts, Vols 1-16” is a pretty amazing, easy to miss, moment. 44 pages, half-letter size."

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