Growing Things reviewed in Maximum RocknRoll!

The new issue of the long-running punk magazine Maximum RocknRoll has a review of Growing Things: A Guide for Beginning Gardeners! And it's good! And kinda funny. But just for the record, we don't hate on Microcosm.
"Gardening vegetables doesn't have to be difficult, costly or require tons of space and a lot of punks could be eating better if this fact was more well-known! Growing Things is a well-planned, attractive zine packed with just enough helpful information to encourage curious beginners to quit procrastinating and start growing shit on the cheap! Inside are suggestions for fun, easy-to-grow plants to start you off, tips on repurposing containers for small spaces and helpful information on bioremediation for us city kids with toxic dirt. Bonus: absolutely no hippie punk moralizing or any mention of using old bike frames for trellises, or some Microcosm bullshit like that!" -Francesca Foglia, MMR

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