New I Love Bad Movies (and more)!

The always-wonderful I Love Bad Movies is back with a new issue!

"A fantastic new issue of I Love Bad Movies, the movie review zine that is as hilarious as it is well-written and insightful. This issue’s theme: “Early and Late Roles” or, “Before and After They Were Famous.” It’s kind of brilliant. There’s also an interview with Alex Winter (AKA- Bill S. Preston, Esq., of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure!). And being big Prince fans, you gotta know we love the Purple Rain cover. Half-letter size, color cover, B&W within, illustrations and weird film stills for each movie, 80 pages."

Also, there's a great new fiction zine that we just added today and I highly recommend. No More Coffee #4/Brainscan #29 split.

"In this split fiction zine, Ben Spies (No More Coffee) and Alex Wrekk (Brainscan, Stolen Sharpie Revolution) each give us a few stories. And it’s great. Ben’s story “Exit 121” is perhaps one of the the best short stories I’ve read in a long time; it’s characters still pop in my head, months after reading it. Half-letter size, risograph printed covers, 48 pages."

We also added the new tape from The Ovens (Lb from Truckface's band!) this weekend.

"Last year’s debut from The Ovens was one of our best selling albums of the year. And with good reason. The Ovens make garage punk in a way that doesn’t get done much anymore and they do it well. Riot grrrl-inspired guitar and drum madness. LB, from the very awesome zine Truckface, plays drums and sings in the band."

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