Spring Equinox Distro Update


Bending Spoons: A Field Guide to Ableist Microaggressions- An illustrated guide to the types of questions and comments M. Sabine Rear experiences as a blind woman in public. A crucial read for able-bodied people hoping to better understand the experience of living with a disability. ($3)

Farm & Wilderness Report- Looking at the communal farms that came out of the underground press movement of the 1960s, Farm & Wilderness Report focuses on the entwined histories of Total Loss Farm and Montague Farm. ($4)

Mapping Out Utopia: 1970s Boston-Area Counterculture, Book 2 (Boston)- The second volume of Tim Devin's epic delve into the counterculture movements of the 1970s. Using the greater Boston area as a microcosm, he maps out the diverse manifestations of people organizing, working, and living collectively. ($11)

Minimum Rock + Roll #7- A tiny zine of music goodness. ($1)

Minor Leagues #4- Dreamy comics about road trips, spreading ashes by the unmanned radar station, covering The Wipers, and getting lost in a bog. ($6) 

People & Their Problems #1- An endlessly fun and fascinating zine that reviews celebrity biographies. From Rick James to Three Dog Night, Jayne County to Stevie Nicks. Highly recommended. ($5)

The People's Guide to Portland: Resources & Advice for Solidarity in Our Modern Era- An in-depth resource guide for marginalized people and communities, as well as a succinct and clear guide to being a good ally. A collaboration between Portland nonprofit Know Your City and writer Martha Grover. ($3)

Women Artists Zine- An illustrated introduction to women artists, feminist art, and the problems of the visual art canon. A great read and an essential addition to any zine collection. ($5)


Big Big Wednesday, Issue Five- One of the best literary journals around. A gorgeous art object that mixes poetry, photography, fiction, paintings, nonfiction, collage and multimedia art. This issue responds to the theme "Stranger." ($14)

Incandescent: A Color Film Zine, Issue 13- A quiet and haunting new issue of the Incandescent photo zine that looks at what it means to be “brittle string in a big storm.” ($14)

Reverse Flâneur- A graphic novel travelogue of Vienna. Meditating on the visibly disabled body while spending time in museums and being alone in public spaces. Nominated for an Ignatz Award. ($10)

Tattoo Punk, Issue 1- The latest from Ben Trogdon, editor of the legendary Nuts! fanzine. Punk and tattoos. Tons of photos, drawings, zaniness galore. ($10)

Windowcat, Issue One- A new Portland poetry zine/literary journal that's surely bound for greatness. Work from Carl Adamshick, Ross Robbins, and many more. ($5)


Keep Writing Postcard Project Subscription- Gutwrench Press' letterpress postcard and writing prompt project is, at this point, a sacred institution. It's not only gorgeous and singular, but also consistently surprising and inspiring. With a Keep Writing subscription you receive one handmade letterpress-printed postcard each month for one year. ($60)


Ant'lrd- Sleep Drive (Whited Sepulchre Records)- A dreamy joyride of overblown organs and skewed beats. Long-form pieces that mix ambient-drone aesthetics with a loop-based instrumental electronic shimmer. (LP) ($15)

Assholeknife- Nuclear Family Game Night (self-released)- Experimental compositions and improvisations made in rooms full of electronics, toys, and humans. (Cassette Tape) ($5)

Braeyden Jae- Fog Mirror (Whited Sepulchre Records)- Fog Mirror builds layers of warm, crackling static into a complex emotional arc. It's a diary of a journey. Drone music that tells a story. (LP) ($15)

Braeyden Jae & Antl'rd- Split Tape- (Whited Sepulchre Records)- Braeyden Jae's sweeping waves of static, hiss, and buried melody meet Ant'lrd's manipulated field recordings and deconstructed church organs. (Cassette Tape) ($5)

Diners- Three (Lost Sound Tapes)- Another album of casually-perfect indie pop from Diners. (Cassette Tape) ($5)

Duzz- Flesh Costume (Reflective Tapes)- Math-punk at its best from Olympia's Duzz. Sounds a little like Neil Hagerty from Royal Trux fronting Unwound. (Cassette Tape) ($5)

Home Tapers, Vol. 1: 1980s-1990s (Why The Tapes Play)- A compilation from the "haze of the cassette revolution." Home recorded music from the 1980s and 1990s stretching from bedroom pop to long-form ambient to lo-fi electronic. (CD) ($9)

Indira Valey- No Me Tengas No Miedo (Antiquated Future Records)- An EP of textural surprises and casual wizardry from Portland's Indira Valey. (Cassette Tape + Digital Download) ($7)

Long Gone- Seven Songs (Reflective Tapes)- Members of hardcore punk bands playing country-tinged indie rock. (Cassette Tape) ($5)

Maxi's World- Elliptical Peach (Reflective Tapes)- Maxi's World latest pop-punk/power-pop gem. (Cassette Tape) ($5)

Meh- Firsts (Reflective Tapes)- San Francisco's Meh makes messy and perfect lo-fi bedroom pop. Distorted bass and bright guitar lines over drum machine beats. (Cassette Tape) ($5)

Pelican Ossman- The Touchstone (Ewe of Now Recordings)- Long-running Portland freak-folk band Pelican Ossman returns with their best yet. (Cassette Tape) ($5)

Perfume-V- Bless x4 (Reflective Tapes)- Led by Mac Pogue from Alien Boy and In Flux, Perfume-V nods to Superchunk, Crayon, and Treepeople. Infectious lo-fi power pop out of Portland. (Cassette Tape) ($5)

Rabbits to Riches- Hold (self-released)- Power-pop perfection from Philly's Rabbits to Riches. (Cassette Tape) ($5)

Sara Renberg- Night Sands (Antiquated Future Records)- Deadpan and vulnerable, grounded and surreal, Sara Renberg's indie-pop songs are small worlds that envelop and surprise. A record about the desire for and fear of intimacy; about being 32, gay, and single. (Cassette Tape + Digital Download) ($5)

Snow Roller- XXL (Reflective Tapes)- An album of addicting, scrappy indie rock from Portland's Snow Roller. Reminiscent of Butterglory, Good Luck, and the Jason Loewenstein side of Sebadoh. (Cassette Tape) ($5)

Squill- Bury It (Lost Sound Tapes)- Both restrained and perpetually on the verge of losing control, becoming wild and unhinged, Bury It is an album to sink into and get lost in. Long-awaited! (Cassette Tape) ($5)

Static Savant & Black Hill- Split Tape (Why the Tapes Play)- A split between Spain's Static Savant and Hungary's Black Hill. Folky post-rock instrumentals, bedroom folk, and some unforeseen surprises. (Cassette Tape) ($7)

Ugly Lovers- Flood (Reflective Tapes)- Three pieces of sludgy post-punk from Olympia's Ugly Lovers. (Cassette Tape) ($5)

Vintage Cassette Grab Bag- Now with SIX tapes from our ever-growing collection of pop music and oddities. (Cassette Tapes) ($10)


*If you're still in need, we have just a few 2018 calendars + planners left (all marked down to cost!).

*Our dear buddies at Eberhardt Press are, after ten years in their warehouse space, are getting kicked out suddenly due to a crappy developer trying to destroy everything good about Portland. There are fewer more generous, community-oriented businesses than Eberhardt. In addition to being a radical press, they're a print shop who often does affordable work for activist groups, nonprofits, small publishers, record labels, and artists they believe in. If you're able to donate to their Kickstarter to help them relocate, you would be helping some really deserving folks.

*Local comic artist Alex Chiu recently talked to Oregon Public Broadcasting about the aggression he faced while painting a mural that represented his culturally-diverse community in Portland.

*Our friend and vital member of the zine community Alex Wrekk is raising legal-fee funds to combat a lawsuit.

*People have said some really kind words about Sara Renberg's new album, including Various Small FlamesAustin Town Hall, and Autostraddle. She's also done a Hi54lofi Highly Recommended column and Track by Track column for the UK blog Overblown, both of which are very fun.

*We recently lost the great Ursula K. LeGuin. There was no one quite like her. If you're looking to celebrate her life through diving into the works and ideas she left behind, our pal David Naimon (of the great Between the Covers podcast) is releasing a book of his conversations with Ursula through Tin House Books at the beginning of April. Fun fact: She was a zine lover and wrote the introduction to this zine. We also have a few copies left of this tape of music inspired by UKL's Earthsea series, a fun and bizarre tribute to her wild worlds.

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