Holiday Distro Update

Black River Compendium, Number One- The first literary journal from new Portland press, Black River. Tales of surgeries, trains, carnivals, and grandfathers, all in some way exploring what it means to be in a body. ($7)

Covers: Stories About Musicians- A highly enjoyable series of comics adapted from music biographies. John & Yoko's primal scream therapy, John Coltrane being a good guy, Mike Watt wearing a pumpkin on his head, Kristin Hersh's evil self, and so much more. ($2)

I F#cking Love This Album- Ten zinesters talk about an album they love. From The Wipers to The Breeders, Elton John to Ol' Dirty Bastard. My personal favorite: a delve into five forgotten '90s soundtracks. ($2)

Ilse Content, Vol. 14- The first issue of Ilse Content in years is a perfect, small treasure. In a series of prose poems about journeys, small joys, daily heartbreaks, and finding home, Alexis Wolf looks at the ways we connect and the moments we create. ($2)

A Poetic Theory of Plate Tectonics & Other Poems- Two poetry zines in one by Tomas Moniz. Bodies in relation to the various movements of the earth, unlearning the socialized expectations of what manhood looks like, and much more. ($3)

Revolution Daze- While on tour with a Sudanese-Egyptian band in 2011, Themba Lewis found himself in the middle of a revolution. Revolution Daze is a document of that time through the lives of those around him. ($7)
Truckface #18: We're in This Together- The new issue of one of the all-time best zines. Broken jaws, grief, crying at work, and being healed through letters from friends and gifts in the mail. ($3)
Where You From #5: I Am Not From Here/This is My Home- Hope examines the idea of moving back home to a place you are not from. A year-long commute between Baton Rogue and New Orleans serves as the jumping point into stories, observation, and endless conversations about home and place. ($5)

Advrb- Like Like- An album in ten vignettes. Relationships, almost relationships, last frost walks, A.A. Milne recitations. Lyric-driven jangle pop in the lineage of Jonathan Richman, Jason Anderson, and Eleanor Friedberger. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)
Antiquated Future Records Tape Pack- All 12 in-print tape from our label for less than half the price. Just a few of these left! ($30)
Polka Dot Dot Dot- SyzygySyzygy is a classic of Northwest folk-pop, which we're overjoyed to be carrying on vinyl for the first time. Harps and hand-claps and harmonies, and the combined songwriting genius of Colleen Johnson (Flying Circles), Jordan O'Jordan, and Onyx of Olympia. (LP) ($12)
Secret Drum Band- Dynamics- The unstoppable forces of Lisa Schonberg (Kickball, Explode Into Colors), Allan Wilson (!!! chk chk chk), and Heather Treadway (Explode Into Colors) combine composing talents to create Secret Drum Band's first full length record, Dynamics, an epic of percussion-driven avant-garde. (LP) ($20)
Audre Lorde Postcard- "I Am Deliberate and Afraid of Nothing," an Audre Lorde postcard. ($1)
Greetings From Here Postcard- A letterpressed postcard from Hope Amico. ($3)

Hummingbird Pocket Journal- A hummingbird in flight. In pocket journal form. ($2)

James Baldwin Fire Next Time Postcard- A quote from James Baldwin's The Fire Next Time, beautifully letterpressed. ($3)

James Baldwin Light the Match Postcard- A James Baldwin portrait by LB Briggs of Truckface​ zine. ($1)
*First off: the 2017 Bestsellers List is here! Check out what folks were into this year. 
*In other news: 2018 calendars + planners are all in, a steady stream of restocks keep showing up, we put out another newsletter from the tape label side of things (which includes a Bandcamp sale through the end of the year), and we even have some holiday cards if that's your thing.
*For those curious about holiday shipping: We'll be shipping most days until the morning of December 22nd. Anything shipped by the 19th is guaranteed to arrive (within the U.S.) before Xmas. USPS doesn't guarantee international orders, so we can't make any promises, but we'll keep shipping them.

*In this gift-giving season, remember to support small businesses! A lot of independent businesses are able to stay in business throughout the year because of the income the holidays bring. We wholesale our zines, books, paper goods, and tapes to a lot of really lovely bookstores and variety shops that are super supportive of what we do and very deserving of your support.

*For those of you in Portland, this coming Wednesday, December 13th, we'll be tabling all day at the Publication Fair alongside some of Portland's best small presses and literary organizations. Come say hi!

*For those in the U.S., it seems as if we all need to get used to calling our representatives on a regular basis. So here's a list of senators' phone numbers and a straightforward guide on how best to do it. And keep in mind that there are always plenty of ACLU petitions and White House petitions to sign. 

*Here in Portland, local journalist Emilly Prado does a great weekly calendar called From Slacktivism to Activism, which lists all sorts of benefits and political & social justice gatherings. 

And remember to take care of yourself during the holidays. Until the new year,

Antiquated Future

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