Autumn Distro Update

First off: November marks our 8 year anniversary! So surreal. Thanks to everyone for their support over the years! Never imagined this distro would work out like this. 


8-Track Mind #103.1- Selected notes made while touring around North America in 1995 showing the 8-track devotee film, So Wrong They're Right. Checking out Nancy Sinatra macaroni portraits and going to sleep to Maya Deren films. ($1)

Amtrak: Adventures Through the South- A trip documented through polaroids, postcards, playlists, and plenty of stories. Along the way there are Marfa cowboys, fraternity reunions, lightning storms, and desert domes. ($7)

Drink More Water, Be More Honest: 30 Lessons From My 20s- The new zine from the ever-wise Sarah Mirk (Bitch Media editor, Sex From Scratch author) is pure gold. Drink More Water, Be More Honest: 30 Lessons From My 20s​ takes us through the mini-revelations of a difficult decade. Brilliant, hilarious, and adorable, this is a must-read zine for anyone, at any age. ($5)

POPs #1: Parents on Parenting- In this, the first issue of POPs, parents weigh in on the various struggles and joys of raising kids. Within: step parenting, custody battles, images of masculinity, navigating the autism spectrum, and so much more. ($3)


Brenna Sahatjian- The Ruby- Personal, mythological, slyly political chamber folk-rock epics from Portland cellist Brenna Sahatjian. (Cassette + digital download) ($7)

Chung Antique- Artesian Swell/Norse Code- Two blistering bursts of addicting instrumental brilliance from Seattle's finest. (7" + digital download) ($8)

Gossimer- Close the Circle, Lay the Stones- Weighted, open songs that give chills. Haunting, hypnotic drone folk for fans of Gowns, Tiny Vipers, and Lau Nau. (Cassette) ($7)

Phoxii- La Comandante- Get ready while Phoxii (AKA: Foxdye) takes you on an IDM and breakcore-laden techno journey. La Comandante is her bouncy, in-your-face, impossible-not-to-move-to, mini-epic of clit worship. (LP + digital download) ($12)


The End of My Career- The brand new book from the one-and-only Martha Grover, author of the long-running Somnambulist zine. ($10)


2017 Justseeds & Eberhardt Press Organizer (Large Size)- A yearly favorite. This collaboration between the Justseeds Artists' Cooperative and our go-to printer extraordinaire, Eberhardt Press, is a stunning planner, unlike any other. ($13)

2017 Justseeds & Eberhardt Press Organizer (Pocket Size)- A more compact Organizer. With full-color, politically-minded spreads from Justseeds artists. ($10)


*This weekend is Seattle's ever-awesome Short Run Comix & Arts Festival.

*Next weekend is the very first Eugene, Oregon zine fest, Euzine.

*On December 3rd, we'll be in Seattle for the annual Vera Project & Hollow Earth DIY Holiday Fair. This was the very first event we sold our wares at (mere weeks after the distro began in 2008) and we've been going every year since. It holds a special place in our hearts.

*Our pal Chloe Eudaly (owner of the long-running Reading Frenzy zine shop) is running for Portland City Council. If you live here, you should vote for her! Zinesters don't run for political office very often.

*In an effort to change the fact that most people buy the same 5-10 things, we've been doing a series of posts called Often Overlooked Corners of the Distro. So far: Zine AnthologiesLiterary Journals, and the Patches of Corina Dross. More to come.

*The UK music blog Wake the Deaf gave some in-depth reviews to both of our latest Antiquated Future Records releases, Appalachian Yard Art's Fussy and Jordan O'Jordan's Through Tough Thoughts.

*Our favorite cassette tape reviewer Joshua Pickard reviewed Appalachian Yard Art's album in his column The Tape Deck.

*Our friends at Pioneers Press are fundraising for a new book from Trace Ramsey (of the Quitter zine).

*NPR debuted a new track from our friends Mega Bog.

*Zachary Auburn (author of so many great zines and books) was on the Jenny McCarthy radio show promoting the book version of How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety. It's kind of amazing. And as a reminder: the How to Talk to Your Cat zines are almost out of stock for good!

*One of our favorite bands in the world Remembran played some new songs on the mighty! radio show.

*West Coast electronic musician Lauren Bousfield needs help dealing with medical bills after enduring severe burns in a Los Angeles apartment complex fire. If you can, please support her GoFundMe.

*David Gutowski of the long-running Largehearted Boy music/literary blog is dealing with some serious medical issues and there's a fundraiser to help with his medical bills. He's been amazingly supportive to independent writers, musicians, labels, and presses for so long. If you're able to help, he's very deserving.

*As many of you know, the Standing Rock Sioux pipeline protest continues, and the nonviolent protesters have been enduring an infuriating and heartbreaking amount of violence and injustice. Anything we can do to help from afar should be done. There's this list of ways to assist, the Sacred Stone Legal Defense Fund, this White House petition, you can also contact the banks funding the pipeline, and you can contact the cops who sent militarized police to Standing Rock. Our hearts go out to all the protesters.

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