Antiquated Future Almost Fall Distro Update


Better Feminism Workbook- In Better Feminism Workbook, Jennifer Williams lays out a series of questions to help people of all genders dig deeper into their intentions, assumptions, and relationship patterns. ($8)

A Great and Terrible Golden Age #2: Movies of the 1930s- Within: a Joan Crawford rich person solo sport montage, Soviet sci-fi, the pompous genius of "the fifth Marx Brother" Margaret Dumont, Greta Garbo's only rom-com, and Ernst Lubitsch galore! ($5)

A Great and Terrible Golden Age #3: Movies of the 1930s- An entire zine dedicated to the one-and-only Claudette Colbert. Essays and comics about her controversial (and motion picture industry-altering) boobs in Cecil B. DeMille's 1932 film The Sign of the Cross and her year of ruling Hollywood. ($5)

The Important Business Ladies' Guide to Important Business for Ladies- The working world as a woman, explored through comics, essays, and other surprising and interesting forms. All great. Best part: the work histories of the authors' moms and grandmas. ($7)

New American Comedy, Vol. 1- The first zine from the Brooklyn monthly performance showcase, New American Comedy. Within: A complete list of sins, a new kind of prohibition, Michael Jackson's ghost, what happens after you steal a good joke, and so much more. Edited by Zach Mandeville of Funwater Awesomezine fame. ($5)

Sugar Needle #40- In this, the 40th issue of the long-running candy zine Sugar Needle, Corina and Phlox review more oddball varieties of sweets. Also: imaginary candy, personalized candy for friends, and how to get a candy penpal. ($2)

What Are You Raising Them For?: '70s Hippie Parenting- Using '70s hippie literature and the experiences of adults raised in nontraditional settings as source material, Tim Devin examines where counterculture parenting ideas were coming from, how well they were working, and what we can take away from it all today. ($7)

Women of Color #12: Zines- This issue of Women of Color is all about the love of zines. Essays and comics from A'misa Chiu, Cathy Camper, Anna Vo, kollodi, Celina Hernandez, Kesheena, and Eileen Chavez. And Tonya Jones interviews LaMesha Staples of the great Cocoa/Puss zine. ($5)


Appalachian Yard Art- Fussy (Antiquated Future Records)- Seattle's Appalachian Yard Art has been building an impressive catalog of lo-fi psych folk oddities over the last few years. Fussy is their most concise and unified effort so far—nine surprising, noisy, and often sublime songs. Minimalist outsider mini-epics. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)

Iji- Bubble (Lost Sound Tapes/Team Love)- '70s-tinged psych power-pop party music for the future. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)

Jordan O'Jordan- Through Tough Thoughts (Antiquated Future Records)- The 12 songs on Through Tough Thoughts serve as postcards from the road. Tales of leaving and returning. Small epics about failure and hope-in-the-face-of-adversity. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)

Little Angry- Place & Care (Self-released)- The solo project of Evan Hashi (Flying Circles, Shaggy Sample). Place & Careis the work of an ace songwriter and tireless experimenter, traveling from minimalist meditations to bass-heavy krautrock psychedelia with ease. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)

Parasol- Affliction (Lost Sound Tapes)- Heart-wrenching, inspiring punk anthems from Parasol--whose members have also created music in Squilll, G.L.O.S.S., and Box Fan. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)

Sister Grotto- You Don't Have to Be a House to Be Haunted (Self-Released)- A cohesive collection of slow-burning epics that hypnotize like nothing else. A minimalist masterpiece. Easily one of the best albums of the year. (Cassette) ($5)

SOAR- Wilt (Lost Sound Tapes)- A perfect garage-pop EP from members of Watercolor Paintings, Void Boys, Joyride!, and Dreamspoiler. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)

Tucker Theodore- Antimotivational Sleep Tapes (Inanambulance)- Mind-warping sounds to supposedly go to sleep to. Tape hiss, reverse guitar loops, Sister Grotto samples, answering machine messages from Mom. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)


Aloft Alight- Gaia Thomas' latest chapbook is both precise and casual, filled with moments that punch you in the gut and stick in your mind. A history of trauma and a path toward healing. ($11)


Tales from the Trails Postcard Club- A postcard subscription/correspondence club from the one-and-only Jordan O'Jordan. A year of postcards, a couple LPs, his latest tape, and some surprises. The price even includes shipping! ($35)


Big Big Wednesday, Issue Four- The new issue from our favorite literary journal. Poetry, fiction, essays, illustrations, and photography under the theme of "partial." 24 contributors, including Ben Lerner, Jennifer Williams, Claudia Lars, Haley Rene Thompson, Emily Carr, and Francesca Capone. ($15)


*The Olympia Zine Fest is almost here! October 1st & 2nd, with a stellar library punk show kick-off on September 30th. And Osa Atoe of Shotgun Seamstress zine is the festival's guest of honor!

*Eugene, Oregon will be having their very first zine fest (Euzine Fest) on November 12th.

*The book version of How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety is up for pre-order! Which also mean the How to Talk to Your Cat zine series is almost out of print! Only a handful of copies left.

*Byron Coley (of Forced Exposure and Bull Tongue) reviewed the new tape from Flying Circles in the latest issue of The Wire.

*The great Rose Melberg (of The Softies, Tiger Trap, etc.) is getting a much-deserved tribute with an LP of Rose Melberg covers coming out soon on February Records. And if you haven't checked out her latest band Knife Pleats, do yourself a favor and pick up their tape.

*In sad zine world news: zine historian and feminist disability advocate Alison Piepmeier passed away last month. The College of Charleston, where she taught, is taking donations to establish the Alison Piepmeier Scholarship.

*Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Terence Crutcher. So sad and unjust.

*Through the many horrible things that have been happening in the world, the Standing Rock Sioux protests against the Dakota Access pipeline continue to be an inspiration and a lesson in rising up against horrible things. Gozamos has published a list of 12 ways you can support the protestors at Sacred Stone Camp.

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