Holiday Distro Update

Ease Your Mind: Herbs for Mental Health- A comprehensive guide to mental health herbalism! Arranged by symptom rather than plant, this guide is easier to use and more accessible than most. Questioning common views on mental health, the zine also offers a lot of words about living in an out of balance world. ($5)

No Place for a Vacation- A Birthright trip to Israel turns into an extended head trip. Leading into the middle of the everyday struggle in Palestine's West Bank and attempting to be a tourist in post-revolution Egypt. ($4)
Nuts! #17- One large newsprint sheet of sheer madness. It's always a pleasure. ($2)

Srviv #3- Short essays on what it takes to get out of bed in the morning. Words by Alice Bag, Alex Wrekk, Joshua James Amberson, Jim Joyce, Kelli Callis, and many more. ($3)

Utopia- Exploring the American utopia by way of dirty punk houses, Jean Baudrillard, and rusty bowling alley signs. ($2)
Where You From: New Hampshire in the '80s- Reflections on life in late '80s/early '90s small town New Hampshire, set against major news events of the time period. From the Challenger explosion to the L.A. Riots to hometown police brutality, Hope covers a lot of ground and does it well. ($3)

2016 Lunar Phase Calendar- A ridiculously gorgeous creation showing the moon rising over night-blooming flowers. Designed by Nina & Sonya Montenegro, printed by Portland's own Eberhardt Press. ($16)
Fill in the Blanks Holiday Newsletter- Brilliantly-styled Mad Libs holiday card from Hope Amico. Letterpressed and already stamped! ($5)
Useful and Sad Postcard- It's Hard to Be Useful and Sad. A letterpress postcard from Hope Amico. ($3)

Amy and the Dancebox- Good Report Card- Amy and the Dancebox should be be a household name. New standards of '80s-influenced synth pop. Heartbreak dance party. (Cassette) ($5)

The Bundles- S/T- Kimya Dawson, Jeffrey Lewis, Jack Lewis, Anders Griffen, and Karl Blau combine to make sweet tragi-comic folk-pop. A hidden jewel of a supergroup. Now available on vinyl! (LP) ($10)

Deadbeat- The Basement Tracks 3/Kaos the Diva- A tape that goes from quiet folk-pop to experimental noise-pop without either feeling forced or unnatural. Deadbeat is both pop songwriter extraordinaire and destroyer of sound. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)

Gosh!- S/T- Fuzzy, fun garage rock from Chicago. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)

Hard Femme- Masculinity and Other Inconveniences- Queer indie pop anthems. A very necessary addition to any tape collection. (Cassette) ($5)
Knife Pleats- Hat Bark Beach- Rose Melberg (of The Softies and Tiger Trap fame) teams up with members of Love Cuts to make an album of twee-punk goodness. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)

Mandarin Dynasty- The kind of power-pop album that doesn't come around every day. Nods to Billy Bragg, Jonathan Richman, Nick Lowe, and decades of heartbreak pop. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)

Richard Album- Saturday Night Album- Pure pop brilliance from the one-and-only Richard Album. Bedroom electro-pop of the highest order. Nine originals and the best Luther Vandross cover ever. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)


Incandescent, Issue Eight- The newest issue of the Portland photography journal Incandescent brings together photographers from around the world to respond to the theme “Of Time and Light." ($14)

Retrospect: A Tazewell's Favorite Eccentric Zinethology- Selections from the long-running zine Tazewell’s Favorite Eccentric, collected into one smartly-designed paperback book. ($13)

Basic Paper Airplane Pack- All six in print issues of Basic Paper Airplane, wrapped up with an actual paper airplane. ($10)
Bird Pad Pack- Five of Eberhardt Press' famous bird pads. Pocket-size, unlined notepads from paper remnants left over from the paper cutter that are too small to print on. ($10)

Music Grab Bags- Three limited time grab bags. Surprises for the musically adventurous. ($10)


*We'll be in Seattle on December 13th for the 8th Annual DIY Holiday Fair put on by Hollow Earth Radio and the Vera Project. This is one of our favorite events of the year. If you're around, come say hi.
*Correction from the last newsletter: The link we sent out to Corespondents' new video was wrong! Due to a copy and paste error, the link led to a bible sermon video instead of the music video. (Whoops.) Follow the link above for modern dancers briefly traveling the streets of Seattle, and you can also listen to the song on our Soundcloud (and of course buy the whole album over on our Bandcamp page).

*In other music video news: Our Portland buddies Mandarin Dynasty also have a new video from their album Feedback Time. Olympia's Oh Rose has a new video from their album Seven. And (while not brand new) just noticed that Hot Tears has a video off of The Chorus.
*The first single from Sara Renberg's latest Antiquated Future Records album, Emily Songs, was on Birp's November playlist.

*Basic Paper Airplane #9 got some nice reviews in this month's issue of Razorcake and Zine Nation.

*Reighnbeau has been doing some stunning collaborations of late. First a gorgeous collaboration with Sister Grotto (whose new album came out on AF Recs in October) and now two glitchy pop gems with Colleen Johnson (of Silver Shadows and formerly of Upside Drown) on vocals. Highly recommended.

*And this is a chaotic time to be a person in the world. There are no easy answers, but thanks to everyone supporting refugee rights, Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood, and (in any way) trying to make this world a kinder and more just place. You're doing good work. Keep it up.
Until the new year,
Antiquated Future

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