2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Annie Murphy's graphic novels- Ancient symbols and nineteenth century spiritualists.
Basic Paper Airplane pack- All six in-print issues of Basic Paper Airplane, wrapped up with an actual paper airplane.
Eberhardt Press zines- Give the gift of radical history and reproductive rights activism.
How to Talk to Your Cat... (zine series)- These three informational guides to having difficult conversations with your cat are universal hits.
Incandescent photo journal- Photographers from around the world, gathered and assembled into print right here in Portland.
Lenae Days magazines- Gloriously odd conceptual art pieces in magazine form.
My Complicated Relationship With Food (zine series)- The most hilarious $1 presents you can buy.
Nuts! fanzine- For all the freak art punks on your shopping list.
The Prince Zine- Everything you've ever wanted to know about Prince.
The Process of Letting Yourself Have a Creative Process- A creative workbook, in zine form.
Rad Dad Magazine- Great writers tell stories of radical parenting successes and follies.
Shit's Fucked: A Positivity Guide- Our most gifted item of all.
Tater Totter- Our favorite zine for kids.
That Was Zen, This is Sudoku- Playing games, mindfully.
Tom Tom Magazine- The one-and-only magazine for female drummers.


Bird Pad Pack- Five classy bird notepads (made from recycled and reused materials) for ten dollars.
Greeting Card Packs- From adorable to disturbing, packs of greeting cards to fit any taste.
Holiday Cards- Shake up holiday card expectations with these letterpressed seasonal cards.
The Letterpressed Postcards of Hope Amico- Inspirational and gorgeous.
Tarot Journals- A journal to record your readings and spreads.


Big Big Wednesday, Issue 3- A very handsome literary journal for your bookish pals.
DIY Guide to Drums- An unintimidating and highly informative guide to learning to play drums.
The Honorable Obscurity Handbook- A handbook for all the wandering creatives in your life.
Love is Not Constantly Wondering if You're Making the Biggest Mistake of Your Life- A tragically funny Choose Your Own Adventure-styled memoir.
Make it Last: Prolonging + Preserving What We Love- A clean, easy to use, and accessible guide to creating a more sustainable life.
Miami, You've Got Style: A Little Golden Girls Book- A coffee table book for all Golden Girls fans.
Shotgun Seamstress Zine Collection- A celebration of black punk and underground culture.
Stolen Sharpie Revolution- The essential guide to getting your zine on.



2016 Organizers- Get organized in style.
2016 Lunar Phase Calendar- A gorgeous print of 2016's lunar phases.
2016 Moon Calendars- Connecting with the moon and the natural world throughout the year.
The Best Game Ever- For all your game-loving, zine-nerding friends.
Deth P. Sun Stickers, Koozies, and Tote Bags- A cat-like creature going on adventures and taking naps.
Portable Fortitude- A deck of cards with the flexibility to be playing cards or talismans.



Antiquated Future Records releases- Futuristic pastimes. On cassettes, LPs, and the pages of zines. Also giftable in digital form on Bandcamp (as a whole, or individually).
Music Grab Bags- Surprises (and lots of them). Good deals abound for the musically adventurous.
The music of Corespondents- The Seattle instrumental band Corespondents makes unpredictable music with a surprisingly wide appeal and makes a great (and perfectly weird) gift.
The Summer Soul compilation series- Themed soul mixtapes to show you care.
Yoyo Records compilations- Classic Olympia compilations from the 1990's. From Bikini Kill to Elliott Smith. The last of the original printings!

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