Should-Be Bestsellers

Not long ago, we put together our bestsellers (so far) of 2013. I always love making those lists, but also leave feeling baffled by what isn't on there. These are ten of the ones that I think should be bestsellers.

1. Syndicate Product #20.0: Meta Comics Issue (Zine)
One of my favorite zines in our catalog!

2. Jordan O' Jordan- Drawn Onward (CD)
Why this album didn't make Jordan O' Jordan a household name is beyond me.

3. A Fort Made of Doors by Casey Fuller (Book)
Some people think they don't like poetry. Those people haven't read Casey Fuller.

4. Max Ernst Postcard Pack (Postcards)
I think I've bought most of these.

5. The Body is a Wild Wild Thing (Zine)
I'm going to go as far as saying that this zine is important and everyone should read it.

6. Moon Diary (DVD)
Such an amazing animated film.

7. The magazines of Lenae Day (Magazines)
Anyone who picks up one of these is instantly amazed and confused.

8. Corespondents- Ur (CD)
While I absolutely love their new album, this is still my favorite. Fun and mysterious instrumental music for any occasion.

9. Frida Kahlo Card (Greeting Card/Postcard)
This is so pretty and Frida Kahlo is such a bad ass. Why would it not be a bestseller?

10. Portable Fortitude Card Deck (Playing Cards)
A versatile and amazing deck of art.

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