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The past week has been pretty music-centric around here, what with the release of the new volume of our long-running Well, I Don't See Why Not compilation series and the new album from experimental folk artist David Thomas Broughton. Well, I Don't See Why Not got a lovely premiere on FensePost, a great release party headlined by Upside Drown, while the David Thomas Broughton album has been selling like crazy with his cult-ish fanbase (and will probably be out of print by the end of the month!), and both have been in the bestseller lists on Bandcamp.

But we've also been making plans to sit at tables in many cities in the coming months. We'll be selling our wares at the Hollow Earth/Vera Project DIY Holiday Fair on Dec. 14th in Seattle, The Northern Holiday Craft & Rummage Sale on Dec. 15th in Olympia, and (fingers crossed) the L.A. Zine Fest on Feb 16th. We're also doing this totally unheard of thing and actually sending out our Fan Club for November on time. So a lot going on and much to look forward to.

New Zines
Butt to the Future (Comic Zine) ($6)
Don't let the toilet fool you: this comic zine is more than it appears. That toilet travels through time and the girl on it is assigned to save the universe. All the while keeping up with her diary. This comic is beautifully-inked and fun throughout.
Cheer the Eff Up #5 (Zine) ($3)
Jonas' unorthodox letter to his unborn child holds so much in an entirely unassuming package. It's a time capsule that includes reflections on family, youthful ambitions, aging in punk, work, gender identity and fatherhood, and the way things change.
Marked for Life #9 (Zine) ($1.50)
One of those rare personal zines that manages to cover a lot of ground, be casual and insightful, cover heavy territory while staying positive, and just be everything you want from a personal zine without it being a big deal.
Zach (author of Love is Not Constantly) discusses his unusual relationship with food by reviewing a variety of, seemingly, simple and common foods. What comes out is uncommonly hilarious and fascinating.
Nuts #12 (Zine) ($4)
Unlike anything else running today. This issue is another ridiculously oversized extravaganza. Interviews with Dawn of Humans, Pharmakon, and Nomad. A punk paper that cries over Sinead O'Connor's "Black Boys on Mopeds." You know it's gotta be good.
A selection of articles from out of print issues of Paper Radio, plus new pieces on media and radio culture. Highlight: the history of wrist-watch radios.
Social Studies #2 (Zine) ($2)
In a handful of pages, DJ Frederick manages to include: getting off of drugs and alcohol, the 70s gas crisis, the first time, 4-H, three decades apart from his first born, and working out feelings of abandonment. An interesting journey, for sure.

New Books
"Broken-down trailer parks and gritty classrooms provide the background for this story of a girl searching for her voice." 

New Music
Copy Scams- Copy & Destroy (10-inch) ($10)
A zine-themed punk band with an all-star zinester line-up. Alex Wrekk, Marc Parker, Giz Medium, Paul Burke, and Steve Larder join forces to make zine anthems like "Up For Trades" and "24 Hour Zine Challenge."
David Thomas Broughton- UnAbleTo  (Cassette w/Digital Download) ($7)
David Thomas Broughton's first effort since 2011's Outbreeding, blends his distinctively rich baritone and folk sensibilities with cut up dance beats and harsh noise loops, making an album completely different from anything that's come before it. A jumble of electronic samples, feedback mishaps and manipulations, mixed with folk songs. A study in seeing what happens.
Happy Noose- Amagosa (7-inch) ($5)
Adding some goth to their pop, Olympia punks Happy Noose bring three originals and a version of the never-released Joy Division song, "Pictures in My Mind." Produced by Tim Green (Nation of Ulysses, the Fucking Champs). On beautiful rose marble vinyl.
Happy Noose- S/T (LP) ($10) 
Catchy, fun punk out of Olympia. With a healthy nod to UK punk of ol', Happy Noose plays a timeless sort of punk and mixes it with some subtle Northwest darkness to create something that's uniquely their own.
The Maxines- Drugstore (7-inch) ($5)
Four songs of Oly garage rock insanity. Part of the International Pop Underground series from our friends at K Records.
The Maxines- Queer Mods (7-inch) ($5)
Four dirty garage rock songs from Olympia's own The Maxines.
Well, I Don't See Why Not Vol. Four (Cassette w/Digital Download) ($5)

The return of our long-running compilation series! Featuring twenty-two previously unreleased songs by under-appreciated artists from the Pacific Northwest and beyond. 
Cover art by Ariel Birks, covers printed by Eberhardt Press. Comes with digital download code, track listing, and liner notes. Hand-stamped and hand-numbered first edition of 100 copies.


Nuts, #11 (Zines) ($4)
Tater Totter #1 (Zine) ($5)
Tater Totter #2 (Zine) ($5)

Just one thing: Next week is the beginning of Poppet's tour and the end of Eleanor Murray's tour, both not-too-be-missed. 

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