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We're lucky enough to have an amazing group of independent retail stores that carry the things we make and distribute. Here's a list of stores currently carrying some of the Antiquated Future catalog. 
We strongly encourage everyone to support these independent businesses and appreciate them supporting us. They are all super great folks.

Azla & Tesh (Los Angeles, Ca)- Awesome vegan Ethiopian restaurant.
Book Show (Los Angeles, Ca)- New carnival-esque book store inside an art gallery.
Boxcar Books (Bloomington, In)- Non-profit bookstore and community meeting space.
Brownstone Cowboys (Brooklyn, NY)- From stylish clothes to Antiquated Future tapes.
Cosmic Monkey Comics (Portland, Or.)- A store of fun.
Flutter (Portland, Or)- A wonderful shop of assorted goodness.
Fuse Art Space (West Yorkshire, UK)- Brand new art space with zines, music, books, photography, and more.
Guestroom Records (Norman, Ok)- Awesome long-running Norman/OKC record shop.
Harmony Society (Carlisle, Pa)- New shop of vintage and new clothes and small gifts of many varieties.
Kitkitdizzi (Nevada City, Ca)- Diverse shop in an old Victorian building.
Luna Music (Indianapolis, In)- Great record store with a wide selection.
Mission: Comics & Art (San Francisco, Ca)- Fine art, comic art, and pop culture. In store form.
The Nearsighted Narwhal (Tacoma, Wa.)- A new shop of small press and independent publishing.
Orca Books (Olympia, Wa)- Orca has our heart.
Park Hill Orchard (Easthampton, Ma)- Apples, cider, art in the orchard, zines and books at the farm stand.
Powell's Books (Portland, Or)- Mega-bookstore with an excellent small press section curated by Kevin Sampsell.
Quimby's Books (Chicago, Il)- Zine Mecca.
Rainy Day Records (Olympia, Wa)- Long-running Olympia record shop of awesomeness.
reNeu Boutique (Fredericton, NB, Canada)- A variety shop in Fredericton, New Brunswick.
Skylight Books (Los Angeles, Ca)- Beautiful and comfortable with a great small press area.
Vlad the Retailer (Los Angeles, Ca)- Clothes, zines, music, jewelry, and more.
ZimZim (Portland, Or.)- Portland novelty good store.
(And if you'd like to join this list, check out our Wholesale page with some of our most commonly wholesaled items. Also helpful: our Bestsellers list, Should-be Bestsellers list, and the Gift Ideas tag.)

And if you'd like to join this list, check out our Wholesale page with some of our most commonly wholesaled items. Also helpful: our Bestsellers list, Should-be Bestsellers list, and Gift Ideas tag.


Rich Monday said...

Hello from California. We love your shop and everything you do for the small press publisher. Have a prosperous 2014.

Stop by my new blog anytime, I will be doing your review soon, I'll let you know when. Take care

The Zineiac

Antiquated Future said...

Thanks, Rich! The blog looks great.