Welcome to Antiquated Future

After almost five years as the Ms. Valerie Park Distro, today we officially changed our name to Antiquated Future. Which is exciting/scary/awkward in the way that name changes always are. While it doesn't change all that much about how we're run or anything like that, but does feel like a new beginning.

If you're curious what prompted the name change, here's a little list:

1. Ms. Valerie Park Distro caused much confusion, since it's not run by Valerie Park, but started in tribute to her. And the fact that she's not famous, or dead, made the tribute part of it kind of weird.

2. We found out the hard way that, these days, only people in the zine community really know the term "distro." And since not all of our customers and artists are in that world, it felt a little alienating to those who weren't.

3. We've been doing a small tape/record label called Antiquated Future Records. We're also about to put out a book on Antiquated Future Press and start a pop-up shop in Portland called Antiquated Future, so it seemed right to say: all one! (thank you, crazy Dr. Bronner)

4. Antiquated Future seems descriptive of what we do: spread print and physical mediums through digital means. Employing the future to preserve the past.

Hope you enjoy what's to come,

Joshua James & Chask'e
Antiquated Future


I Love Bad Movies said...

All good reasons. Long live Antiquated Future!

Antiquated Future said...

Thank you!