New for September

Other than our new name, of course.

Barbara b/w Photograph- Ruby Fray (7-inch) ($15)
Part of an extremely limited edition (50 copy) run of individually lathe cut 8" square records. Led by Emily Beanblossom of Christmas and backed by a super group of former Olympia all-stars. A true treasure!
The Beauty Between- RVIVR (LP) ($12)Taking their sound beyond its pop punk base into new territory. Songs that are intricate, both musically and lyrically, and also total party anthems. 
Classic Computing #1- David Greelish/Various Artists (Zine) ($3.50)
The history of bugs, vintage computer ads, the mother of invention, and Steve Jobs illegitimate daughter (in computer form) are just a few of the things you'll find within Classic Computing (formerly Historically Brewed).
The Complete Historically Brewed- David Greelish (Book) ($20) All nine issues are now collected in book form! It's a peek into a world full of stories and folklore all its own and the juxtaposition between the computers pictured within and what we use today is fun and at times hilarious.
A zine of short stories created from found photographs of houses. Using the house photo as a jumping point, the short stories that get told are full of an amazing mix of hope and regret.
Dirty Martini- Ruby Fray (CD) ($8)Four songs from K Records recording artist, Ruby Fray. Hazy, witchy, hypnotic, amazing.
Don't Need You- Kerri Koch (DVD) ($15)"Don't Need You is a documentary film that tells the story of the origins of Riot Grrrl in the American independent music scene of the 1990s, and how this feminist movement evolved."
Far Out- Cameron Hostetter (Zine) ($5)A short comic zine about a little guy, a snake, and feeling the connection.
God's Engine #1- Michael Litven (Zine) ($3)
Wordless comics by Ebbits creator, Michael Litven. Within; Identity Politics on Another Plane and more.
How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety- AAP (Zine) ($2)An informative guide to a subject most of us never even consider. You'll be surprised, enlightened, and better able to protect your cat, home, and country.
An epic debut from Tacoma/Seattle band Ire Adrift. Doom metal meets crust punk in an album that is huge and powerful.
A beautiful reprint of this now-classic zine about the rebuilding of New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
Projector- Various Artists (CD) ($9) An Olympia classic. This 1999 Yoyo Recordings studio compilation has 22 songs that give a snapshot of the scene from that era.
Run- Sharkpact (Tape) ($5)Super catchy, in your face, synth punk from Olympia's Sharkpact. The production has been stepped-up for this one and a host of Olympia superstars make guest appearances.
Shotgun Seamstress #6.5: Naija Punx- Osa Atoe (Zine) ($2)
After calling Shotgun Seamstress quits last year, Osa slips in one more "half issue"! Thinking about her own identity as Nigerian and what this looks like when growing up in America.Social Studies #1- DJ Frederick (Zine) ($1.50)Coming to terms with old stories. Starts with a home birth in 1981 while calling the police on an angry neighbor and ends with redemption in a homeless shelter.
That's Cute!That's Weird!That's Fucked up!
- Hot Fruit (Tape) ($5)The brilliantly bizarre Hot Fruit make odd synth pop that always defies expectations.
That Girl #12- Kelli Callis (Zine) ($4)
In Kelli Callis' 12th issue of That Girl, she digs up an old story of travels in India, the dot com boom, and much more. 
Where You From? #1- Hope Amico/Various Artists (Zine) ($3)There are a lot of things I love about this little zine. Its subject, for one (hometowns!). But also its wonderful nostalgia, its sadness, its subtle beauty.
We'll Never Have Paris #10- Andria Alefhi (Zine) ($4)In the tenth issue of the literary nonfiction zine about all things never meant to be, editor Andria Alefhi takes the reins and tells her stories.

*The mega-(not so)indie website, Indie Shuffle did a little write-up on our very own Upside Drown, which made our Soundcloud page go crazy!
*Speaking of Upside Drown, they have this totally fun new music video.
*The 2013 Helsing Junction Sleepover got this great write-up in the Seattle Weekly (and theNorthwest Literary Showcase even got a mention).
*The 2013 Portland Zine Symposium got an awesome write-up on Printeresting and also had a little video about it on the Willamette Week.
*Quickest Flip Magazine has a great new website.
*Olympia punks, Happy Noose, got a fantastic write-up in Spin Magazine.
*For those in Olympia, KAOS radio has an awesome new events calendar.
*Congrats to Briana Marela who funded her recording adventure in Iceland and Poppet whofunded her new album (she also got interviewed on Live By Media recently, by the way.)
*Flavorwire did a wonderful article pairing indie publishers with indie labels and two of our favorite got paired together! Namely: Portland's long-running Future Tense Publishing and Olympia's long-running K Records. Best combo ever.

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