New Zines & New Albums!

This guide to setting boundaries is clear, concise, not bogged down by weighty terms of concepts, and a total pleasure to read. That's right: This zine about boundaries is fun! And it's fun without being shallow or over-the-top. Its analogies are humorous while being totally applicable and it's full of great comics and little drawings.
A concise guide to living with others and sharing resources. Within: the many different types of communal living, the economic and social benefits, how to start one or join one, how to use consensus decision making, and how to make one last.
A down-to-earth, easy to use, and (best of all) inspiring guide for getting to work on your creative projects. Humor and small comics keep it fun throughout.
Ideas of normalcy and their relationship to ideas of beauty are explored by Olympia writer Alice W. Born with a facial condition that puts her outside people's ideas of normal, she shows us a variety of scenes from her life and asks her readers to reconsider, to look at assumptions.
Plus!: Today is the release date for Eleanor Murray's new album, and we recently picked up a piece of post-punk vinyl from France/Olympia band Bitpart, and seven inches of anthemic pop punk from Phoenix's Dogbreth.

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