Mend My Dress (the book!)

The long-running Mend My Dress zine has been anthologized into a book! Just released this week on the new Mend My Dress Press (which has great things planned, like a Ilse Content anthology and some really cool photography books), it's a real exciting thing.
Mend My Dress: Collected Zines 2005-2007
"A beautiful collection of the first six (long out of print) issues of Mend My Dress- a zine that for years has been constantly impressive in its openness and strength. Seeing it in this form puts into perspective how great it is. It’s also one of the best laid out and cleanest zine collections in book form that I have seen. 'Mend My Dress offers a complex, nuanced, and skillfully constructed picture of multifarious girlhood vulnerability. Althought Chestnut writes in a diary-like, stream of consciousness style, her work should not be misinterpreted as simple autobiography; instead, it offers artistic and literary mediation.' – Alison Piepmeier; author of ‘Girl Zines’. 180 pages, trade paperback."

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