March's Distro Update!

Cow Card (Greeting Card) ($3)- An offset print cow card. Blank inside with fun cow facts on the back.
Fewer Mannequins, Vol. 1 (Zine) ($2)- A personal zine from Andria, long-time editor of the excellent ‘We’ll Never Have Paris’ literary zine.
Field Guide to the Aliens of Star Trek TNG, Season Three (Zine) ($1)- Another handy guide to the aliens of Star Trek TNG, through the lens of a 12 year old boy in 1992.
Galapagos Tortoise Card (Greeting Card) ($3)- An offset print card with Galapagos tortoises. Blank inside with fun Galapagos tortoise facts on the back.
The Greatest (Zine/Comic) ($4)- These are portraits from a summer spent working at a small retirement home in Wisconsin.
Hail Seizures/Blackbird Raum- Split Ep (7") ($5)- Some anarcho-folk-punk anthems from Olympia’s own Hail Seizures and Santa Cruz’s Blackbird Raum.
Last Night at the Casino (Zine) ($2)- In Last Night at the Casino, Billy gives us a glimpse at casino life from the eyes of a newbie dealer.
Mend My Dress: Collected Zines 2005-2007 (Book) ($12.99)- This month's feature! A beautiful collection of the first six (long out of print) issues of Mend My Dress.
Paper Radio #9 (Zine) ($3)- Dj Fred muses on the state of radio in 2012 (and much more).
Pig Card (Greeting Card) ($3)- An offset print card with an old time image of pigs hanging out with a guy reading a book (as they tended to do, in the old days).
The Revolution Began Yesterday (Postcard) ($1)- An offset print postcard from Portland’s Radix Media.

2012 Organizer from Justseeds & Eberhardt Press (Planner) ($8)- By demand. Evidently, we gave in too soon last year.
Awkward Sex (Zine) ($4)
Field Guide to the Aliens of Star Trek TNG, Season One (Zine) ($2)
Field Guide to the Aliens of Star Trek TNG, Season Two (Zine) ($1)
Love is Not Constantly Wondering if You're Making the Biggest Mistake of Your Life (Book) ($6)
Make Your Place: Affordable, Sustainable Nesting Skills (Book) ($6)
Mend My Dress #7 (Zine) ($1)
Mend My Dress #8 (Zine) ($2)
Miami, You've Got Style: A Golden Girls Book (Book) ($12)
Poppet- Unitard Galaxy (Doll & Digital Download) ($20)
These Here Are Crazy Times #2 (Zine) ($2)
These Here Are Crazy Times #3 (Zine) ($2)
Truckface #15 (Zine) ($3)
Where You From? #2 (Zine) ($2.50)

*Big exciting upcoming thing: Mend My Dress Press, which just released the Mend My Dress collection, is working on releasing an Ilse Content anthology! So cool.
*Speaking of Ilse Content, the Ravenswing blog recently did an awesome (in depth!) review of the last few issues.
*Our dear Mr. Craig Oare was published in the last issue of Works in Progress, with a poem about Olympia political prisoner (and our friend) Sadie- who is due to be released this May Day after 7 years in prison.
*A couple months ago, we helped with the Poppet music video "Lovebot 3000". If you haven't yet checked it out, you really probably should.
*Kendl Winter just released a new album on K Records called "The Mechanics of Hovering Flight" and has been getting great press in the Seattle Weekly and the Weekly Volcano (already the best album of 2012!?!). There's also word is that she might be doing another zine in the near future, after many years off.
*Cindy Crabb (of the unstoppable Doris zine) will be lecturing at Olympia's own Evergreen State College on March 11th, hosted by the Olympia Punk Rock Preservation Society.
*Cindy will also be reading the next night in Seattle at Left Bank Books with Neely Bat Chestnut (of Mend My Dress) and Olympia's own Peregrine Somerville (of Entropy).
*We were in L.A. for the building excitement of last month's very first L.A. Zine Fest and heard that the event was a total success! Zine fest to watch, for sure. We're definitely going to try and make it for next year's.
*In other zine success new, the Denver Zine Library made their fundraising goal (and then some!). So be prepared for much zine awesomeness to come out of Denver.
*The Chicago Zine Fest is happening this weekend and we totally wish we could be there. Big thanks to Mend My Dress Press for bringing MVPD flyers to the fest!
*The Westfield, New Jersey record shop/community space (and friends of friends), Sound Station, recently burned down and are raising money to rebuild. Donations can be made at their Indie Go Go page.
*Our friends in Broken Water are fundraising on Kickstarter to self-release their new album, which sounds amazing and features the incredible Lori Goldston on cello!
*And, lastly, we'd like to say so long to our friend Henry, the Orca Books cat, who passed away a couple weeks ago. We miss you, dude. Donations can be made in his honor to Feline Friends, the best cat rescue and adoption group around.

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