October Distro Update

2012 Famous Faces Wall Calendar (Calendar) ($8)- A wonderfully unique wall calendar. Unnamed pop stars from other eras looking gorgeously otherworldly.
Foxdye- At Our Bleakest (Bonus Tracks) (Tape) ($6)- Hand spray-painted by the artist herself, comes with a digital download code, bordering on weird cassingle- perfect for the Foxdye collector in us all.
French Quarter- Desert Wasn't Welcome (LP) ($12)- Addicting pop music played by extremely competent musicians who know how to make it fun and interesting without ever being over the top.
Lynnae Gryffin- Abigail (CD) ($8)- Of the most hypnotizing order, Portland, Or.‘s Lynnae Gryffin creates songs that are almost not songs, but instead long walks through woodland folklore.
Newsprint Poster (Poster) ($4)- A wall poster of gorgeous photography from Mr. Carson Churchill.
Paper Radio #7 (Zine) ($4)- “The goal of Paper Radio is to help readers connect and reconnect with radio. Unlike other mediums, radio sparks the imagination, it paints scenes with sound, it can be dreamlike of crystal clear, and is as intimate as talking with friends in your living room.”
Shana Cleveland and The Sandcastles- Oh Man, Cover the Ground (Tape) ($6)- Featuring some of Seattle’s best, this is the side project of Shana Cleveland from the K Records’ band The Curious Mystery.
Show & Tell #9 (Zine) ($3)- This issue deals with the ephemeral. In a way that relates to nature, is grounded, feels good (like Autumn).
Timothy Blackman- Everybody Needs Something to Hold Onto (CD) ($10)- New Zealand ambassador to the Northwest, Timothy Blackman, makes carefully crafted folk music.
Trophy Wife- ST (7") ($6)- Imagine The Raincoats organically chopped and screwed. Or a weirder version of Grass Widow or New Bloods.

Awkward Sex (Zine) ($4)
Crescent City Stories (Zine) ($2)
Newish Jewish (Zine) ($2.50)
Shit's Fucked: A Positivity Guide (Zine) ($2)- our bestseller!
Show & Tell #7 (Zine) ($3)
Show & Tell #8 (Zine) ($3)
Takhoma- Old Haunts (Tape) ($5)
These Here Are Crazy Times #1 (Zines) ($2)
These Here Are Crazy Times #2 (Zines) ($2)
These Here Are Crazy Times #3 (Zines) ($2)

French Quarter- Checks & Balances (off Desert Wasn't Welcome)
Lynnae Gryffin- William Reminder (off Abigail)
Shana Cleveland & The Sandcastles- Oh Man, Cover the Ground (off Oh Man, Cover the Ground)
Timothy Blackman- I Can't Blame You (off Everybody Needs Something to Hold Onto)
Trophy Wife- Light Socket (off Self-Titled)

*As the Occupy (everything) movement grows the world over, we'd like to give a hand to the fine folks doing Occupy Olympia. Stopped by today and it's great to see the amazing tent city growing in Heritage Park. Good work to all the folks organizing, expect a donation of some reading material and tea soon.
*Our good pal Casey Fuller will be making his way back home to Olympia for a poetry reading at the Olympia Poetry Network this Wed, October 19th at 6:30pm. The event will be celebrating his winning the Floating Bridge Press chapbook contest and the release of his new book, Fort Made of Doors.
*The ever-amazing Alexis Wolf (Ilse Content, Letters, Hyena in Petticoats) now has a website, dedicated to her writer-ly life. Sounds like she's working on some interesting research in Lyon, France these days, so we can probably expect some cool things from her in the future.
*8-Track Mind, Crescent City Stories, and Angry Violist #3 all got reviewed on One Minute Zine Reviews.
*Submission call: Awkward Sex is now taking submissions for its second issue. The first time it was women telling their stories and this one they're asking for submissions from the men folk. Got a story to tell about some awkward sexual experiences? Submissions can be sent to: awkwardsex(at)gmail(dot)com
*Mend My Dress got a great write-up on Rookie and has been selling like hotcakes as a result.
*Awesome interview with Tomas Moniz of Rad Dad over at the Washington City Paper.
*Our buddy Derek M. Johnson has just released a fantastic album of experimental cello compositions (produced by Mr. Bob Schwenkler) over at Aphonia Recordings.
*Jordan O' Jordan got little write-ups on Earmilk, Said the Gramophone, and Das Klienicum.
*Angelo Spencer et Les Hauts Sommets' track from Well, I Don't See Why Not Vol. 3 made KEXP's Underground Top 30 last month.
*Olympia's own Wolves in the Throne Room were discussed at length in a recent New Yorker article on the new wave of black metal, just a few pages away from a profile on Taylor Swift (which was actually pretty fascinating).
*Our friends at Dropping Gems Records got a mention in the Xlr8r Decibel Fest wrap-up & Seattle Show Gal and their own DJAO spent three weeks in the Top 10 on KEXP's Electronic Charts.
*And lastly, Seattle artist (and former MVPD distro-er) Drew Christie was interviewed by The Atlantic (!) about his amazing animated video about the whale-human musical connection. Highly recommended.
Until next month,

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