This is a busy time of year for creative projects and people organizing cool things. In short: we can't wait until the next newsletter to report the news because then you'll miss out on so much great stuff!
*Albuquerque Zine Fest is this coming weekend! If you're in the area, or are looking for an excuse to take a trip (and who doesn't love the Southwest in fall?), you should go. Sept. 30th-Oct. 2nd. If you go, you'll have a chance to win a Ms Valerie Park Distro gift certificate!
*Awkward Sex is now taking submissions for its second issue. The first time it was women telling their stories and this one they're asking for submissions from the men folk. Got a story to tell about some awkward sexual experiences? Submissions can be sent to awkwardsex(at)gmail(dot)com
*Mr. Karl Blau is doing some much-needed fundraising over at Kickstarter and we so highly encourage you to go over there and lay a few dollars on him. Only a few days left! For the last day, he will be hosting a 24 hour event where a Karl Blau song is played every minute of the day, around the world. It's going to be wonderful.
*Dropping Gems has their own showcase at Decibel Fest in Seattle this Wednesday. Should be an amazing night.
*Our buddy Derek M. Johnson is releasing a fantastic album of experimental cello compositions (produced by Mr. Bob Schwenkler) this weekend. Expect a live performance on Hollow Earth Radio on Sept. 29th and a record release show in Olympia on the 30th. The album can be found over at Aphonia Recordings and our dearest Foxdye will be opening at both performances.
*Some of Olympia's best female poets will be reading at an event called Godiva Speaks this Friday, the 30th at 6pm. Gaia Thomas, Jeanne Lohmann, Lucia Perillo, and many others will be making for a rare gathering of great poets.
More soon.

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