Get Physical

Here's a short list of stores that are currently carrying some items from the MVPD catalog. We get this question a lot and, while they each only carry a small amount of our catalog, it's pretty hard to maintain a physical storefront these days and pretty wonderful that they carry anything at all.
The challenge is a funny contradiction, since cool storefronts are often what makes a town or area of a city seem exciting and fun. A future where there are no independent bookstores, record shops, or second time around clothing stores and only big box stores seems sad (and in so many places is the reality now). In short: independent businesses need your support. We appreciate them supporting us.
Orca Books (Olympia, Wa)
Quimby's Books (Chicago, Il)
Mass Media Records (Costa Mesa, Ca)
Rainy Day Records (Olympia, Wa)
Powell's Books (Portland, Or)
Phantom City Records (Olympia, Wa)
Reunion Vintage (Portland, Or)

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