May/June Distro Update

Chung Antique- Go Poetry (Tape) ($5)- Math-y, instrumental post punk out of Olympia. Melodic, jangly, and easy to get lost in.
Jesus Christ Superzine Vol 2 (Zine) ($3)- After years of waiting, the follow-up to Ariel Birks’ award-nominated zine of adventures as an Evangelical teen is finally here!
Mend My Dress #7 (Zine) ($1)- Another zine that's taken years of absence, now back with intensity.
Moon Diary (DVD) ($12)- In this tragically beautiful short-length animated film, we're given a week through the dream-like eyes of the moon.
The Northern Rail- Eves (CD) ($8)- Beautiful dark folk out of Olympia. Gothic, witch-y, woods-y, lush, completely gorgeous.
Shit's Fucked: A Positivity Guide (Zine) ($2)- This is a small self-help manual by Gina Sarti, who is perhaps the punk rock Sark.
Tattered Dress- Self-Titled (CD) ($10)- Eleanor Murray and Pamela Margon combine to play to make 9 gorgeous songs of old time folk fiddle goodness.
Too Dark to See (Zine/Comic) ($5)- Julia Gfrörer's latest, a story of a relationship’s deterioration and a mysterious shadow side.
VA- Summer Soul Vol. 6 (Tape) ($5)- 23 songs from the early days of soul music when rhythm & blues, early rock n’ roll and doo wop could all be one-in-the-same.
VA- Well, I Don't See Why Not Vol 3 (CD) ($5)- 20 previously unreleased tracks from Olympia, the Northwest, and beyond.
Without Words & Without Kneeling #7 (Zine) ($3)- Another wonderful installment in the Great American Zine Novella (at least that’s what i’m calling it).
Without Words & Without Kneeling: The First Six Issues (Zine) ($6)- Tomas has done the favor of putting together the first six issues into this whopping 96 page(!) zine.

Basic Paper Airplane #3 (Zine) ($3)
Basic Paper Airplane #4 (Zine) ($3)
Dum Thumbz (Zine) ($3)
Jesus Christ Superzine Vol 1 (Zine) ($3)
Letters- Plays Selections from the Tapestry Songbook (CD) ($5)
Letters & If It Ain't Breakfast Don't Fix It- Scattered Areas (CD) ($5)
Nextdoor Neighbors- Magic Vs. The Machine (CD) ($12)
Rad Dad #18 (Zine) ($3)
Rad Dad #19 (Zine) ($3)
VA- Summer Soul Vol 3 (Tape) ($5)
VA- Summer Soul Vol 4 (Tape) ($5)
VA- Summer Soul Vol 5 (Tape) ($5)
Chung Antique- Tim (off Go Poetry!)
Letters- Sacred Chime in Glowing Light (off the Northwest Interpretive Dance comp)
Little Angry- From a Fond Telephone (off Well, I Don't See Why Not Vol. 3)
Mary Wells- Bye Bye Baby (off Summer Soul Vol. 6)
The Nextdoor Neighbors- Magic Vs The Machine (off Magic Vs The Machine)
The Northern Rail- Sighs to the Devil (off Eves)
Tattered Dress- Green Pea (off their Self-Titled)

*This Saturday, May 28th brings the Well, I Don't See Why Not Vol. 3 release party. Right here in Olympia, at The Alamingo household. Twig Palace, Blindfolder, and Letters will all play some tunes, Dj's Electriot, The Baron, and Tristam Shandy will keep the party moving and Chester Malcom will be performing some stand-up comedy. $5, which comes with a copy of the new Well, I Don't See Why Not (if you buy it ahead of time, you get in for free!).
*You can also buy Well, I Don't See Why Not Vol. 3 digitally through Bandcamp. Check it. It is remarkably easy. Pre-order up now, goes on sale first thing Thursday morning.
Summer's almost here. Until then,

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