Antiquated Future newsletter for International Zine Month


2nd Farm and Wilderness Report- The entwined histories of two communal farms that came out of the underground press movement of the 1960s. The ideal zine for anyone interested in the back-to-the-land movement, communal farming, and counterculture history. ($3)

Behind the Wheel #1: A Lyft Driver's Log- The first issue of Behind the Wheel is one of those instant zine classics that only come along every so often. Kelly Dessaint becomes a Lyft driver in a rapidly changing San Francisco and chaos ensues. Within: learning the ropes, techwads, cops, required fist bumps, class war. ($7)

Behind the Wheel #2: Notes From Uber/Lyft- In addition to doing Lyft, Kelly becomes an Uber driver and brings us behind the scenes of the so-called sharing economy—in all its less-than-glamorous glory. ($7)

Behind the Wheel #3: From Uber/Lyft To Taxi- Issue three documents Kelly Dessaint's transition from driving Uber and Lyft to becoming a certified taxi cabi driver. Collected from his San Francisco Examiner column, along with new material, this issue is perfect for anyone wondering about the economic and social consequences of rideshare services. ($7)

Doris #30Doris #30 is full of so many treasures: capturing a swarm of bees, finding community in new places, telling tour stories, forming study groups, and so much more. ($3)

Doris #31Doris #31 is largely built on one long piece about squatting an empty beach house in Cape Cod one off-season long ago, and all the things the experience taught. But there's also: Watching baby lambs being born. What reparations can mean and look like. Good books. ($2.50)

Doris #32- Thinking about what it means to both have close friends and be part of a community. Gratitude for the life lessons Mom taught. A conversation with imprisoned environmental activist Marius Mason. And the first interview in Cindy Crabb's "Anarchists Over 40" series. ($3)

Filling the Void: Interviews About Quitting Drinking and UsingFilling the Void looks at people's various paths to recovery—the assorted ways it can look and the range of things it can mean in a person's life. Essential reading for everyone, regardless of relationship to alcohol or substances. ($4)

Fixer Eraser, Vol. 5- Six stories that are curious, playful, and full of emotional depth. The box of a failed poet, hypothetical dating profiles, a whisper room, speed friending, messages in a bottle, and a ghost that doesn't haunt. ($3)

Mapping Out Utopia: 1970s Boston-Area Counterculture, Book 3 (The Surrounding Communities)- The Mapping Out Utopia zine series is stunning in the depth of its research and the way it examines local history as a microcosm of broad societal change. Brief histories of the environmental movement, corporate boycotts, consumer rights, the peace movement, food cooperatives, and so much more. ($8.50)

Masculinities- In Masculinities, Cindy Crabb (Doris) explores how we're each individually taught about what masculinity is. The zine focuses on the role models (positive or problematic or often both) who guided that education and how it played out. ($4)

Pro Wrestling Feelings #4Pro Wrestling Feelings is the zine where people who don't fit the typical image of professional wrestling fans voice their love. Women, queers, outsiders, and academics all get heard in PWF and it's always a fascinating ride, regardless of your interest in wrestling. ($5)

Pro Wrestling Feelings #5- An epic and fascinating interview with transgender poet Colette Arrand about wrestling as literary muse and her stints as a wrestler and commentator. Wrestling as cinema, the sport's roots in both carnival shows and theater, female pro-wrestling fandom and academia, and so much more. ($5)

Pro Wrestling Feelings #6- In its continuing effort to "untangle the emotional resonance of pro wrestling," Pro Wrestling Feelings #6 examines homophobia and transphobia at wrestling matches, the power imbalances between wrestlers and fans, and promoter Tom Green discusses accessibility and creating welcoming environments. ($5)

That Girl #16- A series of memoir pieces about coming of age in Los Angeles in 1990 and '91. Dating a street punk, going on adventures, seeing Sonic Youth and Nirvana, caught in the middle of warring counterculture scenes, graduating high school, and so much more. ($3)

Thrifty Times #29: Let's Get Weird- Weird Al's worst album, a review of the Cruis'n USA video game, Harlequin romances, the Cabbage Patch Clown, picnic parties, and much more. ($3)

Thrifty Times #43: The '80s Issue- The remnants of the 1980s found in thrift shops. Cyndi Lauper's stone-cold classic She's So Unusual, reviews of the disappointing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Back to the Future video games, terrible cookbooks for the "working woman." ($3)


Ghost Pine: All Stories True- Collected from his long-running and glorious Ghost Pine zine, the book travels across Canada and the U.S., taking us on adventures, introducing us to a multitude of curious characters. Through it all, it's Miller's voice that stands out most—an open-hearted tour guide that you'd follow anywhere. ($15)


Flight Journal- A graph-paper journal to record your plans, designs, ideas, and other flights of mind. ($7)

Max Ernst Greeting Card: The Kiss- A classic, now in greeting card form. ($4)

Max Ernst Greeting Card: The Shoes- A creature made of shoes. ($4)

Max Ernst Greeting Card: The Skeleton- A plant skeleton, the perfect greeting. ($4)


Awkward Energy- Party at Mystery Lake- A perfectly off-kilter power-pop album influenced by '60s harmony-driven pop and filtered through freak-folk inventiveness. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)

Brianna Kelly & Sympathy Pain- Split Tape- Cincinnati artist Brianna Kelly (of Soften) make gorgeous and haunting ambient-pop pieces. A perfect fit for fans of Grouper, Sister Grotto, and Julianna Barwick. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($7)

Kyle Bobby Dunn & Wayne Robert Thomas- KBD/WRT-One side of swirling modern classical drone, a drunk orchestra, distant trumpets like migrating birds. And one side of cinematic builds, layers of strings, crests and breaks. (LP) ($18)

Midwife- Prayer Hands- The latest project of Madeline Johnston of Sister Grotto. Together with collaborator Tucker Theodore, Midwife creates dreamy songs that confront raw emotions, haunted soundscapes that get stuck in your head. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)

The Washboard Abs- Lowlight Visions- Both a continuation of The Washboard Abs' pop prowess and a revelation: a fully-realized vision by a band at the height of its powers. A complex indie-pop album, steeped in jazz and art-pop influences, Lowlight Visions confronts the declining health of a partner and the possibility of loss. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($5)

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