March Distro Update

New Zines

Photos full of mystery and magic.
In the second issue of Chronically Yours (a zine about living with chronic illness), Ariane focuses on the healthcare system. Stories about crossing lines, chronic discrimination, coping mechanisms, and having a team.
An introduction to better understanding rape culture, masculinity and male identity, the porn industry, and consent. A well-written and accessible guide.
Moments of loneliness and tenderness from around the world abound in the latest issue of the Portland-based photography journal/zine/art book Incandescent.
People Make Plans offers tours through mental health clinic waiting rooms, stages of grief, and well-meaning Teach for America programs.
Resist #47 ($4)
Part how to zine and part personal zine, Resist #47 is a text-heavy journey through garden projects, bike projects, life reflections, butchering, instrument making, and much more. Plus: Each zine comes with a packet of seeds!
From playful to heartbreaking, practical to sexy, the micro moments in the second volume of Today Was Unlike Any Other Day are consistently surprising. They catch you off guard and leave you wanting more.

Back in Stock!: A few issues of Ilse Content, the DIY or Don't We? zines series, the zines of Ponyboy Press, the graphic novel zines of Annie Murphy, the excellent and underrated Syndicate Product zines, every in-print issue of Basic Paper Airplane, a couple issues of Let it Sink, the two newest issues of 8-Track Mind, the I Mirage, My Mirage body image zine, the first issue of Today Was Unlike Any Other Day, and The Complete Speculative Red Hot Chili Peppers Fan Fiction.

New Books

The new memoir from Portland writer and musician Nick Jaina. Released on the ever-awesome Perfect Day Publishing.
This book is an extensive update to the bestselling zine Mental Wellness For Everyone! "The Happiest Choice is a comprehensive and yet straight-to-the-point overview of techniques for coping with inclusive guide that includes information pertinent to anyone from mothers and introverts to activists and marginalized groups of people."
This "Solidarity + Sound Advice For Writers and Artists" handbook is a playful book of great depth. The book version of a mixtape.

New Music

Corespondents- lolcats (Cassette + Digital Download) ($7)
Somewhere between film soundtrack, ceremonial folk dance, and psychedelic reverie exists Corespondents.

Back in Stock!: The excellent documentary Don't Need You: The Herstory of Riot Grrrl. And the very last copies of both the Silver Shadows EP and Upside Drown's Mood Music, our all-time bestselling Antiquated Future Records release.

New Paper Goods

"You're Doing a Good Job at Life Right Now." A letterpressed postcard from Hope Amico.
A few birds, hanging out.

Back in Stock!: The Best Game Ever (the card game about zines).


*The Olympia Zine Fest is fundraising! Donate, get a table, or a shirt, or a tarot reading, all on Kickstarter.
*The UK music blog Song, By Toad has been giving some air time to Antiquated Future Records releases. Songs from both Corespondents and If It Ain't Breakfast Don't Fix It are on their latest podcast. And we also just noticed that they put David Thomas Broughton's UnAbleTo album on their best albums of 2014 list.
*In other Antiquated Future Records news: KDHX had Corespondents "Winner of My Disco Tent" as their Song-of-the-Day recently, the Lung Cycles blog named Tucker Theodore's Kill and Dress album as the #2 best album of 2014, and the German blog Nicorola posted about Well, I Don't See Why Not Vol. 3 going up for free download/name your price on Bandcamp and an absolutely crazy amount of people downloaded it within a couple days.
*Portland's own Golden Hour has a fantastic new album of garage pop, post-punky bliss out.
*The long-running literary zine We'll Never Have Paris is fundraising for their next issue.
*And Katherine Paul (Genders, Black Belt Eagle Scout) did a mixtape for She Shreds magazine and included our ever-incredible buddy Eleanor Murray on it.

Until next month,

Joshua James & Antiquated Future

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