New Year Distro Update

New Zines

The Complete Speculative Red Hot Chili Peppers Fan Fiction- Believe it. An amazingly weird collection of short stories based on lives and careers of past and present members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Within: "Red Hot Chili Parents," "Rick Rubin's Mansion," and "Retired Hot Chili Peppers." ($5)
Crosses of Power- Wordless comics from Pam Cameron-Snyder. Connecting across telephone lines, tied strings, balls of yarn, through constellations, keys, and pictures taped to the wall. ($4)
Mend My Dress #10- Four letters, written over the course of a year and a half, combine to form Mend My Dress #10. Losing an identity of place, working through mental health issues, making home, eating well, staying alive. ($2)
That Was Zen, This is Sudoku- Zen quotes and thirty games of Sudoku. Playing games, mindfully. ($2.50)
What Matters- Seven long-time zinesters talk about what matters (and wasn't doesn't matter) to them. Along the way there are long lost twins, disposable cameras, radio comics, and all the things still left to write. ($2)

New Book

Stolen Sharpie Revolution (Fifth Edition)- An absolute classic of zine literature and a necessary part of any DIY library, now in a revised and updated edition. ($7)

New Journals

Tarot Journal (Ace of Bones)- A journal with a six page guide to journaling with the tarot and four different example tarot spreads. Cover illustration by Annie Murphy, from The Collective Tarot deck. ($7)
Tarot Journal (Ten of Bones)- A gorgeous, spiral-bound, tarot journal printed in Portland, OR and published by Grimoire Comics & Curiosities. ($7)


In the Shadow of Paul Bunyan- A fantastic half-hour long documentary on the Paul Bunyan myth. ($10)

New Patches & Totes

Antiquated Future Tote Bag- 100% cotton tote bag. White ink on black bag. 14" x 12". Blanket fort drawn by Rachel Lee-Carman, design by Chask'e Lindgren, screenprinted in Olympia, WA by Kyle Rollins of Thirsty Fresh Printing. ($10)
Giant Paul Bunyan Patch- An (appropriately) giant Paul Bunyan patch. ($4)
Paul Bunyan Patch- A patch of the cover image from the In the Shadow of Paul Bunyan documentary. ($2)
Prosperity in Minnesota Patch- An early advertisement to lure people to Minnesota. Milk, butter, prosperity. An accompaniment to Nik Nerburn's historical experimental documentary, In the Shadow of Paul Bunyan. ($1)

New Music

If It Ain't Breakfast Don't Fix It- There Will Be Casualties- Surprising arrangements and dream logic lyrics in soundscapes of uncommon textures. Sinisterly absurd. Infectiously unusual. (Cassette + Digital Download) ($7)
Various Artists- Five Years of Fukdup Records- A massive double disc compilation from the first five years of Fukdup Records—Portland's own purveyor of breakcore and electronic silliness. (CDx2 + Digital Download) ($15)


*We'll be heading down to L.A. in a few weeks for the L.A. Zine Fest! February 15th at the Homenetmen, totally free. Come say hi.
*Our annual year-end Bestsellers List is up.
*If you're still calendar-less or planner-less in this new year, we still have a handful of calendars and planners left.
*Next week we'll be putting out the latest album from Corespondents, with a release party at the Sunset Tavern in Seattle. The album's already getting some kind words on American Standard Time and The Monarch Review.
*The Brooklyn Zine Fest, the Chicago Zine Fest, and the first Long Beach Zine Fest are all on the horizon.
*Happy to say that Portland has an awesome new feminist booking collective called The CRUSH Collective. Many good events and zines in the works from them.
*The amazing Underground Sketchbook art collective has a new zine about black women who have been murdered by the police called Black Women Matter
*Our pal Judith Arcana is interviewed in the new documentary She's Beautiful When She's Angry and will be doing a Q+A at a couple of the Portland showings in the coming week.
*The Prince Zine got a nice review on Zine Nation (and was one of Powell's Books top 5 bestselling zines of 2014!).
*Antiquated Future Records got featured on the German station Byte FM a couple times this month (once with an interview with our own Sara Renberg!), and a few of our releases and distro titles made it to Jac Nelson's best of 2014 show on Portland's KPSU.
*Shana Cleveland's Famous Faces Calendar (which we have just a few left of!) got a nice write-up in City Arts.
*Former Olympian Jillian Chaplain now has a hand-carved stamp company out of her new home in Japan.
*Another former Olympia dweller, Stephen Steinbrink, has a new music video.
*Portland has a new community space and radical library called the Anarres Infoshop.
*The Lowest Pair (the newest band from Kendl Winter) has a new album up for pre-order on Team Love.
*Olympia's Oh, Rose has a stunning music video (which we didn't see until recently or would have said something about long ago).
*And, in potential anticipation of a fifth volume, we've made the first three volumes of our Well, I Don't See Why Not "name your price" on Bandcamp. (Which means, if you're on a budget, you can have them for free.)

Until next month,

Joshua James & Antiquated Future

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