New for July

Two things before we begin:

1. Antiquated Future stickers are here and free with any order.


2. The festival we help plan all year long happens this week! The Portland Zine Symposium is just days away, and we couldn't be more excited. If you're able to help spread the word, we would be so very appreciative.

New Zines
A Handy Guide to Home Protection- If you're in the market to clear you home, this handy little guide is a great starting point. Featured in this issue are rosemary, roses, sage, cedar, lavender, and salt. ($1)
How to Talk to Your Cat About Evolution- After a successful campaign for cat gun safety, the American Association of Patriots are back; this time working to dispel the myth of evolution. ($2)
The Lowbrow Reader, Issue 9- In their first issue since their Drag City anthology, The Lowbrow Reader brings us new writing from Rick Moranis, cartoons by Gilbert Gottfried, an essay about filming Easy Money with Rodney Dangerfield, bizarre comic book history, and a career-spanning essay on the aforementioned cartoonist that goes to unexpected places. Also within: Partying with Harry Nilsson. ($4)
Sustainability Guide for Everyday People- A series of lists about ways to live a more healthy, sustainable life. ($2)
We'll Never Have Paris #11: Crime- Eight writers tell "crime" stories from their lives. An unexpected, and often weird and hilarious, variety of tales ensues. ($4)

Back in Stock: Dave Roche's Curse Journal, Judith Arcana's Keesha and Joanie and Jane, Catherine Marie Juenet's Reclaiming Our Ancient Wisdom, Sage Lisky's Mental Wellness for Everybody, and Jane: Documents from Chicago's Clandestine Abortion Service 1968-1973 (w/ a brand new cover!).

New Paper Goods
Big Ass Recycled Notepad- 80 lined sheets in an 8"x10" notebook. ($7)
Going There Together Greeting Card- "I don't know where we are headed but I'm glad we're going there together." From Portland children's book illustrator, Kate Berube. ($4)
Let Us Read Greeting Card- "Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world." - Voltaire. From Portland children's book illustrator, Kate Berube. ($4)
We'll Never Have Paris Lotería Card: Cigarette- A card in the lotería style based on Earl Crown's "Lincoln Was Shot on Calvert Street" story from We'll Never Have Paris #11. ($1)
We'll Never Have Paris Loteria Card: Dirty- A card in the lotería style based on John Affleck's "The Life" story from We'll Never Have Paris #11. ($1)

Back in Stock: The postcards of LB Briggs (of Truckface) and the Tiger Sketchbook (w/ a slightly new cover).

New Books
The DIY Guide to Drums (Fourth Edition)- Lisa Ann Schonberg is one of the finest drummers in all the lands. Not only does she drop jaws in bands like Kickball, Explode Into Colors, and STLS, but she also gives a mighty fine drum lesson. ($15)
Various Three- 47 photographers and artists respond to the ideas of Shel Silverstein, in image form. ($12)
Xtra Tuf No. 6: The Greenhorn Issue- Compiling stories from over 25 contributors, this issue is about being a "greenhorn" (AKA: a newbie) to commercial fishing. A wide range of voices chime in on the hilarious and the painful tales from their first time out. ($10)

New Magazines
Tom Tom Magazine #16: The Glamour Issue- The one-and-only magazine for female drummers! With former Prince drummer Shiela E gracing the cover. ($5)
Tom Tom Magazine #17: The Body Issue- This issue of Tom Tom interviews female drummers from around the world, goes back stage on the set of Girls and Saturday Night Live, has Fred Armisen and Macaulay Culkin ask a few questions, and talks the early days of Portland punk with Pat Baum of The Neo Boys. ($5)
Tom Tom Magazine #18: The Rebel Issue- Spanning the globe, Tom Tom Magazine's "Rebel Issue" is it's best yet. Enemy boobs, the women of Santa Ana's Son Jarocho community, drum tab, record reviews, gear reviews, and so many amazing interviews and features. ($6)

New Music
Sara Renberg- The Tall Calm- With a charming deadpan, Portland, Oregon artist Sara Renberg tells absurdist story songs. It's smart, understated indie pop with a sense of humor. Recorded by Ephriam Nagler at K Records' Dub Narcotic Studio. Released on Antiquated Future Records. Also available on Bandcamp. (Cassette + digital download) ($7)

Back in stock: The Ovens' "Settings" tape, and our bestselling vinyl of all-time: Kickball's "Everything is a Miracle, Nothing is"

New Shirts
Be Your Own Fucking Rainbow Shirt- Be Your Own Fucking Rainbow. Suggested to you by the one-and-only Kickball. ($15)

Xtra Tuf No. 5.5: Songs & Stories- Songs, poems, and stories about fishing life from Moe Bowstern. ($10)
Xtra Tuf No. 6.5: Bloody Tales of Love and Death- An "assortment of true stories, salty songs and a poem." ($10)
Xtra Tuf No. 6.75: Report from Uyak Bay- Playing like a radio documentary, this superb issue of Xtra Tuf follows the story behind a 1997 accidental death of a Kodiak Brown Bear. A fascinating look at human/wildlife interactions in the Alaskan wilderness. ($10)


Baron Mixtape Adventure Series, Vol. 4: Folk-Rave Traditionals (the latest mixtape from the in-house made Adventure Series!)
Sara Renberg- Assimilation Blues (off the newest Antiquated Future Records release, The Tall Calm)
The Ovens- Trouble Lasts an Hour (off their recently-restocked garage punk explosion, Settings)
Well, I Don't See Why Not, Vol. 1 (and in case you don't have it, the first volume of our long-running compilation series is up for free download!)

*For those of you going to the Portland Zine Symposium, remember to come out for our Zinesters Making Music show, the Kick-off at Floating World Comics, the space-themed Zine Prom, and all our free workshops.
*Olympia's Queer Rock Camp is also running this week, with its always-amazing showcase happening this Saturday.
*Portland's last LitHop got a little write-up on The Book Stew, with Antiquated Future folks getting some honorable mentions.
*Our friend Kate Knappert is starring in a webseries called Two Kates, which is currently fundraising to take its clone-based plot on a road trip across the top part of the country.
*Another in-the-works fundraising film project is a documentary about David Thomas Broughton! You may remember we released his UnAbleTo album last fall, so we're very excited to see this come to life.
*And our buddies Amber Kai Morgan and Garrett Kelly of Seattle's Hollow Earth Radio (and many other things) finally got the recognition they deserve by being nominated for a Stranger Genius Award! Very cool.

Until next month,

Joshua James & Chask'e
Antiquated Future

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