Today in Restocks

Today was a busy one! Incredibly so. We were out of stock on a lot of stuff and now, very suddenly, we're not. Kinda cool.

8-Track Mind #101 ($3)
All My Fathers ($1.50)
Fix Your Clothes ($1) (last time this one sold out before we could even get it online!)
Free to Choose ($2)
Herbal First Aid ($1)
The Hopeful Telegram #1 ($1.50)
A House, A Haunting, A Cabin on the Hill ($1.50)
How to Make Soap Without Burning Your Face Off ($1)
Make Your Place ($6)
Mental Wellness for Everyone ($5)
Nontoxic Housecleaning ($1)
Song of My Father ($1.50)
Summer Soul mixtape series ($5/each)
Well, I Don't See Why Not, Vol. 4 ($5)

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