New for the New Year

How to Make Soap Without Burning Your Face Off- A short primer to making soap and not hurting yourself. ($1)
How to Send a Letter- An adorable mini zine with some one line ideas to get you (or someone you know) writing letters and putting things in the mailbox. ($2)
Ilse Content, Vol. 12: The Vienna Issue- The twelfth volume of Ilse Content is at once a meditative travelogue, a complex family history, a biography, a story from the Holocaust, a memoir, and a history of the zine itself. ($4)
Nontoxic Housecleaning- A short guide to keeping yourself, your home, and the environment clean. ($1)
Old Age Home- Chronicling her grandmother's move to an old age home, Danielle Patrick paints a picture in short vignettes of a woman that is nothing like her but completely a part of her. ($3)
Shape & Situate #5- The newest issue of this great combination of history, poster art, feminism, and activism. Ready-to-be-enlarged posters of unknown and known women in European history. ($5)
Tater Totter #3- The newest issue of this fabulous zine for kids! Brought to you by Portland children's book illustrator Kate Berube. ($5)
2014 Famous Face Calendar- A yearly favorite with paintings of famous faces from a bygone era of music. Featuring early soul, rock n' roll, and rockabilly legends. ($7)
2014 Quickest Flip Calendar- The 2014 wall calendar from Quickest Flip Magazine is a beautiful 8.5" x 11" high-quality print from artist Carlos Fernandez. The calendar also comes with a digital download for a compilation with a song for every month of the year! ($20)


Tucker Theodore- To Make the Sun Hurt (Cassette & Digital Download)- The newest release on Antiquated Future Records! Dark pretty lo-fi noise folk from the middle of nowhere. ($7)

Black Hearted Patch- The Protection From Heartbreak Patch on black. Despite it's name, it's here to protect. ($5)
Crow Mirror Patch- Ghost-like crows circling an egg. Hypnotizing, haunting, and extremely pretty. ($5)
Crow Shield Patch- From Portland artist Corina Dross, a shield of crows, dandelions, stars, and twigs. ($5)
IBQT Hat- A stylish hat from Portland's best boy band, IBQT. ($15)
Loving You Tote Bag- A beautiful, sturdy, tote bag from Bay Area comic artist Deth P. Sun. ($12)
Moby Dick T-Shirt- An unbelievably cute version of Moby Dick. ($15)
Needle and Starling Patch- Serious heart-mending. ($5)
Protection From Heartbreak Patch- Keeping you safe from harm. ($5)
Squid Attack Patch- From the depths. A mythological sea battle, on a patch. ($5)
Terrarium Tote Bag- Peaceful dreaming. On a tote bag. ($12)
Oakland Koozie- Cold beverage lovers of Oakland, California unite! ($4)
Paper Vampire No. 1- A gorgeous, limited edition, magazine from the U.K. on experimental art, music, photography, and more. Comes with a digital download album. ($15)
Virginia Woolf Magnet- Virginia Woolf plays The King of Spades. In magnet form. ($2)
Paper Goods

*We made the Rookie gift guide! With Osa Atoe's Shotgun Seamstress Zine Collection from Mend my Dress Press.
*A piece our own Joshua James Amberson did on post-punk poet/singer Lydia Tomikw was published in Rascal MagazineAlso: Check out his interview on L.A. Zine Fest's website.
*The ever-awesome film-maker Clyde Petersen was recently interviewed in The Stranger.
*There's an awesome recent article about body image and Olympia's own Hot Fruit.
*Hip Mama Magazine is back! A new issue and relaunch parties all over the place.
*And check out Secrets of the Photocopier, the latest site for all things zine. A great resource.

Until next month,

Joshua James & Chask'e
Antiquated Future

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