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Curse Journal- Making a New Year's resolution to stop swearing, Dave Roche (On Subbing, About My Disappearance) keeps a journal to record everytime he breaks this resolution and what the circumstance was, in an effort to try and better understand why he swears. The journal is interesting and hilarious.
I Still Live: Biography of a Spiritualist- Mixing biography, graphic novel, history, and memoir, Annie Murphy creates a completely unique and fascinating journey through the life of 19th century spiritualist Ascha Sprague and beyond.
The Lou Reeder & You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory
- A split zine with one side being dedicated to anecdotal stories of loving Lou Reed (R.I.P.!) in the '70s and the other being about falling in love with the Violent Femmes in 1990.
Oblong, Issue II- Ten writers from around the world write flash fiction pieces that range from letters of recommendation to quinceaƱera supplies.
Oblong, Issue III
- Letterwriting, imagined autobiography, and fish trading are just a few of the subjects in the most recent issue of Oblong, a literary zine of flash fiction from around the world.


Bellies and Buffalos by Tomas Moniz- With a deep well of humanity beneath it and a propelling force behind it, Bellies and Buffalos takes you on a ride and drops you off feeling healed from the journey. It is sweet and funny and in no way pretentious.
Gay Genius by Annie Murphy (ed)- Eighteen contemporary radical queer visionaries open up a rabbit hole of history and possibility.
If Nothing Else The Sky by Dave Roche- A book about traveling to Australia and Southeast Asia, getting bit by a penguin, potentially catching the bird flu, doing zine readings, going to punk shows, and feeling old all the while.


Avocado Patch- The best food around, now on an adorable little patch.
Letter Writing Button Pack (Buttons/Pins)- Show off your love of writing letters, getting mail, and using typewriters with this button set from Portland's Pin Me Down Buttons.
Mason Jar Patch- A patch for you, dear canning fans. Small and unbearably cute.
Passions Just Like Mine (DVD)- Passions Just Like Mine is a surprising documentary about the large number of Latino music fans in the Los Angeles area whose lives have been transformed by Morrissey.
Rock Thrush Lined Notepad- The first in a series of lined notepads from Eberhardt Press!


The Caring Babies- Gold Friends (7" on Gold Vinyl)- The Caring Babies gloriously off-kilter Gold Friends EP. Only two copies in stock on gold vinyl!
The Caring Babies- Gold Friends (7" w/ Coloring Book)- This edition comes with a coloring book and is on glow-in-the-dark vinyl (!?!?!). Really cool and unique.
The Caring Babies/Pliable Tones- Split Tape- The Caring Babies' outsider synth pop combines with Pliable Tones' experimental soundscapes for this fun and weird split.
Eleanor Murray- Bury Me Into the Mtn (LP)- The LP of her great new album, released on Olympia's Anonymous Monk Records.


2014 Justseeds & Eberhardt Press Large Organizer
The Body is a Wild Wild Thing (Zine)
Classic Computing #1 (Zine/Magazine)

A Fort Made of Doors by Casey Fuller (Book)
My Love for You is Fathomless (Greeting Card)

Tiger Sketchbook
Virgin #1 (Zine)
Virgin #2 (Zine)

The zines of DJ Frederick


*On Dec. 14th we'll be in Seattle, tabling at the sixth annual DIY Holiday Fair presented by Hollow Earth Radio and hosted by the Vera Project. So excited, this event is always a blast.
*Then the next day we'll be in Olympia, tabling at the second annual Northern Holiday Craft & Rummage Sale. Also a total blast and a benefit for The Northern all ages space.
*December 20th we'll be in Portland for a release party at the IPRC, celebrating the upcoming issue of Ilse Content and the first book on Antiquated Future Press (!), Everyday Mythologies.
*Seattle's La Luz got in a bad van accident while on tour. Luckily they're all recovering, but they could use help getting back on their feet financially. To find out more and/or to donate, check out this Seattle Weekly article.
*Our friends at Radical Mycology are fundraising to turn their amazing zines into a book and help save the world through mushroom cultivation and remediation.
*Our dear friend Aba Kis is fundraising for her new album. A totally special person who's spread a lot of free goodness into the world over the years and certainly deserves the help.
*In more fundraising news, the great Destination DIY podcast is fundraising to expand and cover more DIY creators.

Until next month,

Joshua James & Chask'e
Antiquated Future

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