New for August!

8-Track Mind #102- Russ Forster/Various Artists (Zine) ($3)
8-Track Mind never fails to disappoint and has the ability to make you think about something as seemingly simple as music formats as something expansive, something that carries over into other aspects of life. It even includes an essay from our own Joshua James Amberson.
The Body is a Wild Wild Thing- Tomas Moniz (Zine) ($3)An exploration of the body, one part at a time.Written as poems, but reading more like vignettes or small essays about how complicated it is just to exist in your own frame.
Bury Me Into the Mtn- Eleanor Murray (CD) ($10)
Recorded in a renovated church during a windstorm, with members of Mount Eerie serving as her backing band. An album that's completely unique while also being totally accessible.Give a listen!
Face Value: Understanding and Combating Face-ism- Alice W. (Zine) ($2) 
Ideas of normalcy and their relationship to ideas of beauty are explored by Olympia writer Alice W.Get Out- Dogbreth (7") ($4) 
A four song 7" from Phoenix's Dogbreth. With healthy nods to Superchunk and Good Luck, these are four catchy pop punk/power pop anthems.
Half-Gifts, Issue 4- Jude Noel (Zine) ($3)Music reviews, interviews, and even an old school indie rock crossword.Heavy Hangs the Head- Taryn Hipp (Book) ($10)The first book from long-running zinester Taryn Hipp (Sub RosaLady Teeth). A well-written rollercoaster with the best author photo in the world.
A short zine about decades spent working in the mental health field. Written with tenderness towards all the people he works with and highly critical of the system itself.How To Be More Creative, More Often- Breanne Boland (Zine) ($3) 
A down-to-earth, easy to use, and (best of all) inspiring guide for getting to work on your creative projects.
I, Mirage/My Mirage: A Zine About Body Image- Carlene Ostedgaard, Jonas (Zine) ($3)
A great zine about body image, featuring a wide range of perspectives, all of them fascinating. Contributors from all over the country, including a piece from our own Joshua James Amberson.
I Like It When You Read Bookmark- Kelsey Smith (Miscellany) ($2)
Letterpressed bookmarks with backings from old LPs. And a little piece of ribbon at the top. Made by Olympia zine librarian, Kelsey Smith.
Living Cooperatively in Intentional Community- Dan Copulsky (Zine) 
Within: the many different types of communal living, the economic and social benefits, how to start one or join one, how to use consensus decision making, and how to make one last.
Mood Music- Upside Drown (CD) ($12)
A gorgeous CD release of the Mood Music album (previously available only on cassette).
Offerings of Grace & Mischief- Rachel Lee-Carmen (Zine) ($3)
Late night spontaneous weddings mix with mental health concerns and environmental harm. Communal living and relationships, an interview with Northwest fashion designer Alice Renner, DIY heartbreak kits, Steinbeck's boat sinking, faking nothing.
Years in the making, this is the music project of Russ Forster from 8-Track Mind. Fun minimalist garage pop. Engineered by Larry Crane (Elliott Smith, Quasi, Tape-Op editor).
Rad Dad #23: Making Family- Tomas Moniz (Zine) ($4)
Sex-positive parenting, pre-parent thoughts, a father and daughter facing off (in essay form), and much more. (Also has an essay from our buddy Cubbie Storm!)
Patchwork family, adoption, miscarriage, and more. Editor Tomas Moniz's essay in this is so good that it's almost transcendent.
Suggestions #1- Kelsey Smith (Zine) ($3)
One line suggestions that are humble, helpful, and fun from zine librarian Kelsey Smith.
Suggestions #2- Kelsey Smith (Zine) ($3)
Another batch of suggestions and cute little images. Small ideas and profound truths.
That's Not Ok: Boundaries For The Conflict-Avoidant- Breanne Boland (Zine) ($4) 
This guide to setting boundaries is clear, concise, not bogged down by weighty terms or concepts, and a total pleasure to read. Already one of our bestsellers!
Zine Love Button Pack- Mend My Dress Press (Buttons) ($5)
Five one inch buttons to show off your zine love.

*A reminder that, for those of you in the Northwest, this weekend is the Helsing Junction Sleepover, presented by K Records and Helsing Junction Farm. We'll be there selling merch and hosting the Northwest Literary Showcase on Saturday, so come say hi!
*Eleanor Murray's new video (from her brand new album!) premiered on Tiny Mixtapes a few weeks back.
*Our own Joshua James Amberson recently started a book review Tumblr for the reviews he does for Orca Books.
*Our pal Zach Weintraub was a recent finalist for the Stranger's Film Genius award. 
*Support musician/performance artist Poppet as she Kickstarts her first full length album. A lot of work went into this and there's a lot of amazing and creative incentives for donating to the project. 
*And congrats to Rad Dad on raising over four grand on their relaunch campaign. We hope this amazing publication can reach an even bigger audience because of it.

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