Ms Valerie Park Distro's June Distro Update

Come Out Card -Corina Dross (Paper goods/Cards) ($3)
Styled like a grade school Valentine, Corina Dross recontextualizes the classic Smiths lyrics from "Sheila, Take a Bow" to create a stunning card that works as an inspirational ode to being who you are and finding your fellow freaks. Printed on crisp 110 lb ivory cardstock, bordered in red, with To and From on the reverse side. 
More Cards by Corina Dross!: If It's Not Love CardTo Die By Your Side CardMore to Life Than Books Card (all amazing.)
Max Ernst Mini Journal -Eberhardt Press (Blank book) ($2.50)A gothically romantic mini journal.
Max Ernst Notepad -Eberhardt Press (Blank book) ($4)
A wonderfully strange scene of mystery and intrigue from Max Ernst's 1941 book, A Week of Kindness or The Seven Deadly Elements Novel.
Max Ernst Greeting Card Pack -Eberhardt Press (Paper goods) ($7)A beautifully strange five pack of greeting cards by Eberhardt Press.These cards are haunting, humorous, and totally unique. Offset print on recycled cardstock paper, with five recycled off-white envelopes. See also Max Ernst Postcard Pack!
Nuts #11 -Ben Trogdon/Various Artists (Zine) ($4)
A HUGE new issue of the Nuts fanzine, the first issue from it's new Brooklyn, NY home. Punk newsprint glory, extra posters, interviews, photos, and so much more.
Paper Radio: A Far & Distant Place -DJ Frederick (Zine) ($3)
A great issue of Paper Radio! Within: FCC shutdown of Radio Ronin; BBC Radio past and future; Radio Moscow history; Radio Romania today, a printer's recollections of the songs of his youth from the 40s, 50s, and 60s; Radio Antarctica; and 50 years of Doctor Who
Portable Fortitude -Corina Dross (Cards) ($20)
An amazingly beautiful deck of cards by Portland artist Corina Dross. Designed with the flexibility to be anything you want them to be - from a simple, smartly-designed, poker deck to talismans for your altar. Being used for everything from tarot to writing prompts. Comes cello-wrapped in a lovely tuck box with hand-drawn and lettered artwork. View all 54 images.
The long-awaited new release from Portland's Fkdp Records. Hyperfocus takes old school breakcore stylings and updates it. Intricate, heavy, and melodic. Well-produced post-industrial chip-breaks throughtout.

All My Fathers -DJ Frederick (Zine) ($1.50)
A sweet personal zine about all the people in his life that have stepped in as a father when he needed one. Talking about his work in mental health care and disability rights along the way. The Best Game Ever -Billy Da Bunny (Games) ($8)The Best Game Ever plays like a cross between canasta and Magic The Gathering and is all about building your own zines. 
Ditches -Sharkpact (LP) ($12) One our favorite Olympia bands, Sharkpact is Camille and Jeff from the Hail Seizures making amazingly full, well-crafted, punk songs with just synths and drums. 8 anthems that won’t leave your head or your turntable for days.An Ilse Content Anthology -Alexis Wolf (Book) ($15)
Never ceasing to be interesting and surprising, the first 8 years of Ilse Content is collected for the first time here.
Last Night at the Casino #1 -Billy Da Bunny (Zine) ($2) 
In Last Night at the Casino, Billy gives us a glimpse at casino life from the eyes of a newbie dealer.
Last Night at the Casino #2 -Billy Da Bunny (Zine) ($2)
A series of quick little stories about life as a casino dealer. Fun, engaging, and a great peak into another world.
Last Night at the Casino #3 -Billy Da Bunny (Zine) ($2)Unsent letters to employees and gamblers, going to stadium punk shows with a boss and his teenage kids, and many other little stories from inside the casino.Love is Not Constantly Wondering if You're Making the Biggest Mistake of Your Life-Zach, Sarah Miller (Book) ($6)
Brilliantly styled as a Choose Your Own Adventure book, this book is “about being an ace starfighter pilot who has crashed on a planet of malevolent space ants, but it is actually about a four year relationship with an incredibly self-destructive alcoholic.
Mend My Dress #9 -Neely Bat Chestnut (Zine) ($2)This issue deals with home, relationships, travel, cleanliness, mental health, Martha Stewart, and death. Heavy, hard and beautiful, in the way that only Neely can.Mend My Dress: Collected Zines 2005-2007 -Neely Bat Chestnut (Book) ($13) A beautiful collection of the first six (long out of print) issues of Mend My Dress - a zine that for years has been constantly impressive in its openness and strength.Miami, You've Got Style: A Little Golden Girls Book -Zach, Scott (Book) ($12)  A hilarious coffee table book of commentary on every outfit worn during the first season of The Golden Girls. Shotgun Seamstress Zine Collection -Osa Atoe/Various Artists (Book) ($18) Through essays, interviews, historical portraits of important artists and scenes, reviews, and so much more, Shotgun Seamstress paid tribute and gave a platform for, "Black feminists, artists, punks, queers, and musicians."Slow to Build -Dogjaw (LP) ($12)
Awesomely heavy punk, in a very Northwest way. Hand-screened covers. Plus you get a drawing of the band riding a musk ox on the flipside of the lyric sheet.
Summer Soul Vol. 3: A Northern Soul Mixtape -Various Artists (Tape) ($5) An hour of northern soul gems. In these 23 tracks, we find tributes to BBQs, pleas to the DJ, tons of barely-known soul sisters, admissions of guilt, inspirational personal-as-political uplifters, sultry jams, soul stars in their youth, would-be-soul-stars who died too young, and much more. Temporary Brothers -DJ Frederick (Zine) ($2)The follow-up to All My Fathers, DJ Frederick (Paper RadioTurntable Operator) gives us what he calls, "memory sketches of my temporary brothers and our misadventures." In a small zine, he asks some big questions and tells some heavy stories.
Turntable Operator #3 -DJ Frederick (Zine) ($4)
This is the issue where Turntable Operator really comes into its own. Plus: a Paper Radio-inspired plea for radio engagement; record reviews; a zine review; and an interview with Joseph Carlough of the Record Collecting zine.

xOhNo- That Fire (off xOhNo)

This is a busy month for events hear in the Pacific Northwest! So, to start:
*Tomorrow is the Olympia Comics Fest! Which has such fine folks as David Laskyspeaking at it and tons of tablers. See you there.
*Tomorrow is also the Women of Color Zine Symposium! Which takes places in Portland and is an amazing, ever growing, event.
*June 15th brings the Independent Publishing Resource Center's 15th anniversary party in Portland, Or.
*June 18th is the Bike-In Movie, an annual event put on by the Portland Zine Symposium as part of Pedalpalooza. This year we're watching the 80s BMX movie Rad.
*And in upcoming news, the 24 Hour Zine Challenge is next month. In Portland, it will happen at the Red & Black cafe on July 27th and be hosted by the Portland Zine Symposium.
*And mark your calendars for August 16th-18th when there will be the always amazingHelsing Junction Sleepover on the beautiful Helsing Junction farm in Rochester, Wa.
*In other news: An Ilse Content Anthology & Basic Paper Airplane #6 were reviewed in the new issue of Xerography Debt.
*Our Olympia electro-pop-all-star-friends, xOhNo, have put out their first album. Which is available on their Bandcamp.
*Ashley Eriksson's new video (filmed in the Olympia Timberland Library!) was featured onRookie. Her band Lake also had a song on a recent episode of Adventure Time.
*The Seattle fast food workers' strike is going strong, from what we know. Big support to them.
*Our buddy Zach Weintraub's new film, Fresh Starts for Stale People, just came out and looks really great.
*The ever-amazing Patti Miller just started her advice column! Ask away.
*Osa Atoe (from Shotgun Seamstress) was interviewed in the latest issue of Bitch Magazine.
*The new Iji album was reviewed in The Stranger.
*Seattle cartoonist (and one of the first zinesters we carried here at the distro) Drew Christie did an Op-doc in the New York Times
*Portland's awesome Natasha Kmeto (from Dropping Gems) had her new single featured onSpin.
*There's just a little over a week to go to donate to the IPRC's 15th anniversary Superzine project.
*Our "post boy band" friends IBQT have a pretty great live video from their recent performance at Ravin' for Rights, filmed by Brian Echon and Nate Midgley.
*The new Kendl Winter album just went up for pre-order over at K Records.
*The premiere of Valencia, a series of short films (one of them by the amazing Jerry Lee!) based on Michelle Tea's book, is coming to San Francisco on June 21st and hopefully the rest of the world soon. 
*Briana Marela recently put out a great new 7" single.
*Our friends at Paper Doll Circus Distro are getting their shop up and running.
*Olympia bands Dick Binge and Fucking Dyke Bitches are on tour and were recently featured on TV news feature in North Carolina for their names being deemed offensive on a marquee. Pretty hilarious.
*Marlo Eggplant is doing a small European tour soon.
*Olympia specialty vinyl label, People in a Position to Know, are having a huge moving sale.
*In other vinyl news, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry says last year was the biggest year for vinyl sales in 15 years! Which is awesome. In honor of this (not really, but by chance), we've been building up and restocking our selection of LPs and7"s over the last month.
*The LA Zine Fest has just started a Zine Recommendations feature, where zine makers and distros give their latest favorites. In the next week or two we'll be contributing to it, which will be fun.
*Speaking of zine recommendations, DJ Frederick's One Minute Zine Reviews has been doing some great zine reviews of late.
*And finally, we're putting in our vote for Mend My Dress as the best distro of late! They're an amazing press, of course, but have built up an equally amazing selection in their distro. Definitely check it out.

Until next month,

Joshua James & Chask'e
Ms. Valerie Park Distro

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