May Distro Update

Here are some things for this month: 

*This weekend we'll be tabling at Amazine Day, a small press and zine fair that we're also helping organize and leading workshops at. If you're in Portland, come by and say hi! 

*It's the third month of our Fan Club and it's going incredibly well. We're having fun with it. 

*Thanks to the advice of our dear pal Bob Schwenkler (and thanks to our fierce dedication to always being five years behind the times), we're now on Twitter

*Our buddies at the Olympia Timberland Library and the Pierce County Library just picked up a lot of MVPD titles, so all you South Sound library patrons should go check out your library shelves sometime soon. 

*And we're also working on updating our Links page, so please check out all our awesome friends.
This wonderfully unique collection features essays from game show winners, losers, writers, producers, and fans. This interesting assortment of unlikely zinesters spans a huge range of ages and backgrounds.
A short story about starting a short-lived bookstore. A lifelong relationship with books told in the span of a few pages. 
Designed and Screenprinted by Kyle Rollins in Olympia, WA. Available in Medium and Large. (Two other designs also available here!)
From one of the most intellectual, nerdy, and low budget cult television shows every made, Tyler Hauck chronicles some pretty sincere life lessons.
I Know You Know My Heart #1-Kneeotini McNett (Zine) ($3.50)
Setting fire to the page, Kneeotni makes sure you feel life. Even when it hurts. These memoir pieces look back years into her past and bring to life hard stories of family and friends, love and loss, travel and adventure.
A black screenprinted dinosaur patch from Olympia queer punks, J.O.C.K.

A superb compilation CD from the folks at Quickest Flipest Magazine, with a song for every month of the year. With contributions from the likes of Ruby Pins, Karl Blau & more!

Basic Paper Airplane #4 -Joshua Amberson (Zine) ($3)
***Our dear friend Sarah Geo Walton was profiled on SCRAP's blog.
***Corespondent's excellent Land of the Low People album was written up on Burning World and the Seattle Weekly.
***Portland's Perfect Day Publishing is on an east coast tour
***In other Perfect Day news: Love is Not Constantly Wondering if You're Making the Biggest Mistake of Your Life was reviewed on Slate and Martha Grover recently appeared on The Writer's Block radio show. 
***Our good buddies at Calliope Farm in Olympia, Wa. have their CSA going strong as usual. Sign up!
***The awesome A.M. O'Malley was just guest blogger for the week on The Detail Collector.
***Blindfolder's Artifact Effect album (one of the releases on our Antiquated Future label) was reviewed on Cassette Tape Gods.
***The Brooklyn Zine Fest (and zines in general) were written up in the New York Times recently.
***Conceptual artist Lenae Day has a new art show/performance piece coming up.
***Olympia friends Hot Fruit went viral recently for their bizarre and amazing video.
***Chicago's Laboratory Dancers are working on a performance piece that utilizes Tapestry's Lassen album (another Antiquated Future release) and they have been sending us the rehearsal videos.
***Seattle writer Charlie Zaillian (and guitarist for Chung Antique) has been getting a ton of great music journalism articles published of late.
***Eleanor Murray and Ben Kamen's collaborative project AANTARTICAA recently put out their debut album.
***Olympia friend Kim Langston is doing a tiny house fundraiser and benefit album, which you can now donate to.
***Ruby Pins has a new video and a new album coming out on M'Lady's Records.
***Our buddy Chris Estey's talk from the 2013 EMP Pop Conference is now up on YouTube.
***KDVS' annual Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom festival is almost here.
***Olympia's Arrington de Dionyso was interviewed by Impose Magazine.
***Jordan O' Jordan was interviewed on Sad Mag about music, performance, and queer spaces.
***Congratulations to Portland's long-running Reading Frenzy store for making their relocation fundraising goal!
***And mark your calendars to come celebrate the Independent Publishing Resource Center's 15th anniversary with us on June 15th in Portland, Or.!

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