Hot Fruit

Our dear friends (and longtime nextdoor neighbors) Hot Fruit have had their video blow-up on Reddit. Which means two things:

1. More people know about these truly interesting, exciting, and fun female performance artists. Some people are praising the shit out of it. This is good.

2. A ton of people are making awful misogynist comments about our buddies (see Reddit link above). This is fucked.

While awful comments on YouTube and Reddit is sadly to be expected, the fact that the comments are almost entirely based on cultural norms of female beauty is, at the very least, annoying. And when they turn into violent threats, scary and disgusting.

Hot Fruit is not for everybody, sure, but they are important. They are female artists crossing lines and pushing buttons, confusing the status quo. Watch the video and, if you want to talk some shit on misogyny and support our friends, we highly encourage you to do so.

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