For the last week in July, we're offering a couple deals.
1. Free Grab Bag w/ purchase of $20 or more- When on ordering off our website. Our grab bags have a couple zines, a couple cd's, and lots of little things from the distro. Just put "Free Grab Bag" in the notes field when checking out.
2. 15% Off- When ordering off our Etsy. Just enter the coupon code: JULY2012

In other news:
*We just got in last year's award-winning book from Olympia poet (and dear friend) Casey Fuller, A Fort Made of Doors.
*We also got the beautiful new LP from Olympia's own Briana Marela.
*And, a couple double and triple LP's from the legendary YoYo Records vault! With otherwise unreleased live versions of songs by artists like Sleater-Kinney, Beck, The Mountain Goats, Modest Mouse, Built to Spill, Mirah, Elliott Smith, Dead Moon, Unwound, and Karp.

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