Huge Restock! (and a bunch of new stuff, too)

Many things are coming back our way. Some of it has been coming in the mail and some of it has come from spending long hours at the copy shop, but either way we're happy about it. Among these:
The Prince Zine!- definitely the most long-awaited one of these.
all Basic Paper Airplanes
all DIY or Don't We?'s
all Field Guides to Aliens of Star Trek
all Last Night at the Casinos
Love is Not Constantly Wondering if You're Making the Biggest Mista...- the 'Choose Your Own Adventure' one!
Sugar and Heartstrings #5
and the basically-viral Shit's Fucked: A Positivity Guide should be back (again) within the next day or two. So, keep checking back on that one!
There's also a bunch of new stuff we added a couple days ago that's on our home page.

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