April Distro Update

Frida Kahlo Card (Postcard/Notecard) ($1.50)- A hand-printed stencil art image of Frida Kahlo. Made by (Olympia’s own) Sage, from the long-running Sweet Candy Distro.
Ilse Content #11 (Zine) ($3)- Written in the spaces between France and Olympia, England and Hungary, this issue of Ilse Content is as much travel writing as it is a study of the symbolism in daily life, daily myth.
Last Night at the Casino #2 (Zine) ($2)- Another great issue of Last Night at the Casino. A series of quick little stories about life as a casino dealer.
Letters Button Pack (Buttons) ($2)- Six one-inch Letters buttons, designed by Danielle Warhola and Jai Milx. Six different designs in each pack.
Nuts #6 (Newsprint Zine/Flexi Disc) ($5)- This issue comes with a free flexi disc! So cool. With music by Milk Music and Carrie Keith
Nuts #8 (Newsprint Zine/Poster) ($4)- Milk Music tour journal. Interviews with Jean Nagai and White Wards. Kanako interviews Anna Mink. Show reviews. Photography. Art. Much more.
Nuts #9 (Newsprint Zine/Posters) ($4)- This issue comes as five full-size fold-out newsprint posters (punk McSweeney’s, anyone?). On the back of one is an awesome “secret history of Olympia girl punk” article by Tobi Vail! Which is a real treat.
Peaches & Bats, Issue 9 (Zine/Literary Journal) ($5)- Among many things, this issue has a couple interesting pieces that meld shorty story, literary criticism, and poetry into something all its own. It also has a great poem about Willie Nelson. And one about Julio Cortázar.
Poppet & Letters- Split Tape (Tape) ($5)- Five new songs from Poppet and six new songs from Letters. Wide ranging and fun.
Proof I Exist #15 (Zine) ($3)- A wide range of stories- having a casino dealer’s sleep schedule, nursing a sick dog to health, flash mob weddings, relationships, and more
Rad Dad: Dispatches from the Frontiers of Fatherhood (Book) ($15)- One of the best zines around finally gets the book it deserves. A ‘best of’ collection that has some amazing pieces from the first five years of Rad Dad.
Rad Dad #21 (Zine) ($4)- This issue has a focus on the Occupy movement, while also having plenty of pieces on the less politically-charged moments of life.
Shape & Situate #3: Posters of Inspirational European Women (Zine) ($5)- The most beautiful issue yet! 25 artists make mini-posters of the often hidden history of inspiring European women.
VA- Summer Soul Vol. 2: Originals and B-Sides (Tape) ($5)- A completely redone volume of Summer Soul! The a-side is all songs that were covered, sampled, or adapted, and made famous later. The b-side is all, well, b-sides- great 45 b-sides to soul hits.
Without Words & Without Kneeling #10 (Zine) ($3)- In this issue, we find our characters on the road and having their study group through letters. They write letters to each other while reading letters by Emma Goldman, The Weather Underground, and Ulrike Meinhof.
Without Words & Without Kneeling #11 (Zine) ($3)- As the series builds up to its final issue, the Occupy movement slows down and the characters return to the Bay. They read Cindy Crabb’s new Encyclopedia of Doris book, which makes this (awesomely) like a zine within a zine.
Without Words & Without Kneeling #12 (Zine) ($3)- The twelfth and final issue!
Zine World #30.5 (Zine) ($1.50)- A supplement to fill the long wait between issue 30 and 31, this is an all review issue! Jam packed.
8-Track Mind (Zine) ($3)
Loose Lips Sink Ships (Zine) ($2)
Poppet- Unitard Galaxy (Doll + Digital Download) ($20)
Rad Dad #20 (Zine) ($3)
Show & Tell #9 (Zine) ($3)
These Here Are Crazy Times #1 (Zine) ($2)
VA- Summer Soul Vol. 1: A 60's and 70's Soul Mixtape (Tape) ($5)
VA- Summer Soul Vol. 3: A Northern Soul Mixtape (Tape) ($5)
VA- Summer Soul Vol. 6: An Early Soul Mixtape (Tape) ($5)
Without Words & Without Kneeling #1 (Zine) ($3)
Without Words & Without Kneeling #5 (Zine) ($3)
Without Words & Without Kneeling #7 (Zine) ($3)

Ann Peebles - Make Me Yours (off Summer Soul, Vol. 4)
Barbara Lynn- Maybe We Can Slip Away (off Summer Soul, Vol. 5)
Gloria Jones- Tainted Love (off Summer Soul, Vol. 2)
Jan Bradley- Please Mr. Dj (off Summer Soul, Vol. 3)
Letters- To the Town Sweetheart (Poppet cover) (off Split Tape)
Mary Wells - Bye Bye Baby (off Summer Soul, Vol. 6)
Mel & Tim- I May Not Be What You Want (off Summer Soul, Vol. 1)

*Poppet is now doing custom-made embroideries with poppet dolls (reference these guys) doing fun things. They are really wonderful and great for gifts. Send us an email if you're interested.
*Olympia has a new vintage shop called Psychic Sister! Ran by Sarah Adams, with help from many of our communities finest (including our dear Hannah Horovitz!).
*Peter from Highfives and Handshakes teamed up with Lisa Schonberg to put together a long-awaited Kickball retrospective! If you're not familiar with this amazing old Olympia band, now's the time!
*Billy Da Bunny did some video reviews of a couple MVPD zines.
*The ever-awesome Christina Antipa just got a poem published on The 2River View (you can also hear her read it- so cool!).
*Dot Dot Dash Magazine is putting together a project called Fingerprints and is looking for zine submissions. Seems like a really cool mail art project, so if you have some zines you've made that you'd like to donate, I think it'd be well worth it.
*The amazing Jace Clayton (AKA- DJ /Rupture) wrote another fascinating piece for The Fader.
*Once Upon a Distro just did an interview with Olympia's own Sage Adderly, of the long-running Sweet Candy Distro.
*Das Klienicum recently reviewed the Poppet & Letter Split Tape and, while we don't quite know what it says, it seems good!
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