January Distro Update

Erosion #4 (Zine) ($1)- In the tradition of great variety zines, Erosion covers a lot of ground. The kind of zine you don't see around much anymore.
Erosion #5 (Zine) ($1)- Comics, an interview with Gainesville’s Grow Radio, a report from Afghanistan, tons of weird art.
Erosion #6 (Zine) ($1)- AM radio, comics, music formats, art galore, free advice and even a crossword puzzle.
Hoopoe Bird Notepad (Blank Book) ($4)- A rich-colored, offset print, bird notepad. Spiral bound, unlined pages, recycled and reused materials.
I Love Bad Movies #1 (Zine) ($5)- Before the well-played themes of later issues began, they traversed the cinematic spectrum of Road House to Showgirls, Sleepwalkers to The Pick-Up Artist, all in one issue.
Imaginary Life #7 (Zine) ($3)- Thoughts on life, losing loved ones, family, and understanding things in a new way with age. Simple, little, and beautiful.
Monarch, No. 1 (Book/Literary Journal) ($10)- The first print publication from the awesome new Seattle literary collective, The Monarch Review. A mix of short fiction, poetry, non-fiction essays, interviews, and photography.
Paper Crush #4 (Zine & Postcard) ($4)- A fun zine for mail geeks and fans of postal history, Paper Crush #4 is about postcards. The history and collecting of postcards, to be exact. Interesting and informative. Plus every issue comes with a free vintage postcard.
Pipsqueak- Fowl Hymns (LP) ($12)- Speedy sad politically-conscious love songs.
Primahood (Zine/Graphic Novel) ($6.50)- These wonderfully bizarre comics tell an interesting tale of being a mother and having a daughter. Raising questions of gender and feminity along the way.
Resume of Charm Archie Magnets (Magnets) ($4)- A 3-pack of adorable Archie magnets from the always-wonderful Resume of Charm.
Scenes, Music, and People of Electronic Music, Part One (Zine) ($4)- A hilarious insider’s look at electronic music.
Suitcase(s) of Memories, Time After: Revisting the Pacific Northwest (Zine) ($3)- A fun little road trip zine about revisiting the Pacific Northwest. Xeroxed photos and hand-written notes about the places they visit along the way.
Tiger Pad 3-Pack (Blank Books) ($8)- A three pack of the flexible 5“x7” ruled notepads from Eberhardt Press. 44 pages a piece, made from recycled and reused materials, beautifully packaged.
Truckface #15 (Zine) ($3)- LB takes us through another year teaching in the Chicago public school system. As always, a great mix of humorous tales and getting real about class and racial injustice in this country.

8-Track Mind (Zine) ($3)
Truckface #12 (Zine) ($3)- last couple copies of 12 and 13 before they go out of print!

Barren Nieces- Wicked Wicked Whisper (off Lascivious Occupations...my favorite album of the year)

*In a few weeks, a few of us from the MVPD crew will be going on the Letters & Poppet tour around the west coast, so you should come out and say hi if we're coming to your town. In addition to sounds and performance antics, we'll have a table full of interesting things both on and not on the distro (handmade bags, one-of-a-kind postcards, dolls, magnets, hair clips, alongside the expected tapes and zines and things).
*Our friend Charlie Zaillian (from Chung Antique) recently wrote an article on Pierced Arrows for the Seattle Times!
*Our dear Ms Alexis Wolf had an excerpt from her Hyena in Petticoats zine republished on the Vindication of the Rights of Mary blog.
*One Minute Zine Reviews has been doing a number of write ups and radio spots for various MVPD zines.
(and i think that's all).

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